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banquette in the alcove, grey round sofa, round table, grey chairs, chandelier, white wooden ceiling, glass window Luxe.daily

Banquette, Blue Leather Sofa With Tall Back, Black Metal Chair, Wooden Round Table, White Wall, Clear Bulb Pendants
Banquette, Black High Sofa, Dark Wooden Round Table, Silver Industrial Chairs, Checkered Floor, Chandelier, Mirror
Banquette, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Tufted Sofa, White Chairs With Flower Pattern On The Back, Round Wooden Table, Crystal Chandelier
Banquette Near The Glass Wall, Wooden Floor, Patterned Sofa, White Chairs, White Wooden Round Table, Chandelier, Glass Wall
Banquette, Wooden Floor, Beige Sofa With Tall Back, Pale Blue Round Table, Chair, Striped Wall, Green Ceiling Fan Lamp
Banquette In The Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, Grey Island With White Top, Blue Shade, Chandelier, Golden Hood, Blue Sofa, Blue Chairs, Golden Round Table
Banquette, Dark Tufted Sofa, White Chairs, Wooden Table, Grey Wall, Grey Floor
Banquette Near The Glass Window, Wooden Floor, Tufted Grey Sofa And Chairs, Wooden Table, White Table Lamp, Rug, Glass Window
Banquette, Wooden Floor, Brown Ru, Patterned Sofa And Chairs, White Wall, Copper Pendant, Wooden Round Table, Glass Window
Banquette In The Alcove, Grey Round Sofa, Round Table, Grey Chairs, Chandelier, White Wooden Ceiling, Glass Window

Banquette or breakfast nook is a solution for those who have small and limited space. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, people just love how intimate and friendly it is to sit in close proximity with your family and friends. It creates a warmer ambiance in enjoying the meal. Although it initiates warm conversation with its close distance, it can look elegant and luxurious as well. And these below are ten elegant banquette you will want to copy.

In the Kitchen
Although positioned in the kitchen, this one here can look elegant in its own way. The simple curvy sofa which is completed with blue velvet chair offers comfortable angle to talk with your family and friends. The golden chandelier and the golden round table adds elegant touch to the view.

Classic Tufted Chairs
Tufted surface on the chair has been a popular look in elegant and luxurious style. And this one brilliantly combine tufted chairs and sofa with elegant looking wooden table. Positioned near the glass window, it enables you to view the beautiful surrounding.

Elegant in Patterned
Although elegance is commonly correlated with plain patterned, this one here puts out the elegance with patterned seen in the sofa and chairs. Combining different patterns, this one here can still look beautiful with their neutral look.

Industrial Too
Industrial furniture is rarely seen as an elegant furniture. However, it can be a completion to an elegant composure like this one here. The black high sofa looks incredible with dark round table and industrial chairs. The chandelier above them is a strong elegant finish.

Banquette in the Alcove
This one here shows an exquisite banquette in the alcove. With its round sofa along the round alcove, glass window along the wall, and a striped chair accent, this alcove looks so fabulous.

White Elegance
It is so hard to separate white and elegant look as it is so easy to get elegance in white color and that is what it is in this banquette. The white wall, window frame, and banquette set, combine an elegant look that is completed with crystal chandelier above.

Sweet Elegance
This one here uses sofa with tall back that makes it automatically looks elegant. The neutral combination of the sofa and chairs bring the elegance even more forward.

Modern Elegance
This one here is an example of modern elegance. With its smooth surface and clean lines, this banquette delivers modern and minimalist look so well.

Dark Shabby Elegance
This one here pulls out the elegance from the dark tufted sofa with tall back. It adds warmth from the shabby chairs and table that complements each furniture here.

Elegance in Simple Look
While the other looks formidable in their elegance, this one here is simpler. Although the black chairs look really simple, the elegant leather sofa with tall back gives a touch of elegance that looks quite strong in this small space.

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