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open kitchen, white marble floor, grey cabinet, glass pendants, grey marble backsplash, round table, soft pink chairs, golden legs, glass partition Do Make Over

Dining Room, Seamless Floor, Soft Pink Chairs With Golden Lines, Black Golden Table, Dark Green Cabinet, White Cabinet, White Backsplash, Glass Chandelier
Dining Room, White Marble Floor, Soft Pink Cabinet, White Wall, Marble Counter Top, Chandelier, Black Round Table
Dining Room, Brown Marble Floor, White Wall, Soft Pink Chairs, White Round Golden Legs, Golden Floor Lamp
Kitchen, Grey Cabinet, Pink Chairs, Glass Round Table With Golden Legs,
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Dining Set, White Marble Wall, Dark Green Smooth Cabinet, Grey Wall, Rug, Wooden Side Table, Grey Sofa
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Grey Cabinet, White Marble Wall, White Cabinet, Grey Rug, Wooden Round Table, Blue Chairs, Glass Chandelier
Dining Room, White Seamless Floor, White Round Marble Table, Grey Chairs With Golden Lines, Golden Pendant, Grey Cabinet, White Marble Backsplash And Countertop
Dining Room, White Marble Floor, White Ceiling, Grey Wall, Blue Grey Cabinet, Modern Chandelier
Dining Room, White Kitchen Cabinet, Golden Top Cabinet, Golden Chandelier, Glass Round Table, Modern Chairs
Open Kitchen, White Marble Floor, Grey Cabinet, Glass Pendants, Grey Marble Backsplash, Round Table, Soft Pink Chairs, Golden Legs, Glass Partition

Having a dining room can make you feel great at home. It is a social place for family member and your friends you invite. Your preference in decorating shows your personality. If you love an elegant and sophisticated look in dining room, you would love to look at these stunning inspirations. These ones here are dining shows that show elegance even though the dining set is set in small set.

Soft Elegance
Creating elegant room with soft and pastel color shade is fun. It is easy to combine and calming to see, like this one below. The soft pink chairs blends well with the soft dark blue on the cabinet. The glossy table, chandelier and golden gleam makes the room graceful.

Soft Hue
Although the kitchen is quite large, with the dining set in the middle, the space is quite limited. However, the dining set is in soft look and minimalist design that the space does not look too crowded. This dining/kitchen space is completed in golden accents that create grace and elegance.

Elegance in Contrast
The elegance in this one is created through the contrast of dark green cabinet and the pastel chairs. The golden and dark table blends well with the dark cabinet, too. And this modern elegance is finished well with glass bulb pendant above.

Charming Simple
This one combines a modern and simple kitchen with simple dining set that serves more details. The golden top kitchen cabinet brings elegance yet in really simple look and the simple round table and classic chairs bring more modernity to it.

Monochrome Elegance
Although this one looks really minimalist with white and grey combination, the white marble, seamless floor and golden lighting fixture puts up the elegance and grace in the room.

Pastel Brown
As pastel shades are easy to build into elegant look, this pastel brown shade easily brings out elegance. The golden line accents put the room in even more graceful and stunning look.

Bold Lines
Gold look is another thing that can help a room gets luxurious look. This one here puts copper kitchen hood on between the grey cabinets and makes the copper shade looks strong. The golden line on the dining set also puts an interesting glance that blends elegantly with the marble floor.

Modern Elegance
This one is another modern kitchen that successfully brings out elegance. The smooth cabinet is combined with marble wall and wooden floor. The combination of the textures and patterns put a really interesting sight.

Strong Blue
Similar to the previous one, this below also has an interesting combination on the pattern and texture. The marble wall looks great among the minimalist white and grey cabinet. And the blue chairs in the dining set brings a fresh and bold accent to it.

Elegance in Crowded Place
Even though the space is quite small and the setting is adjusted to meet the comfortable space, this little open kitchen looks stunningly pretty. The marble, the soft pink chairs, the golden lines and the glossy lighting fixtures are all just perfect.

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