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dining room, wooden floor, wooden table, brown wooden chairs, blue chairs, white chandelier, wooden shelves Designer Trapped

Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Green Rug, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Table, Green Clear Chandelier
Dining Room, Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Brown Curtain, Green Chairs, Brown Table, Yellow Pendants
Diningroom, White Wall, Rug, Blue White Chair, Wooden Table, White Modern Chandelier
Dining Room, White Floor, White Rug, Blue Velvet Chair With Wooden Legs, White Marble Tulip Table, White Wall
Dining Room, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, Blue Shell Chair, White Marble Tulip Table, Golden Chandelier
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Brown Wooden Chairs, Blue Chairs, White Chandelier, Wooden Shelves
Diing Room, Wooden Floor, Dark Blue Wall, Crystal Pednant, Wooden Table, Yellow Chairs
Dining Room, Striped Rug, Flower Wallpaper, Blue Velvet Chairs With Golden Lines, Glass Table, White Chandelier
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Tulip Table, Blue Tufted Leathered Chairs With Golden Legs
Dining Room, White Wooden Floor, Teal Chairs With Golden Legs, Wooden Rectangular Table, White Wall, Golden Chandelier

Having dining room can be a privilege as not every one can afford the space and fund to realize. However, it is true that having a dining room can make your dining time even warmer, especially when you share it with your friends and family. It also makes everything tidier as you can present the food tidily on the table and you can eat according to the etiquette. If you care about the etiquette, you might also care about the elegance of your dining room. Here below are ten stunning dining rooms with interesting colors to add your appetite.

Blue White Combination
This elegant dining room brings out a fun and some nautical accent to the space. The blue velvet details and the painting make an interesting nautical accent to the white background.

Fresh Green
If you love to bring in modern wooden dining set to be combined with color, this one here can be a perfect example. The natural and warm ambiance touches the fresh green color on the rug and glass chandelier and make it amazing.

Green Velvet
This spacious and airy dining room makes an elegant dining room easily. The high ceiling makes the room under feels amazing already. Added with green velvet chairs and glossy table, the room looks even grandeur.

Blue Shells
Similar to the previous ones, this one also puts out elegance and luxury from the ceiling to the floor. The golden accent on the chandelier and legs of the set feels like a golden parenthesis with simple yet elegant tulip table and blue chairs that look like shells.

Bohemian Colored
Although this one looks vibrant and quite merry, it still puts out elegance in the golden lines and glass dining table.

Tufted Leather
For those who love rustic accent, artificial leather can come in any color and it can make your space more colorful yet still warm, of course if you choose warm color. This one here combines blue leather chair with wooden tulip table and make a gorgeous vintage look.

Modern Blue
An easy look can bring out elegant ambiance too when you know what to combine. This one here combines white marble tulip table with blue velvet chairs that make the set look fresh, modern, elegant and easy.

Simple Elegance
Putting in thin and light lines on the table and chairs, this one here shows a bright look in the set. The lighting fixtures in this one is amazing and makes a strong center.

Strong Blue
This one here puts blue on the wall and chair and make a strong impression to the room. Combined with warm wooden accent and patterned rug, a balance is set.

Dark Impression
Although the wall is painted in dark blue and create a strong impression, the mustard chairs and the wooden table makes a warm completion to the room. The fireplace support the room even more and the lighting fixtures brings out elegance in this warm dining room.

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