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kitchen, black smooth cabinet, black island, modern stool with golden lines, black golden triangle fixture HDeco

Kitchen, White Marble Island, Grey Kitchen Cabinet, Blue Stools, White Globe Pendants
Kitchen, White Marble Floor, White Marble Cabinet, Star Pendants
Kitchen, Cream Marble Island, White Kitchen Cabinet, Cream Stools, Lining Pendants
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Cabinet, Black Stools, Black Marble Island
Kitchen, White Marble Island, White Kitchen Cabinet, Clear Glass Fixture
Kitchen, Grey Island, Dark Grey Kitchen, Golden Pendants
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Kitchen Cabinet, Black Stools, Black And Glass Prism
Kitchen, Black Wooden Floor, Black Kitchen Cabinet, White Marble Top, White Stools, Crystal Pendant
Kitchen, Black Smooth Cabinet, Black Island, Modern Stool With Golden Lines, Black Golden Triangle Fixture
Kitchen, White Marble Island, White Kitchen Cabinet, Clear Glass Pendants With Golden Fringe

The kitchen would be a special place where you can get socialized with your friends and family as well as a place where you get to create your food with love. Creating food would need a place that offers comfort and gay ambiance that would be shown by elegant kitchens below. While an elegant kitchen has shows its strong impressive look, it needs a strong touch to finish it. Here below are some inspirations of elegant modern pendants.

Inside the Pyramid
This kitchen fixture has an interesting shape and look. It is decorated with black and golden frame of square pyramid with white plate with the lamp inside. This interesting shape and design matches well to the modern black kitchen.

Golden in the Glass
This one puts spectacular and light pendants with clear glass pendants. These clear glass pendants have pretty golden lines inside the glass that gets along with the golden lines seen on the stools, faucet and the cabinet handles.

Molten Pendants
These pendants are stunningly beautiful. The molten gold look on the pendants cover and balls look so elegance and pronounced in the minimalist kitchen with grey color on the wall, cabinet and island.

Glass and Fringe
This elegant kitchen has a glamorous look on it thanks not only to the white marble and the blue stools on the island but also to the round clear glass with white tube in it and golden fringe under. This design is stunningly gorgeous and put the kitchen in total glamour.

This kitchen gives out an amazing look with its white marble island and white kitchen cabinet. This elegant look has been accompanied by gorgeous pendants that has the rainfalls effect. This has made a nice dramatic look to the room especially with dramatic spiderweb ceiling accessories.

White Globe
This one here is another luxurious kitchen that might give some inspirations. This elegant kitchen has amazing white sphere pendants with silvery lines around it that make the pendants look even more elegant.

Falling Stars
This one here is similar to the previous falling rain. With long lines, these pendants have made a dramatic look. And the stars at the tip make the pendants look amazing and gorgeous.

Crystal Chandelier
IF you love some classy traditional look, you would love crystal chandelier like this one here. The crystal chandeliers make a small design but it has a strong impression to the small and traditional black and white kitchen.

Elegant Cubes
These pendants have interesting shape and design. These cubes have black top and clear glass bottom with shimmering and splendid lights coming out of the clear glass. These interesting pendants make strong impression to the simple looking kitchen.

Warm and Strict
This modern kitchen looks both minimalist and modern with dark cabinet that gives smooth ambiance. The pendants also show how incredibly modern and simple at once. The LED lights from the ceiling helps making the look more dramatically.

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