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shower room, brown marble wall, floating shelves, floating plants, glass ball pendants, wooden cabinet, whit sink, wooden mat Inplosion

Stars With Brown Tiles Horizontally And Patterned Tiles Vertically, White Wall, Wall Rail
Rond Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Black Tiny Square Wall Tiles, Vertical Shower
Greek White Bathroom, White Floating Shelves, Wooden Ceiling, White Bathroom Tiles
Shower, Cream Wall, Cream Marble Floating Sink, Shower, Tall Glass Window
Bathroom, Black Wall Tiles, Black Floor Tiles, Silver Faucet, Wooden Shower Floor, Windows
Outdoor Shower, Arch, Vertical Shower, Bowl Tub With White Inside, River Stones
Shower Room, Brown Marble Wall, Floating Shelves, Floating Plants, Glass Ball Pendants, Wooden Cabinet, Whit Sink, Wooden Mat
Black Stone Wall, Black Marble Floor, River Stones Floor, Wall Nook, Built In Shevles, White Floating Toilet
Shower Room, Brown Floor Marble, White Stones Wall, Glass Partition, Gass Window On The Ceiling, Brown Marble Sink
Black Stone Marble Wall, Vertical Shower, Wall Nook, Wooden Shelves, Built In Shelves

Bathroom can be another place to relax. When you’re in the bathroom, you cut yourself from outside of you even more private compare to the bedroom. And that’s why many people feels the need to make their bathroom perfectly fit for relaxation. While some people prefer tub, some others prefer shower for a more refreshing effect. For those people, these showers below will help to give some inspirations.

Black Stone
The area of shower here is rustic with black stones on the wall and some river stones on the floor. And even the shelves are built-in ones. This rustic feeling will help you to get fresh mood while you shower.

Almost Open
Although the area is closed and without doors, the tall glass window is enough to make the bathroom visible from outside. And for some people this can be liberating and close to nature (if the outside view is as beautiful as this forest). If you’re one of those people who love to feel close to the nature, having glass window in the shower area probably what you want. Of course, you might want to make sure that the area is closed or secluded.

Semi Open
This one also has large glass window and door. However, thanks to the enclosed area, this one here is more closed than the previous one. The shower area is inside of the building while the sunken tub is outside. This unique combination is interesting.

Minimalist Greek
This one here puts the shower area in a Greek inspired room. The shower faucet follows the minimalist look and ready to be subtle. Showering in a really beautiful room like this must be amazing.

Wooden Mat
In this dark bathroom, the presence of wooden mat must be really refreshing. Taking a refreshing shower here will be great. And if you decide to get tub later, you just need to hop in.

Ceiling Window
This one is another one that will give you some thrill of being exposed, although small. The glass window on the ceiling will give brighter effect to the bathroom and the glass parition will give more free mood.

Vertical Shower
Similar to the previous one, this one also gives glass window on the ceiling. However, a step further, this one also puts shower faucet on the glass window so that you can make believe that you’re outside and it’s raining hard.

Around Black Marble
This one is another shower with vertical faucet. Surrounded by black marble, this shower looks like pouring melted diamonds.

Outdoor Shower
This shower is for those who enjoy the open air in a closed area. In this open bathroom, the exotic feeling is strong especially with all the plants and river stones on the floor.

Round Room
This shower room puts you in a circular room and give even more private feeling when you shower. The wooden floor gives a warm and rustic feeling in this small space.

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