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bathroom, white floor, white wall, white cabinet, sconce, white tub with golden claw feet South Shore Decorating Blog

Bathroom, White Patterned Floor, White Tub, Grey Wall Tiles, Round Side Table, Glass Window, Glass Door
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Marble Counter Top, White Tub, Golden Lamp, Golden Pendant
Bathroom, White Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Sconce, White Tub With Golden Claw Feet
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Wall, Grey Wainscoting Wall, White Tub, White Chair,
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Wall, White Bench, White Tub, Crystal Chandelier, White Cabinet, Glass Window
Bathroom, White Tiny Tiles, White Wooden Wall And Ceiling, Blue Ceiling, Glass Windows, White Tub
Batroom, White Wooden Floor, White Wall With Details, White Tub, White Toilet, Crystal Chandelier
Bathroom, White Patterned Floor, White Wall, White Tub, Grey Vaulted Ceiling, Glass Globe Pendant, White Cabinet, Windows With Curtain
Bathroom, White Floor, White Wall, White Tub, Black Floating Cabinet, White Counter Top, White Sink, Glass Ceiling Window, Golden Pendant
Bathroom, White Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Tub, White Floating Vanity, White Cupboard, Clear Glass Pendant, White Sonces

Bathroom has been one of the most relaxing places. When you have a hard day in the office, taking a relaxing bath will help you get better. When you need a time out from a house full of people, you go to the bathroom. And that is why some people see that having a comfortable bathroom is essential. It can help create a good mood. It can help making better a bad mood. If you like to get calm in the bathroom, a calming white bathroom will help you ease your worry. And if you have the budget, going luxurious will certainly get you better in no time. To get you in the mood, these white luxurious bathroom is the expert. If you are thinking of remodeling or creating the same calming ambiance, these bathrooms below can help you get some inspirations.

Bright Elegant
This bathroom looks incredible. The white wall and floor makes the room look bright while glass windows are installed both on the ceiling and the windows. The white tub completes the white setting while the black floating vanity brings a nice detail.

White Detailed
This bathroom looks really elegant in every aspect. With white on white setting, the elegance is easily gained. The best thing is the crystal chandelier that brings luxurious details as well as the details on the wall that brings in classic pattern on the wall.

Fresh White
This white bathroom brings fresh and airy feeling with all the glass window and door. It is can even be opened to the patio that brings fresh air. With high tub, you can get most relaxed bath in this bathroom.

White Glints
This white bathroom is stunningly beautiful with its tiny white floor tiles. These tiles bring out beautiful reflection that prettify the room even more. And the matted wall and vanity brigns balance to the room.

White Box
Looking like in a whole different area this bathtub area is looking amazing with white wood on the ceiling and wall while also prettified by white tiny floor tiles. The glass window brings in natural light to enjoy.

Sweet and Classic
Elegant bathroom can easily look classic, just like this one here. The crystal chandelier, the tall arch, the column, the claw footed bath tub and the tall window bring out serious classic look. The pink curtain on the wall adds sweet blush in this room.

Luxurious Long Bathroom
Marble can help a room to look luxurious and elegant. And white marble can help big time. Seeing in this one, the white marble floor brings out glossy reflection that matches perfectly with the crystal chandelier on the ceiling.

Farmhouse Elegance
This farmhouse bathroom below brings out not only traditional features, seen in th vanity and the windows, but also some elegant features, seen in the white on white setting and the classic pendant on the vaulted ceiling.

Simple Luxury
This elegant white bathroom enhance the room with simple lines. It is seen in the tub, chair and the pendant. However, with hexagonal marble floor tiles and wainscoting wall, the bathroom becomes so modern and graceful.

Modern Elegance
This modern bathroom looks amazing, basked in the elegant marble floor and golden pendant. The bright light makes the room shines perfectly.

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