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When it comes to living room features, you can get many kinds of living room item. A sofa, a coffee table, and some armchairs can be your main item. A side table or an end table is a cute addition to a living room. You can place your cup of tea, some books, and a flower vase. An end table with drawer and shelf can give a small extra storage that let you keep some of your belongings. You can find many styles and designs for the end table that suit the living room design. Here are some ideas of the enchanting end table with drawer and shelf that will inspire you to make a perfect living room.

Classic Furniture Items

Black and white features fill this living room. Three white seat cushions provide an individual spot for three people to sit comfortably. It is placed between the classic brown wooden end tables with drawer and shelf, the end table has the same style and color as the coffee table.

A Display for Sculpture

Besides a wooden curved end table with drawer and shelf, you can find a unique side table composed of metal discs. A table lamp and a sculpture are placed on the end table as decoration.

A Reading Corner

Fill up the empty space in your living room corner with a green wingback armchair and an end table with drawer and shelf. It can be used as a reading corner. A black floor lamp has completed the corner space.

A Shelf Over The Drawer

In the wooden end table of this living room, the drawer is right underneath the shelf. This end table design is so unique with the round top. Two end tables are placed on both sides of the beige sofa.

Two Drawers on An End Table

More storage space with the two drawers on an end table. The wooden end tables have nice color and style. To balance the warm wooden material, a crisp white table lamp is put on the table.

White End Table with Drawer and Shelf

If you want a bright furniture item for a living room, the blue sectional sofa and white tables can your choice.  The white end tables have different designs yet they can blend nicely with other furniture items.

A Classic Style

This wooden end table has a brown and black finishing that is really suitable for a classic living room. The table is arranged in between two striped armchairs.

Photo Frames on The End

This living room has two square and one round end tables with table lamps. You can put some standing photo frames on the end or side tables.

Stylish Features

This living room consists of some stylish and unique features. The glass table top makes the center looks spacious.

End Table Materials

The end table with drawer and shelf with wood and iron base or frame suit the formal living room. It has a darker tone than the area rug and sofa and makes it more stand out.

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