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moern abstract brown and orange TV center with shelves The Wow Decor

Board For TV Center With Shelves For Media Player Under, Shelves For Decoration Above TV
White TV Cabinet With Hexagonal Shelves Arranged As One Cabinet
Floating TV With Floating Shelves Under For Player, Shelves Above For Decorations And Books
Large Entertainment Cabinet Wth Shelves, TV, Books, Storage Boxes, Bracket
TV On The Tv Cabinet With Shelves For Books, Metal Legs
Entertainment Cabinet With Brown Wooden Drawers Surrounded By White Shelves With Books, TV, Speaker
Moern Abstract Brown And Orange TV Center With Shelves
Wooden Media Storage Console Under The TV
Brown Sleek Looking Entertainment Cabinet
Wooden Assymetrical Modern Tv Cabinet With A Drawer, Decorations, Shelves

Television has been one of the most popular technologies since long time ago that people make TV as their center of entertainment in the house. And that’s why almost every house has TV in their living room – or sometimes, their bedroom. Rather than putting your TV without anything around it, you can decorate and beautify the space around it, either simply or make a big deal out it. See some ideas to help you here.

Floating Shelves 

In this floating TV, floating shelves are probably the best thing that can happen here. With its simple shelves, you can bring out your favorite things like pictures, mini decorations, and books. You can see that by keeping it simple, this one here is actually so cute and practical.


Board for TV

Similar to the previous one, this one is also for installing your TV floated as well as a drawer and shelves for media players. And not only that, the board is also with shelf available on top of the board that you can put your decorations on.


Classic Cabinet

If you are more classic person that loves everything as easy to arrange as the old days, you can use simple cabinet to support your TV. With the right design, you will be able to get the simplicity without taking out the beauty. In this picture, besides offering place for TV, it also offers place to store your books.


Media Storage

This one is another console cabinet that will enables you to store your things included media player. With this closed shelves, you will be able to hide your things so that it will not look too messy when you don’t use it anymore.


Hexagonal Boxes 

If you love to have unique and endearing shape for your TV cabinet, this might be your perfect choice. With its hexagonal-shaped shelves, this one looks like a bee hive. The best thing about this bee hive is that it allows you to store your media players, books, some decorations, and is without bee!


Asymmetrical Shelves 

Still for you who love unique shapes, this asymmetrical shelves for TV cabinet might be one among the best thing you can choose to support your entertainment media center. With its unique shelves, you can put your things and in the corner drawer, you can store more delicate and easy-to-lose things.


Modern Cabinet

Similarly, this one also has a really modern look and design. Not only that, it has drawers and small space for shelves. Although it’s not space saving furniture, the creativity in it offers you better deal.


Modern Sleek 

For you who love modern and sleek lines, this one here will give you what you want. The golden lines on the walls and cabinet gives elegance to it. The sleek design brings smooth delivery to the room.


Abstract Direction

You want something creative and artsy that make your eyes happy even without the TV turned on? Well, something like this is something that will give you many shelves and many practical use but on a really beautiful and modern touch.


Inside the Bracket

Similar to the previous one, this one is also an apple to the eye. With floating shelves that will serve you plenty space to keep your things tidily but in an amazing design, this entertainment center is an entertainment itself.

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