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entrance, brown patterned floor, pale brown wall, glass chandeliers, scoves, black console table, archs Town & Country

Foyer, Black Floor, Round Table With Glass Top In The Middle, Crystal Chandelier, White Wall, Plants In White Tall Vase, Fence
Foyer, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Dark Brown Wooden Table, Brown Ottomans, White Wooden Wall, Rattan Bench, Brown Wallpaper, Black Metal Round Pendant
Foyer, White Wooden Wall, Small Beige Bench, Round Wooden Table, Chandelier
Entrance, Brown Patterned Floor, Pale Brown Wall, Glass Chandeliers, Scoves, Black Console Table, Archs
Low Foyer, White Wall, White Pendant, Wooden Table In The Middle, Wooden Floor, Plants On The Table
Foyer, Arch Ceiling, Natural Wood Door, Round Table, Wooden Floor, Chair, Flower
Foyer, White Wall, Black Covered Chandelier, Black Round Table In The Middle, Blue Low Stool, White Black Patterned Floor, Golden Vase
Foyer, White Wall, Dark Blue Ceiling, Crystal Chandelier, White Wooden Roun Table With Black Top, Wooden Floor, Rug
Foyer, Patterned Floor, White Wall, Golden Chandelier, Wooden Round Table, Wooden Chair With White Cushion, Wooden Floor, Dark Blue Lines At The Bottom Of The Wall
Round Foyer, Tall Ceiling, Crystal Chandelier, White Wall, Grey Wall, White Floor Tiles, Wooden Chairs, Dark Wooden Door, Sconces

Entrance foyer will need to look grand and beautiful so that the guest (and yourself) would always come home with your breath taken away. Beautiful foyer also shows elegance and needs details that will only support the beauty. As foyer is usually already big and grand in space, putting the right decoration would be to complete the elegance that the space offers.

Traditional Touch
This grand foyer looks so grand with the tall ceiling and the glass window on the top that gives stunning illumination that has been reflected beautifully through the crystal chandelier. The traditional and classic wooden chairs gives a warm welcome on the front door.

Fresh Entrance
This one here uses natural wood look on the door that creates fresh feeling inside. It is strengthened with the flower on the round table in the middle.

Simple Elegance
Combining elegance with fresh natural touch can be executed very well. This one here adds tall indoor plants on tall white vase that matches the white tall wall. The black crystal chandelier shines gracefully from the ceiling over a simple glass round table.

Fresh and Modern
This modern foyer looks so clean and simple. The minimalist and natural selected furniture in the room makes it elegant with simple touch. The wooden material brings warm while the white color and the glass doors bring bright light to the room.

Farmhouse Foyer
This foyer radiates warmth and traditional ambiance in the combination of the brown colors and wooden material. The black metal pendant over the table supports the notion as well.

Textured Foyer
With white wooden wall in this room, the room is guarded with textured yet neutral wall. The wooden floor and table bring warmth to the space while the crystal chandelier adds elegance and classic touch.

Small Elegance
Although foyer is usually grand, this small foyer can still look grand with its crystal chandelier. This one gives unique and strong impression with the dark blue statement ceiling. Surrounded by white wall, this dark ceiling looks even stronger.

Black and White Floor
While the previous one presents the statement on the ceiling, this one here shows it in the floor. The white black patterned floor steals the attention. Although, the black table and chandelier cannot miss your attention as well.

Classic Combination
Similar to the previous one, this one also gives a strong impression with its patterned floor while the white wall balances the look. The bridge to the floor, the wall gives a blue accent that looks interesting and pretty. The chandelier in the entrance and the next room make a strong combination to the classic and traditional feeling.

Entrance with Alley
This entrance gives a really pretty and classic look with its pale brown ambiance. This neutral and sweet feeling is completed with glass chandeliers and the beautiful long arched alley in the next side. The black console gives a unique and different vibe.

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