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living room with wooden floor, wooden coffee table, off white sofa, purple ottoman, off white open brick wall, pink floor lamp Casa de Valentina

Exposed brick look can be effortlessly cool, warm, and cozy to see. It can be minimalist, Scandinavian, rustic, or even bohemian. It helps the room looks beautiful and amazing in any style you pursue. It can be in red brick look or even painted. Anyway, it will leave a great impression to the eyes who see it. Below are some amazing living room with open brick look.


Accent Wall

While usually an accent wall is on the part of the wall that protruding forward, this one here uses exposed brick look for the alcove of the room. Putting a great seating nook with its rustic open brick wall, this alcove looks so cozy.


A Little Exposed 

Besides being an accent wall, exposed brick is also good in having an old damaged effect to the wall.


Cozy Look

With the warm look that the exposed brick has, the room already feels cozy. But, with the sofa and bookcase, it looks like a place you want to sit around with a cup of warm tea.


Yellow Look

With exposed brick, many color can still look natural. Red, terracotta, moss green, deep orange, and yellow are some of them. In this one, with yellow open brick, the room looks warmer and cheerful combined with mostly blue.


White Painted 

This one here is an example of how exposed brick can be the complementary of Scandinavian-inspired loo. With white, it is easier to blend with the minimalist colors.


Pink Hint

With pink is not the usual color of exposed brick wall, it is a unique look to be able to achieve such a sweet look from rustic elements. Combined with another off white color on sofa and pink floor lamp, the hint of pink on the wall is pronounced even stronger.


Red Brown

Red is a popular look that exposed brick is used to display. With red brown, the room looks so especially warm even though the furniture is more in minimalist colors.


Grey Painted

While open brick look is really endearing, without the right maintenance it could help you with moss and dust. That’s why it’s really important to apply sealant or paint it. This one here chose to paint the open brick accent with grey to match the floor. With grey this dark, color with light level of saturation will look so pronounced.


Warm Orange Brick

For those who love rustic style, this red orange look of exposed brick on the wall will make them thrilled. Especially, when it is combined with wooden floor and ceiling with wooden planks, they look so rustic and warm.


Real Red

Red brick is one of the most popular look from exposed brick. It has warmth and bold elements in it. This one here combine it with wooden floor, rug, and wooden chest for coffee table. To put a different notion, though, a gorgeous green velvet sofa is placed among all those natural color. It’s fresh and comfortable.

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