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modern exterior paint with grey, yellow and white on the wall, red on the door Castanes Architects PS

Exterior Paint With Light Blue On The Wall, Combinationon White And Brown On Wndow's And Door's Frame, White On Posts
Exterior Paint Withdark Blue On The Siding Wall, Light Blue On The Wall, Bright Green On The Door
Exterior Paint With Blue On The Wall, With Purple Accent, White On Window Frame, Purple On The Door
Exterior Paint With Yellow On The Wall, Blue On The Roof, Browsn On The Siding, Brown On The Door, White On The Window Frames
Modern Exterior Paint With Grey, Yellow And White On The Wall, Red On The Door
Home Exterior Paint With Blue In Walls, Yellow In Upper Wall, Green In Posts, Red In Porch
Exterior Paint With Blue On The Wall, White On The Window's And Door's Frame, And Yellow On The Door
Home Exterior Paint With Beige In The Wall, Blue Turquoise In Roof, White In Windo Frame, Door Frame, Posts, Rails
Exterior Paint With Red On The Wall And Siding, White On The Door, White On The Window Frame, White On Rail, White On Posts
Exterior Paint With Light Blue, Turquoise, And Bright Green On The Wall, Blue And White On The Window Frame, White On Door, Rail, And Posts

If you are concerned with the look of your home from outside but you can do nothing about the architecture, one thing you can do is by choosing the right color combination. Choosing the right color will determine how your home will look like. Either you want to go bold, modern, traditional beach style, and so on. Here are some ideas on pulling the beautiful colors into your home.

Appealing Cobalt Blue with Yellow Spot

In this house, you can see that the owner wants to go bold with the exterior painting. The cobalt blue color looks brave but not too bright. The door in yellow looks on point even if it’s on soft yellow. The plant pots and the bench in yellow make the house look fresh. The window and door frames are in white.

exterior paint with blue on the wall, white on the window's and door's frame, and yellow on the door

Lowe’s Home Improvement

Green in Blue

This one is unique yet beautiful. With all blue color that is going on, the neon green chimney is kind of surprising. However, it turns out that it makes the house feel so young and fresh.

Traditional Blue

This is really beautiful. It calms everyone who sees it. With light blue on all surfaces, the tone is perfectly calming. The accent of white in the posts and the window frame creates cute accent. And the brown wooden thin line on the frame and the door makes the color not too monotone.

Beach-y Color on House

If you like something cheerful, you might like this one. The color is in beige brown that goes on to the porch flooring too while the roof is in soft blue. The stairs also have blue mosaic tiles in accent.

Modern Green in All Blue

In this modern house, you can see that the majority of the surface is in blue. However, the stealing focus is the neon green door. The simple square in green is on point. And when the owner put a red chair, it really looks colorful.

Colorful Modern Exterior

In this modern house, you can see that there are so many colors. And the colors are all primary colors: blue, yellow, and red. The back of the house is painted in white, though, presumably to balance out the dark grey used in mostly of the wall in the main building. Although the primary color is all used, it is more in complementary used, rather than mainly used so it’s is still catchy and modern.

Colorful Primary Color

This is another house that uses primary color in the exterior. However, if the previous one uses it on the accent, here, it becomes the main color. The wall is in blue with yellow in the siding near the grey roof, and red under the porch. But it is not only that. This house also uses bright green in the wooden beams and orange window and door frame. If you are into bright color like that, you would like it.

Victorian Blue House

This is a lovely Victorian building that uses blue and red as the accent color all over the building. The color of the frame in door and window is in beige cream. Although it may look too crowded, it is still a beautiful color to be put together.

Victorian Traditional in Yellow

This is another interesting house. The exterior color is mostly in soft yellow while the roof is in light soft blue. It is calming and cheerful at the same time.

Red Victorian House

The color choosing is simple. It is in red with white color for the window and door. Although it is simple, the contrast in the building makes the building easily on spot.  The color is bold yet not too tacky.

exterior paint with red on the wall and siding, white on the door, white on the window frame, white on rail, white on posts

Van Cleave Architecture + Design

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