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Make Your Guests Impressed with These Fabulous Mid Century Living Room Sets Accented with Modern Style

Mid century with modern style has some significant characteristics: lots of materials, clean lines, importance of functionality, sleek lines for both geometric & organic forms, minimalist in ornaments, traditional & non traditional applications, and tons of color schemes starting from neutral to colorful ones.

Mid century living room set with modern style is just one of furniture choices that offer both uniqueness and functionality without ignoring the matter of comfort. Lots of designs are promoted, including designs from simple to complex and neutral-colored to colorful products. Well, the followings are just the samples of best mid century living room sets accented with modern style. Wish that these furnishing pieces inspire us all.

mid century chairs with modern style in dark brown light brown area rug dark toned wood hall console with decorative wood ball table lamp
Scan Decor

A pair of mid century chairs with a mixture of classic and modern appeal. The chairs are accented with modern lines and classic wood cross legs. Dark brown is powerful, especially when it features with lighter brown rug. The colors are pretty contrasting but balance each other.

mid century furniture set consisting of black leather sofa with red accent pillow black chair with cross wood base wonderful wall arts grey concrete walls white area rug
Scan Decor

Still about the mixture of classic and modern – Sofa is covered with best leather and accented with luxurious red throw pillow that has similar color tone to wonderful wall arts. Here, white area rug is included to create a beautiful contrast, and let’s notice the sofa’s base in which it’s made of dark wood specimen.

mid century living room with modern appeal dark brown leather sofa with tuftings a pair of dark brown chairs with dark wood cross legs light brown area rug wood siding walls abstract painting
Scan Decor

This one is a little bit different. We’ll see tufted back and similar-toned throw pillow to sofa. See the tufts; they seem like biscuit tufting, right? And the clean armrests emphasize simplicity and modernity of design.

turquoiso loveseats blue accent pillows yellow accent pillows white accent pillows white area rug white walls vintage style media console vintage wood side tables
California Lustre

Bold and colorful aren’t matter for Mid century furniture set, including for the living room set. Both are playful and cheerful, so they are really effective to drive our good mood. Turquoise loveseats and yellow chairs are obviously contrasting but be a good match.

mid century modern living room grey sectional sofa vintage style chair in red white shag rug red blanket modern bookcases mini wine racks
Madison Modern Home

An inspiring mid century modern style living room with a grey sectional sofa, vintage-style chair in red, cocktail table, and white shag rug that create a real mid century living space. The colors combination is the best ever!

mid century modern style living room light grey sectional sofa orange accent pillows orange chair orange top table bright linen area rug recessed fireplace with grey ceramic surrounds
M Deering Design

Light grey sectional sofa becomes the main seat and orange chair is just the additional seat that exposes high-end style and functionality.

mid century modern living space L shaped sectional sofa in light brown light brown leather throw pillows compact wood coffee table
Studio Schicketanz

It’s full of elegance, simplicity, and functionality. The sectional is designed in L-shape and covered with light brown leather, giving similar tone to the throw pillows, but contrasting to fluffy white blanket. A compact coffee table is always stunning when being paired with such a modern kind of seat.

mid century modern living room idea vintage gondola sofa in green walnut coffee table white shag rug rocking chair floor lighting fixture

The designer says this sofa is inspired from Vintage Gondola and the coffee table is built from best walnut. Here, a rocking chair is added as an extra seat for a guest or homeowner. White shag rug still becomes the most favorite to create a mid century living room base.

beige loveseat with throw pillows flat & wide coffee tables a pair of wood boards chairs white shag rug wood side tables with table lamps
Natalie Epstein Design

Modify your larger living room into such a stylish and cozy one. Fill the room with a loveseat and a pair of extra seats like these wood chairs with thin metal base. Add a unique coffee table like these flat and wide tables. A corner chair is simply added when needed.

mid century living room with modern style yellow sofa with dark blanket and multicolored throw pillows round top coffee table in white

A striking yellow sofa with dark ethnic blanket. The color obviously contrasts to a modern white & round top coffee table and interior surround. Actually, both are best match and quietly show a modern appeal.

yellow draper sofa with deep tufted details wood chair without finishing wood side table without finishing medium toned wood floors

L-shaped & tufted sectional sofa in yellow brings elegant as well as cheerful which never fades away of style. This kind of sectional sofa is also called a draper sofa, and it can be matched with any styles complementary furniture including wood-made furnishing pieces.

grey sofa with tufted details multicolored throw pillows dark toned wood coffee table modern minimalist extra seat in dark color cowhide area rug round top side table with modern table la
Angela Flournoy

Make your living room simpler by adding a sofa accented with multicolored throw pillows. Choose the neutral one to make the space flexible to mix and match with other schemes. A dark-toned wood coffee table may be work optimally here, and a cowhide rug certainly gives the accent color. You can add one additional seat to cover many more guests visiting your house.

orange armchairs with multicolored accent pillows multicolored stripes area rug modern fireplace with white wall surround
Baxter Design Group

You may want to play with bold and colorful schemes like what’s captured in these armchairs. The color is so striking and accented with colorful throw pillows, giving another color ‘distraction’. The rug as if becomes another color accent that is intentionally involved to create more than one ‘distraction’. But overall, the armchairs still become the most stunning one.

colorful mid century modern living room Grey Togo Sofa Grey Togo sofa table modern fireplace with glasstile gradient clean lines blue chair colorful area rug medium toned wood floors
Kropat Interior Design

Colorful mid century modern living room – a relaxing spot to gather either for guests or lovely family. This means, this space is flexible to use. The furniture choice leads us how relax it is. It’s rather a family room than a living room. Isn’t it?

warm and cozy fireplace seats fireplace with clay toned surround beige chairs with throw pillows tube shaped side table colorful decorative vases
Kress Jack At Home

Warm and cozy-feel seats near clay-toned fireplace. Look at the color, both seats and fireplace are similar. Black wrought iron details are included as the chairs’ structure and fireplace’s details, creating a beautifully industrial look. Some decorative vases and wall art with attractive colors are added to give the accent tones.

mid century modern living room peach tufted sofa light beige tufted armchair multicolored throw pillows antique chest table classic style side table in black Moroccan rug
Madison Home

Create a mid century modern living room by doing the easiest way. You just need to set a furniture that exposes the clean lines. This sofa and armchair have different color but similar in tufted details, and their design is reflecting a real mid century style. An antique chest, by contrast, has successfully been a direct accent as it’s exposing something rustic and Spanish. And the rug, it’s inspired by Moroccan style.

black doff sofa bright throw pillows black leather working chair with wheels movable small sized table oval shaped center table with glass top round shaped side table in white white shag rug
Madison Home

Feel ultra comfort when sitting in such living room set. Black doffs sofa offers high style of design and comfort. With additional throw pillows, you’ll feel the highest level of comfort. Feature it with other supporting furnishing items like oval-shaped center table with glass top, modern white side table, and white shag rug. If you need an extra seat, a working chair is also well recommended to complete this living space.

mid century modern sofa finished in black doff and orange detail black doff walls white shag rug medium toned wood floors
Transom Design Build

Black is elegant. This color is magical since it can be combined with any color schemes, including the bold and brighter ones. Black sofa with orange for detail looks so simple yet modern. It becomes a contrast when white shag rug covers its base, and it’s getting harmonious when black doff walls becomes its background.

yellow mid century modern armchair white throw pillow with simple line motifs tray top side table in white white shag mat
Madison Modern Home

With a striking tone, a mid century modern armchair will look much more attractive. This yellow armchair, for instance, invites everyone to approach it and even to use it. The chair also simply brings a modern vintage touch.

Mexican blanket Ottoman side table dark blue sofa colorful throw pillows white shag rug dark wood coffee table medium toned wood table modern floor lamp
Madison Home

Change your old living room into a prettier one by adding something colorful like this Mexican-covered Ottoman side table. Its colorful surface is the color accent as well as a direct interest maker for viewers. Pair it with more neutral furnishing piece like a dark blue sofa and dark wood coffee table that complete each piece’s performance. White shag rug here is just the base comforter as well as the base ornament.

small mid century modern living room orange furniture set small sized area rug in white medium toned wood floors wood console grey sofa
Renewal Design Build

A small living room designed in mid century modern style. The furniture set has been dominated with light orange and accented with small motifs. Small-sized white area rug seems to be a perfect match as it brings a contrast to the furniture. A wood console acts like a decorative piece and mini partition as well.

mid century modern transitional living room white tufted sofa with black base black coffee table bold area rug with motifs vintage style media console
Corynne Pless

The sofa exposes white leather finishing with biscuit-tufted details. This is so unique and rarely used for other furniture sets. Black doff is chosen for base and it gives a contrast look of black and white like an Oreo biscuits.

light cream sectional sofa with mounted coffee table green area rug vintage style entry table with green accents
Able And Baker Cabinets

If you want a practical furniture set for your living room, this mid century modern sectional can be best choice. The sectional is really unique and integrates with a mounted coffee table. This means, you don’t have to add any tables here. It saves amounts of space, really!

mid century living room with modern appeal orange leather sofa with tufted details grey sofa with wood frame wood boards top coffee table with black legs medium toned wood floors a book tower
Nanette Wong

Two set of sofas with different color perhaps will attract more your guests to stay longer in your house. And, a book tower looks so unique when you create it as a special focal point of room.

mocca toned sofa solid dark blue throw pillows blue chair low legs coffee table with light brown top square shaped wood top side table with brown table lamp oval shaped wall mirror with wood frame
Aristea Rizakos

Mocca-toned sofa designed for a mid century modern living room – Solid dark blue throw pillows sweeten the seating area and a low-base coffee table complements their performance.

midcenterury modern style living room green sofa dark grey chair with wood frame black white linen rug vertical drawer system in white medium toned wood floors
Maletz Design

Green sofa plus single chair as the additional seat is a perfect for a mid century modern living room in apartment version. The furniture is appropriate for a small or medium-sized space of living room and can accommodate your guests. Black-white linen rug and white side table (which is a vertical drawer system) are designed as the best match that completes each other.

grey L shaped sectional sofa blue accent pillows dark toned wood coffee table red brick walls wood interior pillar wood floors without finishing
Rad Design

With perfect solid dark tone, the sofa stands gracefully in the middle of a transitional living room in an old historic house. The interior pillar, coffee table, and wall system visibly expose a real raw rustic style. Blue throw pillows here are just the accent color that effectively gives more cheerful tone among this neutral interior.

soft green sofa with accent pillows sripped beige armchair asymmeric wood side table beige area rug dark toned wood coffee table decorative fireplace with beige surround white walls
Jarlath Mellett

Neutral yet warm – the furniture set uses soft-neutral tone to cover the whole parts of seats. At base, they are supported by thin and dark wood legs, a similar material for the coffee table. Overall, both interior and furniture colors are balanced gracefully. White completely accents the neutral color that dominates the furniture and decorative fireplace.

dark & shabby chic cushion with leather finishing dark finishing center table with round top round top side table in dark wood material black doff pendant lamp dark shabby area rug

Take a seat on this sofa and feel the comfort. This is the softest sofa ever. With best handcraft, the designer builds it with the coziest cushions and dark & shabby chic leather finishing. The wrinkles, marks, creases, and color variations are all natural. That’s why it’s so precious and unique. When used, the sofa’s leather will be softer, and the cushion will be lived-in mode.

retro & mid century modern living room orange armchair pink armchair grey sectional sofa wood top center table in round shape round shaped white top center table

Try to combine a retro and mid century accented by modern style. Achieve the perfection by using chic fabrics with full brightness, tufted back with decorative button, and upward-sloped armrests. These armchairs are called Happy Armchairs. Collaborate them with something neutral and natural like these wood coffee tables and grey sectional sofa.

blue sectional sofa with crafted wood construction round shaped wood top side table with slanted legs textured grey area rug concrete walls with upper glass window

A perfect combination of classic and modern is captured in this sofa. It offers so much comfort and style. The sofa is supported with clean lines design, sleek armrests, and beautiful crafted wood base with sloped legs that enhance a sturdy and strong construction. The cushions are detachable and both the armrests and backrests let you lay in cozily.

brown leather sofa with tufted seating and armrests asymmetric wood top coffee table with slanted legs textured and grey wool area rug modern black floor lamp

A trendy living room remodel with classic design. The space has been furnished with original brown leather sofa. Sofa’s tufted seating is inspired from mid century age. Grey wool rug with texture gives a contrasting tone and texture in this room.

mid century modern living room bold maroon loveseat with higher armrests and slating legs round top side table in dark color grey wool area rug vintage entry table with skycraper painting on its top

Small and simple living room idea designed in mid century modern style. The loveseat’s color is bold yet stunning. The color combination is also perfect, creating a balanced look on soft and bold tones. The skyscraper painting above an entry table gives a modern touch in this room.

fresh and green sofa with downward sloping armrests clear finishing side table in round shape and stainless steel wire base asymmetric wood coffee table with clear finishing

Bright and fresh in look – a description of sofa that furnishes this mid century modern living room. The sofa has green velvet finishing and the sloping armrests complement its performance. Make it optimal with something green, fresh, and alive like the decorative plants.

mid century modern wood living room set modern fireplace with plaster surround clean white walls light brown area rug medium toned wood floors
Blue Sound Construction

A spacious living room with dominant wood material and plaster interior facade. The furniture set is originally made of hardwood designed in natural yet modern style. Mid century concept is used to create a distinctive but complementary interior idea.

eyecatching blue sectional sofa in curve shape round shaped glass top coffee table with tree trunk base juted area rug

A mid century living room with modern touch in one of the biggest towns in U.S. The color choice is so perfect, moreover when it is collaborated with neutral and soft color schemes like wood color or cream. Blue sectional sofa is intentionally formed in curve to cope larger numbers of users. Its eyecatching color and updated design certainly make us all interested and even invited to taste the cushion bench.

crafted plywood chair round top side table round top coffee tables in dark tone light blue chairs with wood construction
Rove Concepts

The designer uses crafting technique applied on plywood chairs. The chairs are so comfortable and stylish. The chairs’ construction is bold, clean lines, and curves. They’re perfect for optimal relaxation due to their aerodynamic form. Based on design, the chairs are so ideal for a living room, dining room, and even for home office.

L shaped sectional sofa in grey with tufted upholstery square shaped clear acrylic coffee tables with white lines decorations

A sectional sofa with mid century influence seen from the details of tufted upholstery. This seat idea has wood legs with stringers and outward armrests. Uniquely, the sofa can be separated (becomes a stand-alone seat) by missing the connector. The coffee tables are designed in urban style and made of clear acrylic. Abstract lines applied on tables gives a modern appeal.

orange velvet chair slipcovers light grey sofa with accent pillows bold blue walls colorful window curtains
Kimball Starr

The curtains and accent pillows give a colorful look against bold blue walls, light grey sofa, and orange velvet chair slipcovers. Each unit of seating offers different primary comfort and style.

mid century modern living room with book cases room partitions light brown armchairs with thin metal legs round top metal side table maple floors

A mid century modern armchairs for a living room with bookcases partitions. This space is ideal for ranch-house concept, or based on the layout, this space is well recommended for a welcoming and entertaining the guests with tons of books.

mid century modern living room idea white chairs with tufted upholstery and x base stainless steel base maple floors large logs painting with thin black frame ceilings withe exposed beams
Arch All Inc

The chairs are really reflecting mid century modern concept in which it has mid century inspiration within modernity. Tufted upholstery has been using for mid century age, whereas the color and design are obviously made in modern style. Furthermore, stainless steel X-base is commonly used for most recent furniture sets.

mid century modern living room light beige leather sofa black top coffe table black linen area rug decorative tree in black round shaped wood top side table
Darren Palmer

This seat type is called a camel sofa with natural beige leather finishing and its length matches the mirror’s size, creating a beautiful symmetry. Black complementary elements like linen rug and corner decorative tree help in adding a beauty and modern style.

leather sofa a side table with wood construction modern side chair and table with slanted wood legs unique wood coffee table cotton rope ottoman chair grey rug with modern motifs
Christen Ales

Clean lines furniture set inspired from a mixture of mid century modern and rustic industrial concept. The existed rustic industrial concept has been modernized by adding clean lines silhouettes especially discovered on a coffee table, side chair & table with slanted wood legs, and floor lamp. The rug and cotton rope ottoman chair are included to strengthen the appeal of modernity.

mid century modern lounge chairs in light color bold blue daybed with wheels colorful linen area rug wood entry console with under storage

A couple of lounge chairs with a perfect details of curved legs that integrate with the armrests. The chairs are soft in color but look dominant among other bold colored furniture and linen rug, giving a comfortable look.

black leather lounge chairs with deep tufted upholstery and slanted wood legs medium sized shag rug in white

Black leather lounge chairs with deep tufted details and pointed & slanted wood legs – the sample of most recent seats inspired from mid century age with modern touch. The chairs’ design really depicts a taste of modern style, and tufted details and leg/ base model are commonly used for a vintage or antique statement. It’s not bad idea if you want to adopt this furniture choice as the precious part of your indoor playground or any other small rooms.

airy and warm feel living room white chair slipcover grey sofa with hand crafted wood legs grey rug wood floors aqua toned side table with drawer system

A good mix of aqua and grey. Grey dominates the space where we can found it in seats and rug. Aqua here is just an accent color that gives a significant color scheme in this room. It feels so airy and fresh when we use white interior color, and warm-feel due wood floors.

mid century modern mix retro vibes living room set cowhide rug terracotta floors

Mid century modern concept mixed with retro vibes – If you like to mix and match more than one styles, this idea may be best choice. Play with colors and use them appropriately. The space will be so colorful but beautiful. Each component will show off different color and pattern.

mid century modern living space idea light beige velvet sofas dark & shabby wood coffee table terracotta floors corner fireplace with red bricks surround
Jackson Design And Remodeling

Light beige velvet sofas complement a shabby dark wood coffee table. Terracotta floors and red bricks fireplace surround have been attracting us all. Both offer a contrasting look when featuring something light colors like sofas and shag rug.

mid century modern chair in black unique wine rack tree trunk side table medium toned wood floors

A very small living room with unique wine rack. The furniture set is inspired from mid century modern and uses black and wood color as the primary colors. This idea of living room actually matches for a standing party that merely needs a few of seats. A tree trunk side table here exposes natural element with a modern application.

mid century modern living room black velvet sectional sofa multicolored accent pillows modern white lounge chairs green grass rug terracotta floors wood side table floating media console

Black and white is always stunning and everlasting trend. You can use this color combination for your lovely living room. Add pop of colors to make your living room more colorful. Put the colors on several spots and do collaboration with a series of neutral tones for the base or background like terracotta floors, white concrete walls, and wood color entry door.

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