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plenty of small fairy lights on the wall with pictures Home Glam

Jars With Clear Glass, Fairy Lights Inside
Fairy Lights Among The Picture On The Wall Above The Head Board
Cloud Shaped Fairy Lights On Sky Blue Wall
Plenty Of Small Fairy Lights On The Wall With Pictures
Fairy Lights Following The Shape Of A Quarter Of A Moon On White Open Brick Wall
Fairy Lights Around The Curtains Hung Around A Chair Near A Bookshelves, With Faux Plants Hung
Fairy Lights Hung On The Bed Curtains
Large White Mirror With Fairy Lights Around The Frame
Fairy Lights Around The Square Mirror On The Floor Of A Bedroom
Fairy Lights Arranged On The Bed Frame Above Like Curtains

Fairy lights have been a great experience for a bedroom. Especially after it’s used in so many Tumblr posts, it gains its own popularity. Due to its beautiful effect to bedroom, many people are eager to try it on their bedroom. If you think so and you’re ready to start your fairy lights day, here are some ideas on how to put it in your bedroom.


Lights Decoration

One thing you can do in decorating your bedroom with fairy lights is by putting it in a jar or bottle and let it be another sleeping lamp in your bedroom. It’s beautiful twinkling lights will give you a perfect light to sleep through


Sky Light Cloud

Besides putting the fairy lights inside a jar or bottle, you can also make a line of shape in the wall that you follow with the fairy lights. In the picture here, with sky blue wall, the owner created a cloud from the fairy lights. It matches the theme, simple, and beautiful too.


To the Moon and Back

Similar to the previous one, this one is also wall lights decoration. With this one here in the picture, you can see a line of the moon that will beautify your nights. This is so simple and doable.


Pin the Pictures 

Another popular thing to do with your fairy lights would be arrange it with the pictures pinned on the lights. It will make the pictures beautifully lighted and it will create a glam glow to your wall.


Around the Pictures

Similar with the previous one, this one also let the fairy lights decorate the room around the pictures at the wall above the headboard. The thing about fairy lights is that even though you arrange it randomly, it will still create nice lights.


Fairy Lights on Top

This one here has the fairy lights to the bed frame on top of the bed. It looks like it create its own beautiful ceiling.


Around the Mirror

Another thing you can do with your fairy lights is putting it around your mirror. It will create a pretty twinkles that will be doubles by the mirror itself.


Double Glam

Similar to the previous one, this one also puts the fairy lights around the mirror frame. This give the effect of double lights, double glam. And if you position it near the windows, you will double the doubled effect. There are so much pretty lights!


Curtains Hung

Another place where you can put your fairy lights is on the curtains. It can be the curtains of your window or the curtains of your bed. The combination of fairy lights and soft curtain will create a nice and sweet effect.


Lights and Plants

Last thing is that you can also combine the fairy lights with another decoration like plastic plants. It will compliment both the fairy lights and the plastic plants to give a pretty sight effect.

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