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dining table with plaid tablecloth, brown plates with elephant picture, maple leaves, pines, golden goblet Muramur

Dining Table With Plaid Tablecloth, Brown Plates With Elephant Picture, Maple Leaves, Pines, Golden Goblet
Dining Table With White And Black Plaid Plate, Pumpkin Accessories
Corner Dining Room With Wooden Bench And Chairs With White Cushions, White Wall, Ball Pendant, Wood Flooring, Ottoman, Pillows, Plants, Flowers On The Table
Dining Table With Glossy Dark Brown Table, Orange Plates, Orange And Yellow Flowers, Glasses
Dining Table With Wooden Table, White Cushioned Chairs, Bronze Plate With Orange Cloth, Silver Ornaments
Dining Table With White Plates And Soup Mug, Plaid Tablecloth, Fall Accessories
Wooden Dining Table With Purple Cloth, White And Black Plates, Flowers And Plants Centerpiece
Brown Wooden Table With Accessories, Maple Leaves, Plates
Wooden Dining Table With White Plate Set, Candles, Plants, Pumpkins Accessories
Dining Table With Fall Decorations, Plaid Tablecloth, Black Plate, Flowers, Pumpkn, Clear Glasses

Come October, come fall. Come October, come fallen leaves and colder temperature (for those who live in northern part of the earth). And with those things, also come new air in fashion and also decoration. And to welcome fall season, you can try redecorating your home. You don’t need major change because you can do something small and you have brought fall nuance in your home anyway. Let’s see what we can do to make a living room having more fall feeling to it.

Flowers and Plants

Flowers and plants bring natures in the room and it’s just exactly what fall always reminds us to. Fall season reminds you of trees and leaves. And that’s why flowers on the table help fall nuance come into dining room.


Plants Centrepiece

As plants have been a characteristic of fall season decoration, it will be the easiest to describe fall season the most. And Putting plants and flowers as centrepiece will be really beautiful as well as heart-warming, just like fall season is.


Warm Candle

Decoration in fall season can easily be found but candle will always warmth your table easily. If you want to take it further, candles in the shape of pumpkins are really cute and perfect for the season too.


Fallen Maple

Of course, the word fall itself indicates how leaves fall over the season. And what is better to explain the fall season than creating the fall leaves in the dining table? Surely with this simple decoration, the statement has boldly given.


Orange Cloth

Besides plants, fall season also reminds you of warm colours like brown, red, or orange. And if you love having warm colours outside and inside in dining table, you can choose orange cloth which can be beautifully done to decorate your table.


Orange Plates

Similar to the cloth, choosing orange plates also can give the warm ambiance to your table. Adding candles will also brings the illuminating glow on the table. And of course, flowers are never wrong.


Orange and Plaid

Besides warm colours, plaid has been people’s favourite pattern over the fall season. Putting them together is really a nice idea. This one in the picture perfectly shows how black and white plaid will accentuate warm colour like orange. The little Jack  o’ lantern in top of the jar indicates how fall will welcome Halloween too.


Flowers and Plaid

While the previous one talk about how combining warm coloured decoration with plaid, this one shows about how great flowers and plaid combined together too. It actually feels like picnic on the park.


Big Plaid Tablecloth

Similar with the previous one, here is another example of how easy plants, flowers, and fruits come together with plaid pattern. The plates and everything else are in white that it doesn’t steal attention from the decoration.


Warm Plaid and Animals

Just like the previous ones, this one presents dining table with plaid that shows warmth already. Another fall objects that looks an easy matches here is the animals details like elephant in the plates or the bones. It makes all the setting is really natural with maple leaves and pines here also.

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