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living room, white rug floor, cream wall, indented white shelves, fireplace, white sofa, wooden chair with white cushion, rattan sofa Peekinsta - Apartment Therapy

Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Door, Pink Velvet Chairs, Wooden Coffee Table, Cream Sofa
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Green Lounge Chair, Wooden Tray Side Table, Wooden Mirror
Living Room, White Rug Floor, Cream Wall, Indented White Shelves, Fireplace, White Sofa, Wooden Chair With White Cushion, Rattan Sofa
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Tufted Sofa, Grey Chair, Patterned Rug
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, White Sloped Ceiling, Red Patterned Rug, Pink Chair, Green Velvet Sofa, White Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Light Teal Wall, Dark Green Sofa, Rug, Plants, Wooden Cabinet
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, Grey Sofa, Rattan Chair, White Wall, Plants
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Green Tufted Sofa, Wooden Chair, Wooden Table, Wooden Shelves
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Grey Foldable Sofa, Yellow Ottoman, Side Table, White Bulb Floor Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Green Velvet Corner Sofa, Mustard Tufted Ottoman, Wooden Square Coffee Table, Copper Pendants

Comfort in the living room is always one thing that people look for. With a comfortable and warm living room, it is so easy to drag people to the room. The room would be inviting enough and people would love to stay long in the room. If you have some challenges in making your living room look lively and comfortable, these gorgeous and warm living rooms will give you some inspirations.

Olive Tufted Sofa
The comfort in this living room looks so pronounced. It is the support of the wooden material on the floor, chair, coffee table and the shelves. It is also supported by the olive tufted sofa that offers comfort and soft texture that will embrace whoever sit there.

Near the Tall Windows
This one here presents its comfort and war with the tall window that brings in maximum level of light. This illuminate the room and puts everything in brighter spotlight: the comfortable tufted sofa, the traditional patterned rug and the paintings and plants.

Bold and Warm
This one here puts wooden material on the floor and accessories that makes the space looks warm. The bold and warm green lounge chair makes the room look even more comfortable.

Soft and Fresh
Unlike the previous one, this one goes with pastel combination of red patterned rug, pink chair, and green corner sofa. This combination is added with golden floor lamp, white ceiling lamp and interesting motive on the accent wall. All makes a fresh and new look.

Tropical Accents
Warm and fresh ambiance is created in this one with its rattan chair and the plant on the side. The ethnic pattern on the rug brings out more tropical vibe in the room.

Foldable sofa
For some people, a great living room means a living room that can make you sleep soundly. And that will be supported well with foldable sofa. With foldable sofa, you can hold a bed to sleepover or to just watching movies till morning.

Lots of Seating
This living room makes a comfortable look by providing many seats. The sofa is long and cornered and it still has warm yellow ottoman. This is perfect for a big family or to hold a party between friends.

Curvy Architecture
If you have a room with tall glass door like this one, you are so lucky. With the curve on top, the architecture has provided a comfortable looking room. With comfortable sofa, plush rug and entertainment cabinet, it is perfect.

Window Bay
This is a great thing to do in the window bay. Window sofa clearly makes a perfect warm seating, especially in the fall. The natural material support makes it look comfortable and warm, among the off white surrounding.

Airy Setting
Having an airy and large space is truly amazing. With wooden floor, the room looks warm and bright and it seems nothing can go wrong. This one here puts simple pink chairs and white sofa with wooden coffee table. It looks amazing,

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