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Great Choices of Fancy Colors for A Small Bathroom

For most home remodel makers and homeowners, room’s color choice can be overwhelming design option. Even for the experts, discovering and applying the perfect combinations of colors, color tones, color brightness, and color patterns may become a very frustrating task. For small bathroom, particularly, the color has a key role. It’s no matter what color you’re going to use, make sure that your choice is correct and brings higher level values, especially aesthetic and function values. Just find the best colors for a small bathroom in these tens of inspiring small bathroom color tones.

Light Orange-White Color Combination for Small Rustic Bathroom

frameless & oval vanity mirror single wood cabinet white undermount sink and black wrought iron faucet white toilet classic vanity lamp vertical arranged box storage light pink and white wall
Elite Flooring Online

It’s fantastic! Light orange and white color combination is so stunning for this small rustic bathroom. A tiny undermount sink and cabinet helps to create a visual effect of larger space. It looks much wider with all small things like an oval mirror, single wood cabinet, and vertical-arranged storage boxes.

Elegant & Soft Dark Bathroom Color Idea

traditional bathroom with corner tub light beige painted concrete walls beige tiles walls beige ceramic floors dark wood finished cabinet
Personal Touch Flooring

Feel huge of comfort in such beautiful and elegant bathroom. The bathroom is designed in traditional look and dominated by soft dark and neutral tones of color. Light beige is chosen for walls and it features with beige tiles walls and ceramic floors, creating a contrast look when they’re combined with corner white tub.

Accent Pink in Retro Style

retro pink bathroom idea pink tiles and white concrete walls accented by black lines one piece toilet in pink pink bathtub permanent bathroom vanity with black tiles top and stainless steel sink
Reclaimed Home

Show your favorite pink off in your bathroom. Like in this picture, the designer selects pink tiles and clean white concrete walls. The walls are beautifully accented by black lines for each edge. Complete your action with choosing a soft pink one-piece toilet and bathtub at the corner. They must be so stunning, right?

Sharp & Deep Pink Walls for Small Bathroom

farmhouse bathroom idea sharp & deep walls small glass window with white frames wall maounted stainless steel hanger white toilet ceramic floors with traditional patterns
Shot Gun Double Square Space

Sharp and deep pink walls garnished by accent white and metal tone like stainless steel is a great color combination for a small bathroom. This idea suits for a guest room which is equipped with an inner bathroom. The owner adds the traditional ceramic floors with patterns – a smart way to give an aesthetic value.

White and Soft Pink Combination for Small Traditional Bathroom

white & soft pink walls decorative glass windows wall mounted stainless steel hanger mirror front wood storage with upper lamps
James John Flynn

It’s so inspiring – a claw-foot bathtub featuring white pedestal sink- both are perfect when they’re collaborated with soft pink & white walls. The lower part is designed in similar tone to bathroom fixtures, while the upper one is intentionally made in different tone to give uniquely different look, especially toward the things installed on walls.

Half Red-White Tones for Classic Bathroom

red white walls with black lines white corner bathtub white toilet bathroom vanity with black top and white cabinets and white framed mirror white ceramic floors with black accent
Charleston Building

How wonderful if we mix these two colors for a classic bathroom. Red and white are two colors that bring a sharp contrast when both are being combined. Red here becomes a stunning background for several wall arts. Another side, in addition, uses glossy white tiles walls accented by black lines, giving an elegant look for the bathroom.

Soft Pink Walls Idea

soft pink walls with stone wall decoration wall mounted toilet small size bathroom vanity with wood countertop white framed mirror with hidden storage white sink
Boston Haus

It’s clever to combine soft pink walls with artistic stones walls. The designer also chooses space-effective fixtures like wall-mounted toilet and small-sized bathroom vanity. And see the mirror; it has been featured with the back storage which can effectively accommodate our supplies.

Trendy Colors-Mixture for A Trendy Bathroom

trendy and conteporary bathroom idea deep pink walls clean white walls white bathroom vanity with deep undermount sink white toilet a couple of crystal lamps
Tamlin Homes

A Dominant white walls here is accented by a screen of deep pink wall behind the one-piece toilet. With this idea, it’s clear to see that they complete each other. Other fixtures, in addition, are selected in similar tone to the walls – white – to create a clean and elegant appearance.

Orange Walls – A Cool Background for Small Crafts and Arts

traditional bathroom idea with light orange walls decorative mirrors wall arts wood made crafts one piece toile in white claw foot bathtub in white white pedestal sink black and white ceramic floors
Morning Side Architects

The wall arts aren’t only able to display in the rooms where people could enjoy, but they also could be exposed in your private room like your bathroom. Like this picture; light-toned orange walls becomes a stunning background for small wall arts and crafts. Complete the bathroom with white claw-foot bathtub, one-piece toilet, and pedestal sink (which are all in white).

All-Clean-White Bathroom Idea

clean white traditional bathroom brown base bathtub with white shower curtain and gold toned canopy white toilet white free standing sink white painted concrete walls white ceramic floors
Bona Ventura Architect

All is white – a condition depicting this bathroom. Why white? White can visually create the effect of larger space, so it suits for a small room like a small bathroom. It’s optional if you want to equip the bathroom with all-white fixtures or accent it with another tone (but just in little portion).

Playfully Bold Color Combination for Bold-Look Bathroom

transitional bathroom design light grey walls hand made painting wall mounted toilet wall mounted stainless steel for hanging towels recessed glass window white ceramic floors
Armstrong Keyworth

If you want to turn your old bathroom into a bold but girly-look one, pink radiator is quite recommended for you. To enhance a dramatic appearance, use other bold color tones as the combination like bold grey for the toilet, lower grey wall where the toilet is mounted, and shower properties.

Dominant Turquoise Accented by Shabby Red

traditional bathroom idea with turquoise tiles walls claw foot bathtub in white shabby red wood chair turquoise ceramic floors
Filmore Clark

A timeless bathroom idea – It’s so attractive and be a stunning attractiveness for everyone who see it. Here, a shabby red wood chair turns into a beautiful property after being collaborated with turquoise tiles walls. Why? Turquoise cleverly clicks off that red and becomes the red’s opposite.

Inspiring White & Small Bathroom with Low/ Sloping Ceilings

sloping ceilings bathroom idea with recessed glass window free standing tub in white wall mounted toilet in white small chair round glass top side table
JH Bath Rooms

What is a brilliant idea to re-color a sloping/ low-ceilings bathroom? Here, you’ll find the answer. Painting all surfaces of ceilings and walls in similar color (white is so recommended).This idea effectively gives the visual effect of ultimate height. Also, choose single unit of fixtures like a free-standing bathtub, wall-mounted toilet, and smaller furniture if needed.

Light Blue for Top, Textured White for Base

light blue walls accented by textured white base white bathroom vanity two piece toilet in white mid sized mirror with dark frames white marble countertop small ceramic floors in white
USI Remodeling

Blue and white color combination is one of best choices to choose if you want to create an elegant, clean, and high-end bathroom remodel. Just use the textured white for the base in order to give a bit difference toward the white bathroom fixtures installed in the bathroom. Make a contrast by mounting mid-sized mirror with dark frames on the top of white bathroom vanity.

Blue Concrete Featuring White Ceramic Walls

light blue concrete walls white ceramic base walls two piece toilet in white wall mounted sink with green base wall mount storage with mirror front white ceramic floors claw foot tub

Previously, we’ve found the blue concrete walls collaborated with textured white concrete bases, and now we find different material to combine. White ceramics are used as the base-part of concrete blue-painted walls. This choice is more beneficial since ceramics are water-resist material, so they’re safer when they are struck by the splashes.

Elegant Monochromatic Tone for A Classic Bathroom

monochromatic walls idea black painted vanity with white marble countertop round decorative mirror with silver frames white bathtub with black ceramic walls
Armstrong Keyworth

Actually, this is grey walls, but the designer puts darker one just to background the vanity that has the same color tone with that background. To give an interesting accent, a round decorative mirror with glowing silver frames has been added. This spot, obviously, becomes the most potential zone that’s directly able to attract people.

Small Eclectic Color Idea for Private Bathroom

small but eclectic bathroom with white ceramic walls blue painted concrete walls two piece toilet in white square and white undermount sink with white cabinet wall mounted storage with mirror door

White ceramic walls are used only for wet area in a bathroom and we can use colored concrete/ solid walls for another one. This is a practical way to keep the bathroom looks stunning as well as safe and clean from molds.

Solid Feat. Bricks Walls in White

tiny bathroom with concrete and bricks walls in white wall mounted toilet in white white bathtub with pattern on its walls multicolored shower curtain multicolored ceramic floors
Lauren Rubin Architecture

It’s true that white is the chosen color that evidently creates the illusion of larger space, so it’s quite suggested for a tiny or small room. It’s free to choose what material we want to use. The concrete and bricks, for instance, sound unique and interesting to be combined to build the clean white walls for a tiny bathroom. Accent them with colorful items like multicolored shower curtains and patterned ceramic floors.

Three-Tone Walls Idea for A Contemporary Bathroom

small bathroom with three tone walls frameless mirror picture frames in vertical installation whie pedestal sink two piece toilet in white
John Lum Architecture

Here we’ll find three tones on walls: blue, grey, and white for the beadboard. The designer keep using the wainscoting in traditional white, and its upper area is painted in cool grey. And, the highest walls area is colored in blue. With these three color tones, we can choose what colors that suit those tones. You may use particular color tones that fit for each wall color.

Small Bathroom with Vivid & Fresh Color Idea

orange ceramic walls for base and white concrete walls for top multicolored window curtains white bathtub wall mounted bathroom vanity with orange countertop and white sink and white cabi
Peltier Interiors

It’s always fun to have a private space like the bathroom with fresh and vivid colors. Like in this picture, we have recognized the use of softly bright orange color for base-walls and multicolored window curtains.

Vintage Bathroom with Pop Colors Choice

vintage style bathroom with pop colors choice blue walls decorated by wall arts white baseboard unique hang lamp small glass window with white frame
Hillary Thomas Designs

Pop colors which are dominated by blue and white are obviously applied for a vintage-style bathroom. This combination is a great idea since this private space uses a beautifully traditional look with much of modern touch.

Pure White for An Urban-Style Bathroom

urban style bathroom in white white bathtub semi transparent shower curtain two piece toilet in white white bathroom vanity white undermount sink white subway ceramic walls white ceramic floors
Hannotte Interiors

White here exposes more on the simplicity represented by the whole space of this urban-style bathroom. All elements are in white but not for small accessories like black wrought iron hanger and decorative picture frames.

Beach-Theme Colors Idea for A Guest Bathroom

modern guest bathroom with blue subway ceramic wall white concrete walls Ronbow vanity two piece tilet frameless mirror wall mounted glass shelf grey ceramic floors
Sheryl Steinberg Design

What thing that makes this bathroom more interesting is how the color and fixture choices play their role in this space. One of wall sides, for instance, uses blue subway ceramics by special purposes: as the water-resist wall and as the beautifier where we can put or install some useful elements like wall-mounted glass shelf, Ronbow vanity, vanity lamps, and frameless mirror. The wall is also the accent wall which looks much more attractive than other white concrete walls.

Marble-Colored Bathroom Idea

traditional bathroom design with marble walls and floors two piece toilet shower space with bathtub and glass door panel walk in closet in pastel
TRG Arch

Marble is dominating here, but we’ve found some spots where there are some decorative patterns on walls. The use of marble for walls shows much of luxury and elegance. Glass door panel, also, adds another level of luxury in this bathroom. Another tone of colors are also involved to create the richness of colors in this private space. Take a look at the outer of shower space where we’ll find the beauty of pastels on wall-in closet storage.

Fresh Color for Simple Modern Bathroom

contemporary bathroom design with green walls blue ceiling white sink wall mount one piece toilet in white wood wall mount shelves black framed mirror
Emi Interior Design

Green is identical with fresh nuance. Such condition surely fits for a cozy and private room like a bathroom. This picture, for example, uses green and blue as the primary color tones. To make them look sharply distinctive, the homeowner equips this room with contemporary fixtures and furniture sets.

Contemporary Bathroom with Pop Colors

contemporary bathroom with turquoise mosaic tiles wall panel neutral beige walls wall mounted two piece toilet in white beige floors
Normandy Remodeling

Pop colors nowadays are the favorites and they’re now applied for many home remodel projects, including the bathroom remodel projects. This contemporary bathroom is one of the examples how the pop colors play their role optimally. They’re able to create a vibrant space that reflects the characteristic of each color. The designer starts with turquoise mosaic tiles as the accent as well as the focal point of the bathroom. This decorative wall panel also creates the sense of beauty and harmony. The neutral and quiet beige walls really match for the accent turquoise, providing the residents a vibrant private bathroom as what they desired.

Pop-Neutral-Mosaic Color Tones for A Small Bathroom

beach themed bathroom idea beige walls light blue wall with wall art multicolored mosaic tiles floors Whirpool bathtub in white red chair multicolored shower curtain with stainless steel curtain rod
Sile Stone USA

There are three different tones of color used in this small bathroom, and each tone mirrors their personalities. As the neutral tone, beige fits for any tones of colors, including white (for bathtub). Then, light blue color here presents soft but clean in look, so when it’s collaborated with other clean and deep color like red, it has the capability of brightening and optimizing its pair-color (in this case, red). And, the mosaic tiles floors offer multicolored look for the base of bathroom.

Warm Color Choice for Family Bathroom

family bathroom white subway tiles walls ceramic tiles floors with traditional patterns floating wood vanity with white vessel sink frameless mirror a recessed cabinet wall mounted toilet
Alix Helps Interiors

A family bathroom in small size – this bathroom is designed in style that highlights the punch. It features the white subway tiles for walls and ceramic tiles with traditional patterns for floors. Both floors and walls are different in color and size of every tile, so they give more variants in tile choice. A recessed cabinet unit, floating bathroom vanity, and wall-mounted toilet make sure that every element counts.

Modern Japanese-Style Bathroom with Dominant Wood Color

Japanese style bathroom wood slabs floors Japanese tub white concrete walls with glass window grey pointed ceilings half way glass panel
Sogno Design Group

If you dream of an oriental-style bathroom like Japanese-style bathroom idea, may this one suit your desire. There are some spots where we’ll find Japanese-typical bathroom idea such as wood-slabs floors and Japanese tub that’s made of best-quality wooden. Overall, the bathroom is simple but full of comfort. Shabby white concrete walls here allow other colors looks much more highlighted by themselves, and grey pointed ceilings refer to another style, country style. Then, half-way glass panel that limits the two areas: wet and dry areas, is the element showing a modern accent for bathroom.

Guest Bathroom with Monochromatic Stripes

guest bathroom idea in monochromatic vertical stripes theme two piece toilet in white some framed wall arts white ceramic tiles floors

Monochromatic stripes may be your next choice if you want to own a monochromatic-theme or white-black theme bathroom. Special for a small or limited-space bathroom, it’s recommended to select vertical stripes that effectively create the visual effect of larger and higher space.

Contemporary Bathroom with White and Monochromatic Color Tones

small bathroom design white bathtub with glass panel white vanity modern white sink white toilet frameless mirror half way white ceramic walls half way white concrete walls monochromatic flo
Coup de Ville

White, in home designing or home remodeling projects, produces clean and bright senses. This color magically creates an illusion of larger space for a limited space of room. That’s why, in this small bathroom, white is chosen as the primary color tone dominating the space. To accent the room, the designer, then, selects monochromatic for the floors. A unique and artistic hand-painting with white frames also gives another color in this clean bathroom.

Spanish-Style Bathroom Accented by Terra Cotta Tiles

Mediterranean style bathroom terracotta walls and floors wood vanity undermount sink mirror with gold toned frames marble countertop dark wood cabinet over toilet two piece toilet in white white b
Bella Villa DS

Mediterranean-style home design idea, particularly Spanish style, is closely related to terra cotta use for both floor and wall. Like in this picture, this Spanish-style bathroom uses terra cotta tiles for shower walls and overall floors, emphasizing an antique and warm-look in the bathroom. The furniture choice also wants to highlight how wood-made furniture suits for a such Mediterranean bathroom.

Colorful Vintage for Creating A Modern & Chic Farmhouse Bathroom

modern farmhouse bathroom with colorful vintage furniture and bathroom fixtures
Corynne Pless

How wonderful idea when we use colorful vintage to create a modern and chic farmhouse bathroom. Even though the colors seem so old and shabby, they’re actually antique and distinctive, so when they can complete each other. White wood wall-boards here have successfully become a neutral and vivid background, especially for those colorful vintage furniture and bathroom fixtures.

Clean and Simple Coastal Bathroom

coastal bathroom idea small size mosaic ceramic tiles walls & floors white concrete walls modern white toiler grey floating vanity with undermount sink frameless oval mirror
US Kohler

Wanna have a clean and simple bathroom? This idea may be best choice for you. This idea of bathroom is clean and elegant. The room is dominated by white, so it looks larger than the actual size of room. Small-size mosaic ceramic tiles are intentionally chosen for wet areas like tub’s wall, shower walls, and floors by special purpose: to prevent mold-growth and easy-cleaning & maintaining. Then, floating grey vanity here looks gentle and quiet in look, as beautiful as the white concrete wall.

Pop-Colored Traditional Bathroom in Small Size

traditional bathroom deep red walls accented by clean white baseboard white toilet white pedestal sink white ceramic tiles with black accents two picture frames
P Garchitecture

Mini or small size actually isn’t a matter if we use the right and precise colors for a bathroom. Beside the layout, the color choices become other considerations to optimize the function and comfort of a bathroom. Like this bathroom idea, the designer uses deep red featured with clean white baseboard for the whole walls, resulting stylish and larger-look bathroom. The floors, in addition, use white ceramic with small black patterns as the accents.

Small Modern Bathroom with White-Red Tiles Addition

small bathroom with red tiles shower space floating white vanity round shaped mirror with wood frame wooden floors white ceramic tiles walls
Oks Architetti

The shower space uses red tiles walls and floors, giving so striking look. The use of stainless steel shower fixtures will be the most recommended ones if you’re picking this idea up. To soften it, feature this shower space with clean white ceramic tiles (for the shower’s outer). Don’t forget to complete the bathroom with similar-toned-furniture and accessories like a floating white vanity.

Clean & Colorful Bathroom

clean & colorful bathroom idea blue wall floating white vanity concrete composit countertop undermount concrete sink blurred glass door panel mosaic stones floors grey ceramic tiles shower walls
Your Milieu

The room is presented in several color tones and each tone of color is applied in deep and clean. The walls of vanity, for instance, is blue and it’s opposite to the vanity and mirror which are all in neutral tones (metal and concrete color). Let’s move on the shower space; the walls and floors use different materials and this makes the space isn’t monotone in look.

Coastal Bathroom with Marble and Blue Walls

coastal bathroom idea with marble tiles walls and floors blue walls marble countertop with two undermount sinks crystal pendant lamps free standing bathtub in white mid size skylight
Williams Design 1 Houzz

Marble and blue walls are the combination that creates a breezy sensation and look in this bathroom. Marble here is specially chosen not only to give the ultimate luxury but also to get low-maintenance as they’re easier to clean and can prevent the mold growth. This is the main reason why most people nowadays prefer marble to other materials.

Basement Bathroom with Neutral Colors Option

basement bathroom floating white toilet floating white sink wood framed mirror small wood bench stainless steel towel hanger grey ceramic tiles floors and walls
TG Studio

If you have no idea how to remodel your basement bathroom, this idea must be a perfect choice for you. The idea highlights the use of neutral color tones like light beige and white, and little portion of wood color. Here, the owner uses floating white bathroom fixtures to add modern touch and to grab a contrast presence. In the other sides, wood bench and wood frame on vanity mirror remind us how wonderful it is if we add the warmth and something natural in this room.

Traditional Bathroom with Multi Colors

craftsman bathroom idea with corner shower space beige ceramic tiles walls small white ceramic floors glass door panels white pedestal sink two piece toilet in white
Custom Kitchens CA

Multi colors here are the colors used for shower walls, shower floors, bathroom walls, bathroom floors, and bathroom fixtures & accessories. As what we see, the corner shower space is built with different materials and colors. The walls, for instance, are beige ceramic tiles, while the floors are small white ceramics. These two colors looks so matched one another, and they’re much striking after being collaborated with shower glass door panels that expose the whole space of shower to outside.

Deep Red -Clean White Color Combination for Traditional Bathroom

traditional bathroom half way deep red walls half way white ceramic walls white pedestal sink two piece toilet cabinet white framed mirror small white ceramic floors accented by black ceramics
Main Street Design Build

Deep red and clean white are one of best color combinations for resulting a stylish bathroom. This color combination is able to give the ultimate elegance and luxury by itself. The furniture choice, of course, also needs to be considered to get a perfect look.

Small Bathroom with Stunning Green Color

contemporary bathroom with green wall white ceramic tiles walls white ceramic floors two piece toilet dark wood vanity ultra glass vessel sink round shaped mirror

Green offers refreshing and relaxing nuance. Green wall here becomes a stunning and refreshing background for the numbers of wall decorations (such as some picture frames, round-shaped mirror, etc.), toilet, and vanity.

Contemporary Bathroom with Striking Green Color as the Focal Point

contemporary bathroom idea green vanity with white sink and gold toned faucet gold toned vanity lamp medium toned wood floors shower glass panel white ceramic shower walls white ceramic tiles floors
Eleven Interiors

It’s still about green. This bathroom is delighted by a striking green vanity. The vanity has successfully become a focal point in this bathroom. Actually, there are still several accent colors, but the green applied on vanity becomes the most interesting one because it’s applied in hugest portion.

Farmhouse Bathroom Idea with Pop Colors

farmhouse bathroom idea with navy blue walls white subway tiles walls wall mounted sink small wood staircases black basket for storage white mosaic tiles floors
Kristina Crestin Design

Give modern touches in your farmhouse bathroom just by painting its walls with any pop color tones. Navy blue is just one of pop colors which is used by many urban people nowadays. This color, based on the picture, gives the opposite look toward the white subway tiles which are installed at the lower-base. This idea is really applicable for any bathroom designs, especially for a farmhouse bathroom with modern touches.

Accent Color for Traditional Bathroom

contemporary bathroom with white pedestal sink frameless mirror dark toned wood floors white walls yellow white stripes shower curtain
Pinney Designs

Yellow-white stripes shower curtain becomes the focal point in this bathroom. Feature it with clean white color tone which may be applied on the whole parts of bathroom, including the fixtures and furniture.

Traditional Bathroom with Decorative Shower Mat

traditional bathroom with white vanity white concrete walls white subway tiles walls two wall mounted sinks two mirrors with hidden storage white ceramic floors with blue white shower mat

The decorative shower mat becomes the most attractive one and they’ve been the focal point of this bathroom. Why? The mat has the most distinctive color tones among the others. Yet, the colors match the cabinet, vanity, and fixtures.

Wood Application on Traditional Bathroom

traditional bathroom with wood floors white finished wood walls white finishing ceilings two pedestal sinks small size wood bench
Siberian Floors

Bathroom isn’t always about marble, granite, stone, concrete, ceramic, and other solid materials. Many wood species are also used for supporting the bathroom. As what we see in this picture, it’s clear to see that the homeowner uses wood for floors, walls, and ceilings but in different finishing colors.

Rustic Farmhouse Idea with Modern Color Applications

rustic farmhouse bathroom with claw foot bathtub wood floors sliding barn door interior windows grey walls white walls
Cummings Architects

The wood color is obviously presented by the exposed beams at the ceilings, floors, and sliding barn door, while modern colors here are represented by white-grey combination on walls. The bathroom itself is supported with two interior windows, claw-foot bathtub, and interior accessories.

Traditional Bathroom with Custom Papered Walls Color

Victorian style bathroom with custom paper walls grey baseboard herringbone marble floors silver claw foot tub white vanity mirror with metal frame
Rachel Reider

The walls here are custom papers with unique patterns, while the lower one is the baseboard in grey. White powdering furniture and silver claw-foot tub here are two focal points accenting the room. Mirror addition is a great idea that contributes in creating another luxury. Then, the floors are the herringbone marbles which are listed as one of expensive and durable materials of buildings/ constructions.

Warm-Feel Bathroom with Artistic Wall Arts

small bathroom with wall arts two piece toilet beige concrete walls white subway ceramic tiles walls wood floors fluffy mat
Trust The Vision Decor

How amazing it is – a small but cozy bathroom with artistic wall arts. The works of arts are stick-on beautifully. They’re metal-made wall arts and floral patterns that are applied for decorating the walls. The lower base of walls are white subway ceramic tiles which are friendlier to water or particular conditions that possibly make these lower walls moist.