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Making a plan to build a house will make you excited because you will live there in the future. You should consider the house materials and decorations you will use to build your dream house. If you want to make a farmhouse style, it will be an extraordinary idea. The farmhouse material is affordable and its design will give the simple and humble feeling. To accompany your farm style house, you can plant a lot of grass, flowers, garden, or sidewalk for the exterior. You can make a farm style house in a traditional or modern design. Here are some farm style house plans that will inspire you to make a great house.

Traditional Southern Style

You can make a traditional farm style house that features some essential rooms in the inside and a small porch outside. You can just put a room on the northeast corner. The rectangular dormer with dark glass beautifies this white house. The Callan ceiling fan in brushed steel may be an additional thing for your exterior.

Modern Touches for A Farmhouse

This modern farmhouse has an L shape design, tin roof, and open to outdoor space. The glass wall and sliding glass doors are provided in this house to get a nice view and easy access into the outdoor. The nice lighting in this house will give you more modern feeling.

Two-Story Farm Style House Plans

This white farmhouse has two-story feature, some rooms, dark glass windows, black wood window frame, white roof, and small porch with two rocking chairs.

Make Farm Style House Plans with Rustic Look

This two-story gray farmhouse has a rustic look by installing a lot of glass windows. This farmhouse comes with different geometric shapes that will make it extraordinary. You can have a minimalist porch with iron railings, an outdoor pool lounge, and a swimming pool.

Custom Farmhouse with Metal Roofing

The metal roofing of a farm style house is a good choice. It has an elegant color and sturdy material. The house is really cool because of the wide open space and the square footage.

Elegant Gray Two-Story Farm Style House Plans

If you want to make an elegant farmhouse, you can combine the traditional style with the big windows. You can install 2-panel craftsman sliding barn door for your entryway to get more farm style.

White Farmhouse with Red Garage

A farmhouse with attached barn and garage is set beautifully with the combination of white and red colors. This design has a good way to make the upstairs more useful space in existing structure.

Minimalist Farm Style House Plans

This minimalist farmhouse has a good design with metal roof, beautiful wall, wide grass yard, and small sidewalk.

Simple White Farmhouse

This pretty white farmhouse features red metal roof and stone face chimney. A detached garage is an additional space.

Timeless Wood Farm Style House Designs

Your farmhouse can be created by adding a second floor and a garage to a small rambler. You can also paint your farmhouse with grey and cream accents.

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