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entryway, wooden floor, wooden bench, wooden wide table, floating shelves, round decoration Loki Thor

Entryway, Wooden Floor, Wooden Console Table, Round Mirror, White Wall, White Table Lamp, Rattan Basket
Entryway, White Shiplap, White Floor Lamp, Wooden Floor, Decorations
Entryway, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bench, Wooden Wide Table, Floating Shelves, Round Decoration
Entryway, Wooden Floor, White Shiplap, Dark Wooden Bench, White Wooden Door, Rattan Basket, Mirror
Entryway, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Bench With Hanging Rack
Entryway, Wooden Floor, White Shiplap, Black Wooden Bench, Wooden Rack
Entrance, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Board For Hook, White Door, Grey Door, White Patterned Rug
Entryway, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Metal Bench With Brown Leather Cushion, Black Metal Shelves, Patterned Rug
Entryway, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Rattan Baskets, Wooden Rod, Floating Filing Sheles,
Entryway, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Bench, Wooden Rod, White Floating Shelves, White Patterned Rug, Rattan Basket

Entrance or entryway is an important area of the house that needs to be taken care of. It will create the first impression of the guests that walk through your front door and it is also the first look that you will get once you come home. Decorating entryway can depend on the theme of your house and personality. But, if you are looking for something traditional, you would love these farmhouse entryways. You would like to copy them to yours and be welcomed with traditional beauty once you go home.

Rattan Touch
This entryway looks warm with wooden console table that looks strong and sturdy. Completed with rattan basket, the setting is completed warmly by rattan basket under the table.

Low Entrance
This one here decorate the entryway by putting the decorations low on the floor. Although some pretty wall decorations are present but heavier things like bench and rattan basket is set low on the floor and makes a pretty sight.

Farmhouse Touch
This smooth wall is decorated warmly with wooden rod and bench that look so pronounced against the clean looks on the wall. Added with rattan pots with plants and patterned rug, this setting looks ever warmer.

Practical Touches
This entryway looks pretty with the wooden board for hanging coats and basket, along with rattan baskets on the floor. This fresh entryway is completed with floating filing shelves and board that looks warmly personal.

Small Entryway
If you have limited space, you would have some challenges in making an entryway. But, this one here successfully makes not only an entryway but also a comfortable looking as well. The thin and light bench with leather cushion makes it possible to create warmth. And the thin black metal complement the setting as well.

Compact Entrance
This one here is also perfect for a small spaced entrance. With one furniture, the entrance has hooks to hang coats, has shelves to put shoes and bench to sit when you wear difficutl or complicated footwear.

Strong Bench
Putting a garden bench in the entrance can make a really interesting look, especially when it has strong color like black. Seen in this one, the black bench looks even more pronounced against white shiplap wall.

Farmhouse Decoration
Farmhouse look is usually has so many decorations. This one here shows how with a lot of decorations, the entryway look even more “farmhouse”. It brings holiday spirit even stronger.

Neutral Wood
The entrance in this one looks stunning with smooth natural wood look seen on the bench, basket and side table. This matches the wooden floor perfectly well. This is also a perfet entrance for natural or modern look.

Hook and Basket
This one here is warm yet really simple entrance. Without bench, console table or cabinet, this one here opt to choose wooden board for hooks and rattan basket on the floor. All is a practical choice to store coats and shoes.

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