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bathroom, brick herringbone floor, white wall tiles, black wainscoting, dark brown cabinet, white long sink, white toilet, black pendant, black framed mirror Home Adore

Bathroom, Brick Herringbone Floor, White Wall Tiles, Black Wainscoting, Dark Brown Cabinet, White Long Sink, White Toilet, Black Pendant, Black Framed Mirror
Bathroom, White Wooden Planks, Wooden Floor Planks, White Cabinet, White Marble Top, White Sink, Patterned Rug
Bathroom, Tiny Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Subway Wall Tiles, White Rectangular Sink, Black Metal Vanity, Black Framed Mirror, Wihte Toilet
Bathroom, Patterned Floor And Wall, White Wall Planks, Blue Long Farmhouse Sink, Wooden Cabinet, White Bulbs Sconces, Square Mirror, Wooden Bench
Bathroom, White Wall, Wooden Framed Mirror, Pendants, Wooden Floating Vanity And Shelves, Wooden Indented Shelves
Bathroom, Patterned Floor Tiles, Brown Wooden Planks, White Toilet, Wooden Vanity, White Sink
Bathroom, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Wooden Vanity, White Drawers, White Apron Sink, White Wainscoting, Black Framed Mirror, Glass Sconces
White Farmhouse Floating Sink, White Wall, Black Accent Wall, Wooden Accent
Bathroom, Brick Floor Tiles, White Wooden Planks, White Cabinet With Wooden Counter Top, White Sink
Bathroom, White Marble Counter Top, Large Round Mirror, White Cabinet, White Table Lamp

Creating bathroom can be really fun. The small space would make any of your attempt to look strong. That is why, small and simple touch can be really strong in the bathroom. If you wish to add something traditional or things that goes along with farmhouse look, you can decorate the whole room with farmhouse details or just leave the bathroom simple but add one farmhouse touch, like the sink, an essential thing but not too big. These ones below are ten stunning bathrooms with farmhouse sinks that will elevate the traditional look.

Simple Pronounced White Sink
In this simple floating wooden vanity, the white simple sink gives a leverage to the white colored wall in the room. Continue to be simple, the white sink blends perfectly well with the floating wooden vanity and the indented shelves on the wall.

White Rectangular
This one here puts strong rectangular sink to the classic and traditional vanity. The simple tiles on the wall bring in farmhouse ambiance strongly.

Double Sinks
Sinks in this one are placed undermounted with some apron comes out of the table. This gives the vanity an interesting look, the kind of look that you want to look at closer. With white wooden vanity with golden faucet and handlers, the furniture brings amazing traditional look, along with the sconces and the rattan baskets.

Light Vanity
If you love to decorate the bathroom in a light ambiance but strong feeling, light color setting can help you with that. This one puts light wooden vanity that shows strong traditional look but with light color. To complete this light setting, a simple white sink is placed on top.

Elegant Farmhouse
Farmhouse might often look traditional but it does not mean that it cannot look elegant. Seen int his one, the white apron sink matches the luxurious marble on the counter. Brightened by the large mirror, the setting looks even more beautiful.

Rustic Farmhouse
Using natural materials in the rawest look possible makes the room has strong rustic look although it’s simple. The brown wooden backsplash, countertop and mirror frame puts a matching pair for the brick floor.

White Farmhouse
Making a nice and beautiful farmhouse with the sink is easier, especially when the sink is in strong character like this one here with tall part at the back of the sink. The simple yet detailed cabinet strengthen the traditional ambiance.

Blue Long Sink
In this modern farmhouse bathroom, the blue white long sink puts a bold note to the room. The neutral colored room is centered in soft blue sink with old look in it.

Traditional Floating Sink
Although without vanity, this sink with its strong and bold lines is suffice. It even looks even stronger alone. With neutral black and white surrounding, the floating sink proudly stands alone.

Long Sink
This white long sink has a beautiful curve on its end and make a strong point in the dark wooden cabinet. The details in the cabinet puts more farmhouse ambiance out.

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