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feather lamp green sofa glass coffee table gray rug bookshelf large wall mirror floor lamp wooden floor painting pillows white walls Shanade McAllister-Fisher Interior Design

Feather Lamp Yellow And White Rug Pink Ottoman White Stool White Bench Pink Cushion Colorful Pillows Blue Throw Green Walls White Window Shutter
Feather Lamp Wooden Wall White Curtain White Bed Gold Stool White Bedside Table Gold Base Gold Table Lamp Blue Throw Colorful Pillows
Feather Lamp Brown Shag Rug Brown Tufted Sofa Tufted Headboard Black Nightstands Windows Shade Dresser Artwork Brown Bedding Pillows
Feather Lamp Green Sofa Glass Coffee Table Gray Rug Bookshelf Large Wall Mirror Floor Lamp Wooden Floor Painting Pillows White Walls
Feather Lamp Beige Curtains White Office Desk Blue Office Chair White Table Lamps White Framed Glass Windows White Walls Gold Curtain Rod
Feather Lamp Pink Valances Green Wallpaper Green Cushion White Window Bench Glass Windows Glass Pendant Lamp White Bedding White Nightstand Table Lamp Colorful Pillows
Feather Lamp Black And White Curtains Glass Windows Wooden Floor White Desk Drawers White Chairs White Walls White Floor Lamp
Feather Lamp Yellow Glass Coffee Table Red Sofa Wooden Bookshelves Blue Chair Silk Gray Curtains Window Yellow Shag Rug Wall Sconce
Feather Lamp White Walls White Floor Tile Cowhide Rug Glass And Gold Table Purpe Feather Table Lamp Gold Base Gray Sofa White Pedestal Table Chairs
Feather Lamp Wallpaper Red Pillows White Bedding Wooden Bed White Curtain White Framed Glass Windows White Drapes Gray Purple Rug Table Lamp Nightstand

Light fixtures or lamps are the necessary items for a house. You can choose the light fixtures which suit in each room. You can get a chandelier, a ceiling lamp, table lamps, or wall sconces. You can find the product in any materials, but make sure to choose the high-quality light fixtures for your home. The lighting can bring up the owner mood and absolutely it can be a nice decoration in the room. A feather lamp can give nice lighting, decorative item, and the aesthetic of a lamp material. The soft of the feather lamp can give your room a chic approach of a light fixture. The following are some lovely feather lamp ideas that you can get to be one of the lighting fixtures as well as decorate the room in your home.

A White Feather Chandelier

You can feel the glam vibe in this living room. The deep green velvet couch and the white hanging feather chandelier define the aesthetic of the room. The glass coffee table adds an extra layer of glamour to this space.

A Pretty Bedroom with Feather Chandelier

This feather lamp adds a quirky mix to this pretty bedroom. You can make it by gluing some fluffy feather to a simple white drum. It features the nature-inspired wallpaper behind the mid-century bed and bedsides.

A Fun Mix

The layers of bright and pop colors along with the touchy-feely texture stand out in this kids’ bedroom. It was started by mixing some colors, pattern, texture, and style to make a fun vibe of a room. The feather chandelier is hung lower above the bed.

A Purple Ostrich Feather Lamp with Gold Base

The white pedestal table is host to a pair of modern chairs and the curved sofa. Add a glass bar cart with gold frame and an ostrich feather lamp on it create a more cozy feeling to this room.

A Simple Elegance of Home Office

You can serve a corner or small space in your bedroom as the perfect home office alcove. It features a modern white table with steel legs, a blue antique office chair, two white table lamps, and a light fluffy feather lamp.

Beautiful Table Lamps

Besides a feather chandelier, the white feather table lamps can make a nice impression for a bedroom. This feather table lamp comes in a gold base which is suitable for the gold and white bedside table.

Feather Lamp for Library

This cozy home library offers colorful room features which can balance the plainness of the wooden bookshelves.

A Girly Room

Your daughter will be so happy if you make this teen girl’s room. It features many pretty colors and a feather floor lamp.

The White Features

Here is another home office with feather lamp you can make. Make it simple and modern by getting white furniture items.

Feather Table Lamps on The Black Nightstands

Look how pretty this bedroom is. The brown furniture pieces, brown shag rug, and the long feather table lamps create a perfect combination for a bedroom.

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