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fireplace in a room with wooden floor, rug, woo on rack, white wall, white frame on fireplace with arch Bridge Water Candles

Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Marble Around Fireplace, White Sofa, Faux Zebra Print Rug, Glass Table, Mirror, Sconces
Living Room With Grey Flooring, Light Grey Sofa, White Round Coffee Table, White Walls With TV And Marble Shelves Under, Closed Traditional Fireplace
Livign Room With Wooden Floor, Rug, White Shelves Around Fireplace, Wooden Wall, Stone Covered Fireplace
Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Rug, Chair, Side Table, Curvy Wall For Fireplace With Open Brick Painted In White
Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Pattern Fireplace With Wooden Shelves On Top, Round Mirror, Wooden Beams On Ceiling
Fireplace In A Room With Wooden Floor, Rug, Woo On Rack, White Wall, White Frame On Fireplace With Arch
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Beige Rug, Navy Blue Painted Wall, Wooden Shelves, Furnace, Black Mat, Woods On The Basket
Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Walls, White Wooden Shelves, Rug, Open Brick Accent Wall Painted In White
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Wooden Chair With White Cushion, Wooden Coffee Table, White Planks Wall, Marble On Fireplace
Living Room With Rug Flooring, Blue Buttoned Round Ottoman For Coffee Table, White Chairs, White Wall, Wood Plank Accent Wal In Fireplace With Black Cover

In this modern times, there are many kinds of fireplace that can be installed at home. However, regardless the kinds of fireplace that people have, fireplace look is something classic, familiar, and warm. And that’s why fireplace is still a favorite piece in a living room especially in a house with big members. Fireplace can make people gather around in more friendly manner. However, fireplace needs to look clean and pretty to make people want to gather around. Here are some ideas on adding beautiful details in the fireplace in your living room.


Shiplap Fireplace

Having natural material details for fireplace will make the fireplace look even warmer. Wood plank covering the fireplace is probably one of the most popular. It’s easy to install and it has simple look. For those who love minimalist look, this one can be the option.


Open Brick Accent

Another thing that will look good in fireplace is the bare brick accent. It has rustic feeling that will be best to combine with fireplace. However, if a terracotta brick display can be too rustic, it can be painted in another color. For a modern look, neutral colors like white, navy, or black are the best options.


Classic Marble

Known as its high price, marble is indeed a natural beauty. It can be installed anywhere and it’s beautiful. Just like this one here, marble puts a classy and elegant look to the fireplace. It matches perfectly with the room style.


Details on the Frame

With marble classy look is easily had. However, to add even more classy features, this one here adds more details on the wooden frame around the marble. While doing that, a beautiful shelve is ready at your service, along with the built in mirror.



Minimalist Fireplace

The thing about furnace fireplace is that it has beautiful history and familiarity. The natural ambiance is strong from that only. However, it doesn’t mean that the fireplace should look traditional too. A modern and minimalist fireplace is endearing to have even with furnace.


Closed Traditional Fireplace

Having traditional fireplace sometimes makes people to eventually design their fireplace in traditional look. However, with popular modern style, a fireplace can look simple and minimalist. This one here has their fireplace in black solid wall and it looks terrific. With the alcove beside it for the woods, it makes a nice design.


Little Natural Stone

Another look for a fireplace that is also endearing is the stone covered fireplace. Bring nature inside the house is one way to make the room looks warm. It’s exactly in line with the fireplace function. More warmth for everybody.


Curvy Fireplace

The fact that rigid and square shape is more common in fireplace makes round and curvy fireplace is such a rare beauty, only for its shape. Locating in the corner of the room makes the room has less corners and it’s interesting. With this topmost beauty, having it white and bare might be the best option as it already has strong features.


Beautiful Arch

In creating fireplace look, the shape of the arch itself can create its own ambiance. This one here has an arch like a Gothic arch and the details around the arch also has some curves. Those things make it look old and familiar. It’s a perfect thing for a living room that looks for a different touch.


White Lace Pattern Tiles

The easiest thing to do in decorating fireplace is probably by installing tiles around the fireplace. With the perfect pattern, the most beautiful look can be achieved easily. This one here has a white delicate pattern that looks so sweet. It makes the room looks soft and beautiful in subtlety.


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