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floating vanity with white bowl sink, golden faucet, purple fish scales Blog Lovin

Bathroom With Black Tiles Flooring, White Tiles Wall, White Fish Scales Tiles On Accent Walls With Storage Depth
Bathroom With Black Fish Scales Ceramic Covering The Wall, White Toilet, Window, Modern Pendant
Kitchen With White Marble Top, Grey Cabinet, Golden Faucet, Pink Terrazzo Tiles With Fish Scales Motive
White Sink With Wooden Cabinet, Terrazzo Counter Top, Terrazzo Flooring, Deep Blue Scale Tiles On The Wall With Gold Framed Mirrror
Wooden Bench, Grey Flooring, Blue, Dark Blue And White Fish Scales On The Wall
Sink With White Marble, Silver Faucet, Whitefish Scales Wall
Kitchen With White Wooden Cabinet With White Counter Top, White Cupboard, White Fish Scales Backsplash
Bathroom With Wooden Floor, White Tub, Wooden Stool, Turquoise Scales Tiles
Floating Vanity With White Bowl Sink, Golden Faucet, Purple Fish Scales
Bathroom With White Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Green Blue Fish Scale Tiles On Accent Wall

As there are many kinds of tiles, sometimes it’s quite problematic to pick one tile to cover the wall. The thing about tiles on the wall that it can be as plain as it can be, or as ornamented as you want it to be. One of the most interesting tiles that are so in right now is Moroccan fish scales or mermaid tiles. This tiles can be used in any walls. As it is correlated with fish scales, it commonly gives refresh feeling to a room. For those who are looking for fish scale tiles, below are some use that can be implemented.


Scales on Kitchen

One of the uses that fish scales can offer is backsplash. In a kitchen, sometimes cooking can be really intense. And to make it less intense and let in some fun and beautiful accent that will beautify the kitchen, fish scales tiles is one among the best option.


White ScalesĀ 

Fish scale tiles give a glowing look from the wall. When the light hits the wall, it reflects in a unique way that it makes the wall itself glows. With white scales, the illumination created is elegant and modern too, as it can be combined with any color. Installed as backsplash of this sink does not make it less impressive.


White Bathroom

Used perfectly well in the kitchen, fish scales are also beautiful in bathroom. Feels like it’s coming home, this mermaid tiles have water to play illumination with. The light reflected on the wall can be really pretty.


Pink Scale

To create a sweeter and softer ambiance, pink color is often used. This one here uses pink tiles cheerfully. With terrazzo ceramic, these pink fish scales have little confetti on the scale. With terrazzo tiles to create fish scale pattern is interesting.


Dark Fish Scales

While fish scales are usually related to refreshing and fun atmosphere, here in this one can make more mysterious feeling with fish scales tiles. The dark grey color is indeed a great color to create quite an ambiance, without limiting its beauty.


Beach Theme

For those who like to have beach theme, fish scales tiles are the best tiles to create it. With its shape, it’s so easy to relate with the sea. Thus, arranging different blue colors and white can reenact the sea artistically. The tips of the scales can face top or bottom, it’s all your call. However, to follow a real fish, the scale tip would face its bottom.


Blue on Bathroom

The closest related to scales tiles might be a bathroom because that’s where you activities with water mostly takes place. With the refreshment and calming sensation of sea similarity, fish scales are commonly seen in a bathroom.


Green Accent Walls

Similar to the wave of colors on blue wall in the previous one, this green one here also create a great scheme one the wall with different kind of light and dark green colors. An accent for the white surrounding, this wall is such a beautiful sight.


Purple Scales

The beauty of fish scales is that in any color, it looks amazing. The fish scales pattern makes curve accent that beautify the wall like lace. In this one, the purple tiles look stunning. The white bowl are a great contrast to the dark purple look.


Combine with Terrazzo Look

While the previous one created fish scale looks with terrazzo tiles, this one here combine two different look in one room. The glossy and shimmery fish scales looks so beautifully intimidating here. However, the playful terrazzo flooring and vanity top looks like it won’t back down too. It looks like a strong clash of two different force yet so mesmerizing.

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