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floating bed platform,  LED lights under, wooden headboard, leather accent wall, table lamp Heather Merenda

Brown Floating Bed, Wooden Side Table, Logn Sconce, Green Rug, Blue Chair, Large Glass Window
Black Board Floating Bed, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Round Pendant, White Bedding, Black Sconce
Floating Bed Platform, LED Lights Under, Wooden Headboard, Leather Accent Wall, Table Lamp
Wooden Floating Platform With Light Under, Bed On Board And Black Floating Shelves, Black Swing, Study
White Board Floating Bed, Floating Side Table, Ceiling Fan
Floating Bed Platform, Floating Side Table, White Leather Headboard, Accent Wall, Statement Ceiling, White Floor
Dark Brown Floating Bed, White Bedding, White Pillow,
Wooden Floating Platform With Storage, Wooden Headboard, Floating Side Table Shelves
Whtie Floating Bed, White High Ceiling Room, White Wooden Floor
Floating Wooden Board Platform With Floating Side Table, Black Table Lamp, White Wall, White Ceiling, Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Beams, Beige Flooring

Bedroom is always interesting to decor. You will want to make sure that you get all the comfort you need but you will not want to forget its beauty too. A standard bedroom can give you comfort. And if you decorate it nicely, it can feel so perfect. However, if you want to go further and make your bedroom unique and interesting, you might want to try floating bed effect. With this effect, you would be able to have all the fun seeing your bedroom float before finally rest your day. Here below are ten stunningly brilliant floating beds you should check before.

Black Board
This simple floating bed looks minimalist with thin black board bed platform and black rope that looks like hanging the bed. This simple setting makes the neutral space looks large.

Floating Round
This one here shows an interesting look not only from the floating effect but also the round shape as round shape would obviously be more difficult than the square one. And this one here nails it perfectly. It looks liek a really comfortable bed to talk, rest, and read a book.

White Float
This one here is hanging from the rope that connects to the wooden beam on the ceiling. This simple and traditional setting is doable if you have the wooden beams to attach the rope. With this floating bed, you would be able to get some move from your bed.

Floating on Light
While the previous one uses rope to make the floating effect, this one here uses some support and LED lights under the bed. With this effect, you would not only the your bed floated but also get your room lighted in a beautiful way.

Floating Board
Similar to the previous one, this one here also uses lights under the platform to make the floating effect. However, this one board does not only cover the bedding but also the side tables and also give some sturdy headboard. This interesting platform will make a whole bigger space floated.

Floating Open Box
This one has a lot of similarity with the previous one. The bed platform is not just the size of the bed and it has light under. But it goes further by prolong the wooden platform into the wall on headboard up to the ceiling and also becomes the platform for ceiling lamp.

Floating White Platform
This one is another unique floating bed. Without support under the platform, this one relies on the wall and rail connected to the ceiling. Along with floating side table, this set looks so simple and minimalist that it would be perfect for you who love modern, minimalist, or contemporary look.

Floating Wood Platform
Similar to the previous one, this one has the same setting, only different color. And it is a minimalist and fun touch to the room.

Floating Platform
As the floating bed can look so minimalist and simple, this one here put accent wall and statement ceiling and create an interestingly detailed bedroom.

Floating Bed with Storage
Although floating bed seems to have hollow space under, when it is set to have some support in the middle, you can actually have storage like on the other kinds of bed platform.

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