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Floating Kitchen Cabinets Mahogany Ceiling White Barstools Barstools Light Brown Floor Tile Windows Black Framed Glass Doors
Floating Kitchen Cabinets Wood Flooring Glass Windows From Floor To Ceiling White Cabinet Brown Island Recessed Lighting Sink
Floating Kitchen Cabinets Recessed Lighting Undermount Sinks Upper Cabinets Plate Shelves White Backsplash Wooden Kitchen Island
Floating Kitchen Cabinets Upper Cabinets With Frosted Glass Doors Recessed Lighting Undermount Sinks Wood Cabinets Dishwasher
Floating Kitchen Cabinets Recessed Lighting Grey Cabinets Grey Island Countertops Wood Countertop Flat Panel Cabintes Undermount Sinks
Floating Kitchen Cabinets Silver Flat Panel Cabinet Range Hood Brown And Yellow Rug Window Faucet Undermount Sink Gas Stove
Floating Kitchen Cabinets Glass Windows Recessed Lighting Undermount Sink White Kitchen Island Flat Panel Cabinets Drawers
Floating Kitchen Cabinets Single Wall Kitchen Cabinet Dining Table Chairs Windows Flat Panel Cabinets Granite Floor White Walls
Floating Kitchen Cabinets White High Presure Laminate Cabinet Doors Wood Backsplash And Upper Cabinet Sliding Glass Door Wall Mounted Faucet
Floating Kitchen Cabinets Two Floating Cabinets Undermount Sink Modern Faucet Range Hood Flat Panel Cabinets Gas Stove

Kitchen cabinets are used for keeping the kitchen utensils and some cooking needs. The cabinets can also offer some places for the gas stove and an undermount sinks. Many kitchen cabinets doors are closed, but you can also choose kitchen cabinets that have glass doors. There are many designs of kitchen cabinets. If you want a unique design with a minimalist look, you can go with floating kitchen cabinets. You should consider the sturdy material of kitchen cabinets and strong installation if you want the floating cabinets. Here are some floating kitchen cabinets that you can apply in your beloved kitchen.

A Modern Kitchen

The floating kitchen cabinets are unique and beautiful. These minimalist brown and white cabinets are under and upper cabinets. The under cabinets has some drawers with high-pressure laminate which is very durable and easily cleaned.

A Silver Kitchen Cabinet

This kitchen cabinet has a silver color, modern features, and some long drawers under the cooktop. The minimalist design and unique color of a kitchen cabinet can create a futuristic look for a kitchen.

A Large Trendy Kitchen

This kitchen is filled with natural light and recessed lighting. There is a wooden island with a unique design. A neutral color palette is used throughout to keep the kitchen space calm. The white floating kitchen cabinets and white backsplash blend in the white wall nicely.

High Gloss White Cabinet with Marble Tile Flooring

This black and white kitchen is so spacious. It also has big glass windows with black frames above the floating cabinets that will give you a great view while cooking. The slab doors of the cabinets in this kitchen are done with an inset construction.

Floating Kitchen Cabinets for A Narrow Kitchen

A narrow kitchen will look more spacious with some floating cabinets and kitchen island. This kitchen also has flat-panel cabinets and stainless steel appliances that suit a narrow space.

A Sleek Kitchen with Neutral Color Palette

This kitchen is clean and sleek. The neutral color palette from white to brown feels so amazing. This kitchen is suitable for you who likes minimalist and luxury design.

A Kitchen with Mahogany Ceiling

This kitchen features grey upper cabinets and brown floating cabinets, brown kitchen islands, white countertops. The wood on the ceiling is mahogany with some recessed lighting. This is a unique ceiling for a kitchen.

A Wide Galley Kitchen with Floating Kitchen Cabinets

This wide galley kitchen has a Bulthaup cabinetry with the dual sinks on opposite work surfaces and fully-integrated appliances. There are two floating cabinets for a sink and more storages.

Grand Kitchen Style

This kitchen furniture comes in natural structured oak and clay laminate with a solid oak bar. The gray floating cabinets and the grey kitchen island are combined with stainless steel work surfaces for a modern look. This kitchen has a cool blend of colors which makes it look pretty posh.

Wooden Floating Cabinets

This eat-in kitchen features a flat-panel cabinet, a white dining table, dining chairs, and a single-bowl sink. A white wall and white backsplash create a fresh mood.

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