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bathroom with white floor, white wall tiles, wooden floating vanity with small round sink, mirror Pinterest

Bathroom With Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Floating Cabinet With White Top, White Sink, Mirror, White Toilet
Corner Bathroom With White Wall, Grey Floor, Wooden Floating Vanity, White Small Square Sink With Silver Faucet, Mirror, Towel Rack
Bathroom With Beige Tiles On Floor, White Tiles And Tiles On The Wall, Pattern Accent Walls With Wooden Floating Vanity And Shelves, White Sinks, Black Round Mirrors
Bathroom With Grey Floor, Grey Doble Herringbone Pattern On The Wall, White Frame Round Mirror, Wooden Floating Cabinet With White Top And White Sink
Bathroom With White Floor, White Wall Tiles, Wooden Floating Vanity With Small Round Sink, Mirror
Bathroom With Grey Floor, Grey Floating Cabinet Vanity With White Sink Top, Round Wooden Mirror, White Toilet
Bathroom With Tiles, Glass Partition, Wooden Floating Vanity With Unique Shape, Mirror, White Wall, Black Sink
Bathroom With Wooden Floor, White Painted Open Brick Half Bottom Of The Wall, Grey Wall On Top Half, White Toilet, Wooden Floating Vanity And Shelves, White Sink
Bathroom With White Wall, White Floating Vanity With Drawer, White Sink, Blink Blink Frame Mirror
Bathroom With Tiny White Hexagon Tiles Floor Tiles, White Wood Planks Wall, Wooden Shelves With Mirror On The Back, Wooden Vanity With White Sink, Wooden Stool

There are many reasons to have your vanity float in the bathroom. Some of the most popular reasons are floating vanity helps your bathroom looks bigger and it ease the bathroom cleaning. Not only that, though. As there are many unique and beautiful floating vanities around, it helps you to beautify your room as well. Let’s see some beautiful floating vanities in the bathroom here.


Strong Statement

Besides making you room looks more airy, floating vanity can help you get an impression of light ambiance. And while making impression, some unique design can also give you strong impression, like this one here in the picture.


Wooden Shelves

If the previous one is great but it can only for a large bathroom, this one here has a shorter design but has the same function: a place to put the basin and a place to store your toiletries.


Sweet Impression

Getting back in making impression, this one here can do it perfectly well. With wooden floating vanity that is shaped and smoothed surface, this one here is not only a floating vanity but also a truly beauty. With a small sink, the wooden material is exposed more.


Small Cabinet

While the previous vanities offer shelves, this one here offers a cabinet. With cabinet, you will be able to put your toiletries tidily hidden from outside.


White Wood Combination

As white and wood furniture are two looks that can be combined with anything, they can compliment each other very well too. In this one here, the white bathroom is decorated with wooden floating vanity with small round sink. It also comes with wooden shelf in front of the mirror.


Floating Cabinet

Similar with the previous one, this one here also comes with floating cabinet. However, it comes with bare wooden look that compliments the grey background pretty well, as well as the beauty package of vanity top, sink, and mirror frame.


On Double Sink

While the previous shows how floating vanities are in small bathroom, this one here shows how floating vanity used not only in a large bathroom but also a double-sink setting. As double sinks can look weighing, having floating vanity and shelves is a great trick to make the room feels lighter.


Floating Drawers

For you who love the light look of shelves but also crave the hidden storage of a cabinet might love this one here. It combines those two characters in one.


Compact Floating Drawer

Even simpler than the previous one, this one here offers you drawer to store your toiletries. For you who love simple design and light look, this is perfect.


Bold Black

While you can get the light feeling from a floating cabinet, you can also get the bold statement when you pick the one with bold look, like black colored vanity. This one here shows how a black floating cabinet can look astonishing in a white bathroom but is still not too weighing.

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