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bathroom with white and black hexagonal transition Pinterest

Cafe With Green Off White Tiles Stripe
Cafe With Bare Floor But White Tiles Transition From The Bar Wall
Cafe With Colorful Triangular Tiles
Flooring With Small Round Shape Details Under The Glass
Cafe With Beige Floor Ombined With Green Tiles Makes Diamond Shapes
Kitchen With Wooden Floor Combined With White Hexagonal Tiles Near The Door
Bathroom With Customed Artistic Floor In Brown And Blue
Kitchen With White Hexagonal Tiles, Combine Artistically With Black Hexagonal Tiles, To The Wall
Bathroom With White And Black Hexagonal Transition
Dining Room With Glass Shards Flooring, Dining Table Set, Swing

There are so many thing you can do to your floor. You can have it plain or you can have it different; artistically beautiful floor. You can combine colors and textures, and you can also have it custom-designed only for you. If you love to have your floor done differently or you just want to see various ideas how to make your floor irresistible, you come to the right place.


Walking on Glass Shards

To start with, this overlay of mirror shards might be appalling but you know it’s safe and it’s actually appealing. It has beauty and some challenge in it. This is only for you who are brave and love something dangerous.


Round DetailsĀ 

Similar with previous one, this one also use glasses to separate it from the actual texture on the floor. The difference lays on the small round shape which are gathered to make a whole surface under the glass, instead of mirror shards.


Tiles-Wooden Floor

Want to combine tiles and wood? It holds a great contrast that will give beautiful accent to the wood. In this picture below, you can see how dark wooden floor match beautifully with the white hexagonal tiles. Both of them pronounce each other differences artistically.


Black and White Kitchen

This is another one from a kitchen. This one comes with hexagonal tiles in black and white colors. And, while the floor has majority white tiles, the wall is actually the combination from these two.


Under the Sea

The next one is the floor made custom for bathroom. This one might make you think of a deep see with its blue accent on the floor that continue to the sink. And it also continues to the side of the bathtub. It’s like one whole big picture beautifully engraved.


Transitional Flooring

This one also an idea from a bathroom. You can see the beautiful transition between the two kinds of hexagonal tiles used in here. The transition is not too much and it contrasts just right for the tissue holder too.


Green ParallelĀ 

This is another idea that is beautifully applied. In this picture, you can see how the tiles are arranged into some parallel lines with the color of green and white alternately placed creating stripe pattern.


Diamond Shapes

In this cafe, you can see that the main tiles are the beige colored ones. But, to make a beautiful and modern accent, tiles with green stripes are added making diamond pattern on the floor.


Colorful Triangular

As idea can come from anywhere, this one is still from a cafe with gorgeous looking floor. As you can see, they have covered the floor with triangular tiles in some certain colors but quite randomly placed that it does not have particular pattern.


Bare Floor, White Bar

Coming again from a beautifully planned cafe, this one left the floor bare to minimum and put some transition towards the white tiles bar wall. It gives the cafe stark contrast from nothing, to something, or vice versa.



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