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white floor seating, wooden floor, white rug, white wall, white shelves Foter

Living Room, Brown Floor, Fur Rug, Grey Floor Seating, White Wall, Bohemian Accessories, Plant Pot
Living Room, White Rug Floor, White Wall, Blue Floor Round Ottoman, Blue Pillows
White Floor Seating, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Wall, White Shelves
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Brown Round Rug, White Floor Seating, Pillows, White Side Table
Grey Floor Seating, White Floor, White Wall, Wooden Side Table, Blue Patterned Rug
Living Room, White Wall, White Floor, White Floor Seating, White Side Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Floor Rug, Grey Floor Sofa, White Wall
Blue Bean Bad, White Floor, White Rug, White Wall, Wooden Shelves
Grey Bean Bag, Grey Floor, Blue Rug
Living Room, Brown Concrete Floor, Brown Rug, Mustard Cushion

There are so many ways in adding comfort. You can add warm color or interesting texture in a room to make it look comfortable. You can add comfortable details to help the room amazing. This is essential when you create comfort and warmth in the living room, where many people gather together. If you are looking for a comfortable and warm living room with floor seating, you would love the inspirations below.

Minimalist on the Floor
This living room looks great and comfortable with minimalist furniture. The white side table is low to balance the white floor seating. Added with pillows, this seating looks even more comfortable.

Comfortable Armrest
This is another living room that has comfortable floor sofa. The cushion on the floor looks really comfortable as it allows you to straighten your feet on the floor. The thick armrest and back makes sure that you have a really comfortable seat in the living room.

Floor Ottoman
This is another floor seating that makes the room interesting. This blue round ottoman that lays on the floor makes the room looks cozy. Positioned near the window, it is a perfect place to read a book in the weekend.

Grey Open
If you love to see minimalist look in the living room, neutral grey color can help you get the simple and minimalist accent. This one here adds grey floor sofa in the living room to make it comfortable. And the low sofa makes the room looks brighter and more airy.

Grey Bean Bag
One of the most popular floor seating is probably bean bag. Bean bag is compact and easy to place. It can be added in anything and anywhere as it is quite flexible to put. This one below is not only compact but also in neutral grey color that makes it even easier.

Warm Cushion
Although it is only a cushion, it can make a nice floor seating. This simple cushion makes a pretty floor seat because of its warm color and the simple look. Added with pillows and accessories, even simplest thing like this can look comfortable.

Blue Bean Bag
This is another use of bean bag in the living room. With a combination of some bean bags, the room look really comfortable. The blue color brings out bold accent among the neutral off white surrounding.

Living on the Floor
This living room brings in all the seating on the floor. With every seats on the floor, the room looks large and airy. The neutral color of the bean bag strengthens this airy look.

Minimalist Living Room
This is another minimalist and simple living room with floor seating. It makes the room really minimalist as it is something that looks effortless and with minimal details.

Fluffy and Thick
This floor seating does not only look comfortable but also look grand with its tufted details. The thick and fluffy look bring the room a bold accent.

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