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bathroom, whtie wall, white plank wall, white cabinet, white tub, white hexagonal floor tiles, round mirror Instagram - Chrissy

Bathroom, White Wall, Black Tub, White Cabinet, Golden Framed Mirror, Black Fish Scale Floor Tiles, Golden Side Table, White Pendant, White Sconce
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall, Chandelier, White Tub, Shower Area, Blue Cabinet
Bathroom, White Patterned Floor Tiles, White Marble Floor Tiles, Grey Wall, White Painted Window Frame, White Tub
Bathroom, White Subway Wall Tiles, Black Wall, White Tub Golden Feet, White Curtain, Crystal Chandelier, White Black Tiny Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Golden Faucet
Bathroom, White Wooden Built In Shelves, White Wooden Plank Wall, White Tub, White Stone Floor, White Framed Window, Rattan Basket
Bathroom, White Wainscoting, Black Wall, White Black Pendant, White Cabinet, White Tub, Mirror, Black Tniy Hexagonal Tiles With The White
Bathroom, White Wall, White Subway Tiles Wall, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Tub, Globe Framed Pendant
Bathroom, Whtie Wall, White Plank Wall, White Cabinet, White Tub, White Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Round Mirror
Bathroom, White Subtle Patterned Tiles, Grey Wall, Chandelier, White Tub, Whtie Curtain, Chandelier
Bahtroom, White Wall, Black Wall, Black Tub With Golden Inside, Black Wooden Door, Black White Patterned Floor. Black Side Table, Goden Rack

Creating modern bathroom is not as easy as its finish look: simple or minimalist. Sometimes, when the bathroom feels too simple, some interesting accents would want to be added. If you have build the bathroom, you can go with colored furniture. But if you are still planning or are renovating your bathroom, you can add the interesting accent by using some pretty patterns on the floor. Of course, to maintain a modern look, you might want to choose the ones that will support the modern style, like these ones below.

White Black Patterned
TO add a warm concept in the bathroom, you can try pattern like this one. The curve and the repetition of the pattern shows a classic pattern that will remind you of old classic house. In this bathroom, this pattern put an interesting show on the white and simple environment.

Dark Environment
This one here shows an incredible look with its white and black walls and door, black tub, and black side table. It shows a strong impression coming out of this bathroom. And to make the overall look even more interesting, the floor is in gorgeous geometrical pattern.

White Stone
While the previous one has gorgeous tiles, this one here has a an interesting, textured, and natural kinda floor that enforce the white modern look but with fresher touch. This setting is perfect for beach house too.

Black Fish Scales
This bathroom holds a unique floor tiles. With this walls and ceiling, the room is like parted into two different kinds of color with white on the upper side, white and black in the middle, and black at the bottom, and not only a simple black but black with style.

Tiny Elegance
This elegant bathroom might look simple but the details are so beautiful. The golden lines on the bathroom brings elegance along with the crystal chandelier while the floor tiles creating hexagonal patterns out of tiny white and black hexagonal floor tiles.

White Combination
In this bathroom, the floor does not only have one kind of tiles but two. It combines a subtle arabesque tiles around the rub with white marble outside.

Subtle Pattern
If you want to maintain the modern styles without too much going on, a subtle patterned floor tiles would be perfect for you, like this one here. It shows a subtle and pretty pattern for this elegant modern bathroom.

Subtle Combination
This one here also shows a subtle look on the floor but with more combination with white marble floor. The pattern itself is to mark the rug area if there were one. With this rug tiles, the bathroom look more elegance without getting moist rug.

Black Setting
This one here has similarity with one of the previous one with tiny hexagonal tiles. This one here, also among black and white environment, has black tiny hexagonal tiles as the bas of the floor tiles while letting the white ones to create a line marking the side of the room.

White Modern
This one shows a really fresh and endearing look. With its white wall plank and white hexagonal floor tiles, this room is completed with white cabinet and tub. The golden details make the room sweet and more interesting.

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