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White Divider With Branch Like Pattern
White Pattern Wooden Divider
White Wooden Shelves Divider
Wooden Rails Divider
Wrought Steel Branch Subtle Divider
Random Wooden Blocks Divider With Black Metal Frame
Ornamental White Divider
Palm Leaves Shape White Wooden Divider
Brown Wooden Bookshelves Divider
Bronze Divider With Cast Glass And Antique Mercury Mirror

For a small house, it can be too crowded to have wall as room divider all the time. Sometimes people want to have less solid divider for a change so that the room will look airier and less crowded. With less solid divider, the room will feel lighter and the air can circulate better. If you love less rigid room divider, whether because you own small space or you just like it, you might want to see some ideas here before remodeling your own home.

Ornamental Divider

This divider does not only fulfill the task of a divider but also makes the room more beautiful. With divider like this, your dining room will feel lighter and more romantic. With some square holes in it, you can put china or other decorations you love.

White Divider

This is another beautiful divider with pattern on it. This divider can make the pretty bedroom look even prettier and the next room will also get its pretty effect.

White Room Divider

Another white room divider the beauty is something you pass. Same as the previous white divider, this divider will add beauty to the room and as a divider it will not make your room feel too crowded. The pattern that looks like branches from a tree gives the room fresher feeling.

Palm Leaves White Divider

This is another gorgeous divider that divides the room fair and square from the floor up to ceiling with leaving some holes to let the light comes through the room. The pattern that looks like pal leaves brings the beauty to the room.

Subtle Divider

This divider is really like a branch that you pick from a tree and you make the branch as a divider. This is really beautiful subtle divider that every one easily falls in love with.

Book Shelves Divider

If you want something for a divider that is not only a divider but also something useful, you can try book shelves to be your divider. It will add storage to your decorations and stuff too, not only books. You can put basket in the bottommost shelves to safe your stuffs.

Shelves Divider in Bedroom

In this picture, the owner uses shelves as divider between the bed area and the place to sit around bathe with sun lights.

Bronze Divider with Glass

This one is from bronze and its pretty thing is ornamented with cast glass and antique mercury mirror. That is why the divider looks beautifully gleaming. It is a romantic divider for a living room.

Rails Divider

If you want to change wall with divider, this one is a perfect choice. These beautiful and simple rails can create pretty lights to your living room. It can give you subtle divider that does not divide a room but also gives beauty to the room.

Random Wood Block Divider

The last divider in this article is really beautiful. Its rustic theme feels right to warm any room with this divider in between. The design of random wood blocks is an apple in the eye.

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