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When thinking about bedroom for women, it usually is about a soft and muted colored bedroom. However, being bold in a soft character can be done too by having flowery mural wallpaper. Flower has been correlated with a feminine and soft features but coming in large and clear color can make them a bold statement. It can be seen in various ideas here below.


Strong Impression

Flowers here in the picture are in the softest colors of pink, white, off white, and purple. However, it does not give any weak character. With its black background, the flowers are ready to make strong beautiful sight.


Ashen Flower

Bedroom with flower wallpaper can look both soft and strong. The large and merry flowers can leave a bold impression but to find the one with less boldness can be obtained by more ashen look. The grey shade on the wallpaper will make the color less vivid.


Flower Accent

As flower wallpaper can make the room really full and cramped with large pattern, it is common to use it as an accent wall. With accent wall, the rest of the wall can be painted in more neutral color to balance the look.


Oil Paint Look

Another effect that can make the flower in the wallpaper look less intimidating is the antique oil paint look. With oil paint look, the color will be less radiant.


Old Look

If large look can be too much for some people, small flowers in the tree will look more calming. With old finish, the wallpaper will make the room more relaxed. This one here especially has a copper look finish that makes it has an elegant hint.


On White 

If black background makes the flower looks even stronger, white background makes the flower looks milder. This is a great choice if a room is supposed to look sweeter and more feminine.


Pink on Pink

A woman room is always related to a pink bedroom. And for those who love pink, these pink flowers on pink shade background can look so beautiful. Not to mention if the wallpaper is textured. It will obviously make the bedroom even more interesting.


Colorful on White

Although white can calm flowery pattern, when the flower patterns are large and colorful, sometimes white color strengthen the effect, making every color in it pops out. Well, for those who love large pencil art of flowers, this look is positively endearing.


Purple Look

Besides pink, purple is also a color that tends to be a feminine color with soft and tender characteristics. With purple flowers, a feminine and soft look is easily done in a room. Combined with other colored flower, these purple flower looks more fun and yet still soft.


Large yet Soft

Although large flowers can look bold, with soft colors, it looks milder but with a certain merriment. Used in a kid’s bedroom, this one here completes the look perfectly well for a kid’s bedroom.

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