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yellow sofa with flowers pattern, wooden floor, white wall, white built in shelves, golden floor lamp, wooden coffee table, wooden side table Instagram - PRshots

Terrarium Glass Coffee Table, Wooden Floor, Black Chairs
Neutral Pastel Colored Flower Wallpaper, Wooden Floor, Green Table, Wired Chair
Yellow Wallpaper, White Rug, White Wooden Table, White Chair
Flowery Rug, Wooden Floor, Beige Wall, Navy Chair, Navy Ottoman, White Rug
Black Wooden Coffee Table With Flower Pattern, Wooden Floor, White Sofa, White Wooden Cabinet
White Flower On The Chandelier, Pink Curtain, Detailed Wall, Mirror, Wooden Frames
Wooden Slab Dining Table With Plants In The Middle, Wooden Chairs,
Wooden Cabinet With Flower Painted Door, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Plants
Blue Wooden Cabinet With Flowery Patterns In Front, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Table Lamp
Yellow Sofa With Flowers Pattern, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Built In Shelves, Golden Floor Lamp, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Side Table

Flower can show many faces. It can show sweet vibes, calm vibes, feminine vibes, cheerful vibes, or bold look. With flower images on the room, the room will be more lively and interesting. These below are ten stunning flower images that is used in many forms in the house.

Cheerful Cabinet
If your room is neutral and plain, you might want to spice things up a little bit with colors in the room. Flowery patterns on the furniture can help you with that. Seen in this one, you would find a storage that you need to keep all the clutters while adding colorful and bold pattern.

Flowery Cabinet
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts a sweet face in front of the cabinet. The sweet and feminine colors that is seen in front will bring fun and pretty vibes to the room. And creating this sweet pattern does not mean that you have to buy flowery cabinet but you can buy flowery wallpaper and create your own flowery cabinet.

Terrarium Coffee Table
Another tricks to add flower to your room is by adding terrarium coffee table. This stunningly beautiful coffee table will brings appealing and fun look to the room. It is not only an image but it is more lively than that.

Flower Image Coffee Table
This one here also uses coffee table to add more flower images. With simpler look and design, this one here adds flower in so effortless way. For a neutral room, this one here adds subtler flower images without ruining the neutral look.

Flower in Study
Although flowery wallpaper might not be the popular choice in study or home library, the combination can actually brings livelier vibe to the room so that the room will not look so empty and boring.

Sweet Wall
Contrary to the previous wallpaper, this one here is sweeter and cuter. The pastel colors looks more endearing especially for those who love sweeter look. Completed with soft green tray side table and wired chair, it is a complete sweetness.

Flower Dining Table
This one here offers a similar ideas with terrarium coffee table. In this dining table, the middle line is filled with plants that looks so lively and lovely. This is not only fresh when you look at it but also in the air too.

Flowery Rug
This room looks so bold and amazingly beautiful with its flowery rug in the middle. The navy chairs and ottoman looks so matched with navy on the rug.

Flowery Sofa
This one here is not only bold because of the yellow color but also for the flowery pattern. This sofa is a standing out furniture that looks so pronounced among the wooden floor, wooden coffee table, and wooden side table.

White Flower on the Chandelier
Another thing you can do to add flowery details is adding beautiful pendants or chandelier with flowery details, like this one here. This pretty white flower will surely prettify your room.

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