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home office, white patterned floor tiles, white wall, wooden top table, white office chair, brown accent, white floating shelf, rattan pendant Decora Trend

Home Office, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, Green Table, Paintings, Floating Shelves, White Chair, Wooden Side Table
Home Office, Wooden Floor, Rattan Pendant, Wite Wooden Wall, White Table, Wooden Chair, White Shelves, White Cabinet
Home Office, Light Wooden Floor, Grey Exposed Wall Effect, Pink Wall, White Shelves, Modern White Table With Pink Grey Drawer
Home Office, White Floor, White Wall, White Exposed Wall, Wooden Table, Wooden Chair, Floor Shelves
Home Office, Brown Rug, White Wall, Flowery Accent Wall, Built In Shelves On Top, White Cabinet, Blue Drawers, Wooden Counter Top, Grey Cushion Office Chair
Home Office, Grey Floor, Green Wall, White Wall, White Office Chair, Wooden Long Table, Hanging Plant Lamp, Pink Shelves
Home Office, Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, Round Mirror, White Top Table With Golden Legs, Pink Shell Chair, Golden Side Table, White Wall
Home Office, White Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Top Table, White Office Chair, Brown Accent, White Floating Shelf, Rattan Pendant
Home Office, White Wall, White Floating Shelves, White Study Table With Golden Legs, White Modern Chair, White Cabinet
Home Office, White Floor, White Wall, White Top Table, Wooden Shelves On Leg, Grey Chair, Silver Lamp

Working and studying at home can be challenging. With comfortable condition around you, you would like to get comfortable too and forgetting your work and study. And that is why, you would need a study table to support your focus. This would get you to focus easier and your work would be finish well and faster. And while getting focus is important, it is also important to get you comfortable in your focus so that you would stay longer and not get tired easily. If you are looking for inspirations to create study area, these below are some ideas you can get.

Vintage Focus
This modern study table looks simple and minimalist in the design. However, the flowery accent wall in front makes the study table look more interesting and makes the modern setting gets a vintage touch. And although the study set is minimalist, the office chair is so comfortable that it would make your study or work feels better.

Pink Study Set
If you love something sweet, this one can give you some inspirations. The pretty pink shell chair looks sweet and comfortable and it completes the white modern table with golden legs perfectly well. The round mirror in front would make you feel in control as you can see your room better.

Small and Modern
This study set looks simple in its small and lean design seen in the study table and chair. However, although the table is small, it is completed with useful drawers and shelves that can hold your things tidily.

Comfortable Bohemian
For those who love bohemian look, you would like this simple yet comfortable setting. The green table looks bold and bright that it create a nice contrast. The plant pots accessories bring fresh ambiance while the patterned rugs bring comfortable balance.

Neutral Minimalist
This setting makes a neutral look with white table and shelves that blends perfectly with natural accents on the wooden chair and floor as well as the rattan pendant. This combination looks fresh and easy that it would be perfect in a minimalist or natural house.

Modern in the Bedroom
If you want to put study table in the bedroom, you would want to have the lightest look so that your room would not look too crowded. Here below are a modern set that would look easy and light in the bedroom. The floating shelves and the grid on the wall are useful addition to it.

Large and Wood
If you are looking for ideas where you can put your work store easily and ideally, you might love this one with large wooden table that gives you more space to move your work on the table. The thin and light design the wooden table has ensure that the study area would not make the room too crowded.

Simple Focus
This study area is set in minimalist look. The white top on the table blends well with the wooden legs that also offers two shelves. The chair matches the table lamp prettily.

Green and Fresh
The home office below gives a fresh look with green accent wall in front of the long wooden table. The combination of long wooden table and white modern chairs look modern and minimalist that easily match the green wall.

Comfortable Home Office
If you try to create a comfortable home office for some people, this is a great inspiration. The long wooden table gives a neutral and natural ambiance while also making it a nice background for many accessories. The white modern chairs match perfectly well with white patterned floor.

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