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sunroom with brown wood flooring, brown wood framed glass windows and doors, wooden build in sofa, white sofa, beige chair, white ceiling with wood beams White Space Architecture

Sunroom With Angled Ceiling From Glass, Glass Wall, With Blue Rug, Black Metal Chairs With Black Wooden Table, Black Wrought Iron Chandelier, Black Metal Stair
Sunroom With White Wall, Grey Rattan Corner Sofa With Blue Cushions, Black Rattan Chair, Big Window In One Side, Decorated With Fire Place In Orange Stone
Sunroom With Grey Flooring, Big Windows Around With White See Trough Curtain, Wooden Swing Sofa Withbrown Cushions, Metal Chair With Cushion, Rugs, Round Ottoman For Table, Ceiling Fan
Sunroom With Stone Floow, Wooden Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Rail Windows, Black Rattan Sofa With Red Cushion, Blak Coffee Table, Side Table, Table Lamp, Red Ottoman
Sunroom With Wood Floor White Vaulted Ceiling, Rattan Sofa With White Cushion, Rattan Ottoman, Blue Pillows, Wood Coffee Table With Metal Wrought Legs, Fan Ceiling, White Side Table, Windows
Sunroom With Wood Floor, Mediterranean Rug, White Corner Sofa, Glass Table With White Fur Chair, Nesting Table For Coffee Table, And Big Windows In Two Sides
Sunroom With White Vaulted Ceiling, Windows Around, Blue Sofas, Soft Orange Ottoman For Table, Soft Yellow Sofa, Pillows, Rattan Curtain, Rattan Round Ottoman, Side Tables, Table Lamps
Sunroom In Porch With Grey Rattan Sofas With White Cushions, Wooden Coffee Table, TV On Tile Wainscoting Wall, Ceiling Fan, Sconces, Windows Around
Sunroom With Big Windows, White Vaulted Ceiling, Unique Wooden Framed Chair With White Cushion, Round Wooden Coffee Table, Blue Rug, Stones Flooring
Sunroom With Brown Wood Flooring, Brown Wood Framed Glass Windows And Doors, Wooden Build In Sofa, White Sofa, Beige Chair, White Ceiling With Wood Beams

Four seasons room or also called as sunroom, or winter room, or solarium and many more names are built in the house or office where people can enjoy the surrounding view while being covered by the weather.  Having a four-season room can be expensive for a home. However, you can turn one of the rooms in your home to be one if you want to or changing your porch to be one. The idea is similar in having a porch. The difference is that it has wall and glasses that will protect you when it comes to winter.

Here are some ideas on beautiful four season room.

Natural Four Season Room

For you who love to get wooden furniture and natural theme in your home, this is probably perfect for you. The side of the wall that face the outside is either in big glass window or door that allows you to have the best sun light warming your home.

Modern Four Season

This one is more modern in style. With white corner sofa and colorful pillows, it sure is more cheerful. The Mediterranean rug also adds colors in this room. And the glass table and white fur chair is a pretty touch for this room.

Soft Sunroom in Second Floor

If you prefer softer sunroom to have, you might like this one. With its soft brown stone flooring and matching brown rug, it looks really calming. The see-through curtain adds the softness of the room. The rattan swing sofa is really pretty to give the soft touch.

Bright Sunroom

In this one, you can see a bright sunroom with high airy ceiling; the walls are open to the surrounding view because of the big glass windows. The blue rug gives a bold look throughout the soft color room.

Rustic Four Season Room

If you are a fan to a rustic theme room, this one four season room is probably your favorite. Its angled glass roof and the glass wall enable you to have all the view wherever you see. The wrought iron chandelier and the chair and table give the touch of rustic feeling, not to mention the beautiful wrought iron stairs.

Beach Style Four Season Room

For you who love fresh theme room, you might like this style. With its white wall and white grey rattan, the room looks so fresh. The white pink stone fireplace also brings the best of this room. The blue cushions and sea ornaments are the most important touch in this theme.

Rustic Sunroom

This is another rustic sunroom. However, while the previous one points out the accent in the wrought iron, this one points out the nature in the use of the wooden rail window and ceiling with beams.

Pretty Four Season Room

This is one perfect sunroom for you who wish to have beautiful room with pretty things inside. Its soft orange ottoman and soft yellow sofa brings the color to the room but in soft hint. The soft blue chair with leaves motive is also so pretty to have.

Sunroom with Vaulted Ceiling

In this sunroom, the sun can be enjoyed through the windows in the wall and the glass window in the ceiling allows you to have much more sun light.

Soft and Warm Sunroom

If you have balcony where you don’t spend enough time, you can change it into a sunroom. And you can turn it into beautiful sunroom like this one too. The walls are glass window with white rails around it.

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