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frameless hinged tub door wooden floating vanity beige mosaic wall tile mirrored cabinet wall sconces sink faucet shower head built in tub Ethelind Coblin Architect P.C

Frameless Hinged Tub Door Built In Tub Mosaic Floor Tile Towel Holder Grey Vanity White Top White Sink Faucet Wall Sconce Wall Mirror Shelves
Frameless Hinged Tub Door Green Mosaic Wall Tile Green Bathroom Mat White Vanity White Sink Mirror Toilet Window Wall Sconces
Frameless Hinged Tub Door Wooden Floating Vanity Beige Mosaic Wall Tile Mirrored Cabinet Wall Sconces Sink Faucet Shower Head Built In Tub
Frameless Hinged Tub Door Blue Mosaic Wall Tile Shower Head Built In Tub Blue Bathroom Mat White Walls Brown Floor
Frameless Hinged Tub Door White Subway Wall Tile Wooden Vanity Patterned Window Shade Grey Floor Tile Bathroom Mat Shower Head
Frameless Hinged Tub Door Grey Wall Tile Mosaic Tile Wooden Vanity Black Granite Top Sink Faucet Mirror Wall Sconces Shower Head Tub
Frameless Hinged Tub Door Built In Tub White Freestanding Sink Mosaic Floor And Wall Tiles Window Mirror Wall Sconce Shower Head
Frameless Hinged Tub Door Black Marble Wall Tle Shower Head Shower Fixture White Built In Shower White Walls Recessed Lighting
Frameless Hinged Tub Door Wall Mirror White Vanity White Marble Top And Backsplash Built In Tub White Wall Tile Black Hexagon Floor Tile
Frameless Hinged Tub Door Pink Walls Built In Tub White Barh Door Vanity Stainless Steel Sink Mirror Wall Sconces White Top

A frameless hinged tub door offers a minimalist look and can be so functional and comfortable. The hinged door allows the shower doors open and closed easily. It can be installed to make the shower area perfect and protect the outside from the water splash. You can find and custom your own frameless hinged tub door. But you should consider the size of the glass shower door height and what kind of the hardware you want and suits the bathroom style, whether it is modern or rustic. Here are impressive some frameless hinged tub door ideas that you can get inspiration from to make a nice shower treatment in your bathroom.

Frosted Glass Shower Door

These shower doors are made from an acid etching. The frosted glass shower can reflect the lighting from the pendant lamp. The hinges are also constructed to stop the glass door several inches in front of a grey vanity to avoid hitting the vanity.

A Small Bathroom

This door isn’t only hinged off of the glass but also has tabs rather than a frame. The frameless hinged tub door like the one in this picture is used for a small bathroom to make the space clearer and seem spacious.

Ease of Entry And Exit

Minimalist design and neutral colors are such a fabulous combination. This beige bathroom looks so clean although space is small. The frameless hinged tub door makes it easy to get in and out.

Fresh Decoration

Since the glass shower door is hinged, it can swing in and out easily. It also doesn’t hit the toilet as the height of the built-in tub sill is higher than the toilet. The tub and shower space is nicely decorated with the green and white mosaic tile.

Colorful Window Shade

A shabby bathroom can be created with the subway wall tiles, wooden features, and a colorful window shade. The hinged glass shower door is a contemporary touch.

A White Bathroom with Frameless Glass Door

To have a pure and clean look, you can create a white bathroom. This bathroom also has a frameless hinged tub door. It includes a glass screen on one side and a glass door with a handle on the other side.

Shower and Tub Walls

Sometimes having the accent walls in a shower and tub combo space is necessary. The walls can define the shower area and the vanity space.

Unique Doors for A Bathroom

The pink is a nice background color for the crisp white finishes and features in this bathroom. It also offers frameless hinged tub door and a white barn door for the entry.

A Mix of Modern and Traditional

You can take a fresh approach to a traditional style in this bathroom. The frameless glass shower door and the frosted window give an airy elegance to the bathroom.

The Glass features

This bathroom has modern glass features such as a frameless hinged tub door, a wall mirror, and a wall sconce. The glass ceiling window also lets natural light in from above.

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