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bathroom, white marble floor, white built in cabinet, large carved mirror, chandelier, curtain Eye for Design

Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Wainscoting, White Tub, Golden Side Table, White Tufted Chair, White Shade On The Window, Paintings, Rattan Basket
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Wall, White Tub, White Curtain, Dome Ceiling, Half Round Window, Chandelier
Bathroom, Flowery Wall, White Wall, White Wooden Tub, White Farmed Mirror, White Glass Cabinet, White Carved Chair
Bathroom, Marble Floor, Grey Wall, Dark Grey Marble, White Fireplace, Chandelier
Bathroom, White Floor, White Carved Wall, Chandelier, Classy White Chair
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Wooden Wall, White Tub With Golde Claw Foot, Sconce. Golden Faucet
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Wainscoting, Blue Wall, Green Golden Framed Mirror
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Built In Cabinet, Large Carved Mirror, Chandelier, Curtain
Bathroom, Brown Marble Floor, White Wall, Golden Mirror, White Tub, Golden Curtain
Bathroom, White Marbled Floor, White Tub With Golden Claw Feet, Wooden Stools, Golden Mirror, Wooden Cabinet

French style has been inspiring many people to create their own details at home. French details make the room elegant and charming that everyone love to have it in the rooms, it’s like capturing an old pretty look inside the time capsule that you can open and enjoy every time. Here below is a compilation of beautiful French look in the bathrooms that you will love if you’re looking for ideas to renovate or build your bathroom.

Modern French
Pretty details are what make a room look French, unlike modern look. However, these two styles can be combined prettily. Although this one shows a lots of modern look, it still gives charming details on the white tufted chair and the paintings on the wall.

Exquisite Ceiling
French style loves to have elegant and dramatic touch. When it comes on the architecture, it is a great privilege. This below shows the pretty and dramatic dome ceiling contribute greatly to the beauty of the room. The windows follow the space and the furniture is lined accordingly too. This simple line is enough for the already impressive room.

Carved Architecture
This grand and beautiful bathroom have the most elegant details start from the architectural detail seen on the ceiling and pole to the built-in white cabinet with beautiful carvings. This detail is completed by crystal chandelier on top.

Calm and Small
Even the small bathroom can look so French. This one here uses neutral white on the marble floor and wall and create soft and sweet look for the bathroom. With golden faucet and pretty sconces, the room is completed beautifully.

Sweet Wall
Another thing that can help you create French look is by creating soft and sweet ambiance, like using flowery wallpaper. This one here puts the soft flowery look on the wall and combines it with natural white ambiance.

Compact Prettiness
Similar setting with the previous one, this one shows that the small room can have many pretty alternatives. This one uses wooden material that is familiar to French look, in the stools and cabinet. It also puts golden framed mirror on the wall.

French Corner
Curtains are quite essential in French look. And in this corner classy look is created by golden curtain in each corner while also putting golden framed mirror on the wall that makes the room looks really elegant.

Simple with Details
This simple bathroom looks so easy and can pass for another traditional bathroom. However, the sconces, framed mirror and golden cabinet all pour amazing old French look that you cannot pass.

Pretty Classy
This room looks definitely classy French. The chandelier, the marble material on the tub and wall, the detailed chair and also the fireplace gives a strong vibe of French look. All look old but with new ambiance.

Simply French
This room combines the modern tub with crystal chandelier and carved wall and create an interesting combination. Completed with classy chair, the room looks more French.

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