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French Provincial Dining Set, Best Choice for Fine Dining & French Life

Are you dreaming of fine dinner or even romantic dinner at your lovely house? You can make your dream comes true just by adding French provincial dining set to your dining room. Even, it can be a central of your French way of life which probably expresses why this dining set is such delicate pieces of furniture. They will be the center piece or focal point of room where they seem to be so distinctive and unique. Different to other common dining sets, this kind of dining furniture set is sufficient to accommodate huge numbers of plates for a big family. They’re also beautifully designed in perfect shape, solid texture, and luxurious model. Well, to encourage you in confidently choosing the best products of French dining furniture set, here they are tens of most stylish and up-to-date French dining set ideas we recommend to you.

french dining set consisting white painted dining chairs hardwood dining table grey armchairs white siding walls crystal chandelier
Celtic M T

This is called a French dining set with harbor point style. They combine farmhouse and beach styles as one. The result is so satisfying; both look so gorgeous for a country/ farmhouse feast. It’s good idea for a stylish dining furniture set with little bit crafted French style details.

shabby chic French style dining set in white shabby but cool open shelves mounted on walls vertical wood boards walls in white textured brown rug white draperies with decorative stripes
Warmington And North

Stylish, elegant, and simple French dining set – a matched furnishings for chic dining room. It prefers to choose soft palettes like white for furniture and earthy brown for rug to other palettes. This color choice gives you brighter and cleaner look. Yes, it’s also little bit shabby but cool to create a dramatic visual effect.

French style dining set with blue upholstery blue walls built in corner cabinets with glass doors and centered window dark hardwood floors area rug with blue colored flower motifs
A P D Architects

A set of elegant French style dining furniture with blue and  linen upholsterers. The upholstery gives clean and formal look, and the white frames and structures explain how French style dominates these seats.

hardwood french style dining set medium toned wood floors wood kitchen cabinets white countertop with colorful diamon cut tiles backsplash open shelves upper cabinets
Berens Interiors

Sophisticating country French style dining set. They seem so matched with country French dining room with exposed beams and other wood pieces. Here, you’ll feel a fresh breeze and beautiful view accessed from your dining room.

French provincial dining room with French dining furniture set accented with rustic table's base rustic metal pendant lamp decorative wood ladder decorative wall art
Bohemian Vintage Online

Rustic appeal in a French provincial dining room. Rustic is obviously discovered in table base and pendant lamp. Both present old but natural look. Shabbiness is clear exposed much on them, adding classy antique appearance in the middle of delicate French dining furniture set.

transitional dining room white painted French dining chairs large green cushions with motifs flower wallpaper area rug with motifs dark hardwood floors
Grace Home Design

This French style dining set might be better to display than to be the daily furnishing set. They consist of a wider wood dining table for large numbers of family and unique-look French dining chairs. Due to its size, they would be better for a larger dining room.

wood french style dining chairs with magenta upholstery round shaped wood dining table chandelier with decoration
gh3 enterprises

Add playful color to your wood French dining set to make your dining room much more attractive. Magenta for upholstered seating and shabby green for the seats’ back are best combination to create classic but colorful furnishing pieces. Use original wood color for table as the focal point of furniture set.

traditional dining room idea white French style dining set with upholstered seatings small sized chandelier with gold toned light whitewashed wood boards floors exposed wood beams
Bountiful Decor

Classic, simple, and fully clean – the chairs are beautifully built with artistic craft details on their back and comfy upholstered seating. White round dining table adds elegance and functional item for simple dining occasions, and mini classic chandelier gives warm and luxurious look just by its gold-toned light.

modern dining room idea white French dining chairs with grey upholstered seating white dining table pale toned wood floors white walls with Sakura decorative picture modern pendant lamp
Melissa Miranda

Never hesitate to combine French style dining set with any interior decor ideas including such modern dining room. They look brighter with their grey upholstery addition, and with low-lighted pendant lamp, they’re glowing when the night comes.

white French provincial dining chairs with gold toned upholstered seating white round dining table crystal chandelier grey area rug dark hardwood floors
Heather oDonovan Interior Design

Gold and white are combined to result such luxurious, expensive, and elegant furnishing pieces. The French dining set is beautified with handcrafted details and gold-toned upholstery as the comforter. Add crystal chandelier over dining table to give much more aesthetic value in room.

transitional dining room idea modern French style dining chairs with flower motifs upholstered seating solid blalck round top dining table black finished floors light blue walls with glass windows
Studio Ten 25

Infuse modern appeal to your French provincial by adding metal finishing for chairs and solid black finishing for dining table. Flower motifs put on the upholstered seating successfully give something natural.

French dining set with modern color addition hardwood dining table modern wallpaper with modern yellow motifs yellow draperies crystal chandelier
Tobi Fairley

Fill your dining room with such a fresh and delight color tone like yellow. It can make your room brighter, and make it softer by combining it with the natural and earthy color tones like wood color. Both can be a perfect couple.

oversized oval mirror with wooden handcrafted details French dining chair round glass top dining table in grey
Imagine Living

French provincial dining set with neutral color tones. This furniture set consists of round top dining table surfaced with the best quality glass. An oversized oval mirror becomes a focal point here as it takes visitors’ attention in instant. What about the chairs? The chairs are still graceful with their artistic handcraft details and classic motifs & color.

white transitional dining room idea white French dining chair some industrial dining chairs medium toned wood floors classic chandelier
Dreamy Whites

How wonderful this room is. It’s a dreamy white dining room completed with single French dining chair and some industrial style dining chairs. The chairs represent two different styles: rustic and traditional (in this case is French style), and both can balance one another. White is still dominant here and wood scheme (the floors) here is the adorable choice for giving warm and natural tones to this room.

French style dining room with white French style dining chairs with shabby wood frames round top wood dining table glass vase with red roses decoration shabby but cool wood floors
Heavenly Homes

Just place your French provincial dining set as simple as it is. Complete it with simple vivid red roses on glass vase placed in the center of your round top wood dining table. It surely will give the simply beauty.

shabby but chic French style dining set in white white ceramic tiles floors corner buffet in white

French provincial dining set can be one of the best options of formal dining furniture sets. The dark wood details which are paired with white upholstery create such a beautiful contrast.

shabby chic dining room neutral & soft French style dining chairs longer hardwood dining table French chandelier juted area rug
Taste Design Inc

French dining set has completed another French style chandelier in which both are able to catch people’s interest. They have different color schemes but complete each other. You can set them as the most inviting spot for having meals by involving neutral but soft color schemes.

formal dining room idea French style dining furniture set a couple of white chair slipcovers brown area rug dark hardwood floors gold toned chandelier
Hoskins Interior Design


French provincial dining set is well recommended for a formal dining room where your guests can enjoy the fine dinner here. Add a couple of white chair slipcovers for creating simple elegance in this room. Gold-toned chandelier also seems to be a perfect accessory as well as a romantic light fixture.

eclectic & formal dining room French style dining set in grey a pair of armchairs luxurious pendant lamp bronze candle holders
Zin Home

Create your own eclectic dining room just by adding soft grey French dining set plus its special chandelier. Use gold scheme to add extra elegance in your dining room. You can put it on your chandelier and chairs’ frames. A pair of copper candle holders seems to be a great idea to create a luxurious and formal eating area.

light toned wood dining table French style dining chairs medium toned wood floors crystal chandelier
Ami Designs

A spacious eating area with long wood dining table and several units of French dining chairs. It’s perfect for shabby & chic dining room lovers. Here, the designer uses wood as the dominant material for floors and end table, but different in finishing. With these wood-made properties, the room feels warmer and closer to the nature.

traditional dining room idea French style dining set with blue linen long hardwood end table hardwood hall console beige walls porcelain made decorative plates a pair of wall lamps crystal chandelier
Jubelirer Design

Create fun but formal dining room just by setting a package of French style dining furniture. Use playful color like blue on linen inserted in chairs and makes it beautifully contrasting by featuring it with original dark hardwood table. You can add expensive and luxurious crystal chandelier for resulting warm and dramatic lights. Beige walls are perfect choice to deserve such illumination.

transitional dining room silver toned French dining chairs black round top wood dining table white area rug dark hardwood floors beige walls
Amoroso Design

It’s easy to turn eating into fascinating dinner experience. You can keep your dining room shines all day just with using the reflective accents. Use a classic dining table and glowing silver French dining chairs to get elegant & semi-formal look.

French country style dining room baroque style chandelier white round top dining table French style dining chairs with grey linen double French door with glass panels
Love Thomas

A pretty dining nook with French style dining set gives a country touch. The baroque-style chandelier also strengthens French country feel. It becomes much more inviting with a double French door that leads out into the deck and backyard.

contemporary dining room in white white round top dining table clear acrylic French style dining chairs white ceramic tiles floors French door with glass panels
S T Arch

Make the outdoor becomes the main focus of indoor like this idea. It’s easy to make it real. Use all-white interior items including the dining set. Clear acrylic French style dining chairs always enhance the framed view. Add a little bit colored ornaments to give attractive schemes in the space.

contemporary dining room idea folding dining table dining bench French style dining chairs with x shaped backs
30s Magazine

Not only the chairs, the folding dining table is also attractive. It’s shabby but cool. It can also save the space, matching for a small size dining room. The chairs, in addition, are unfamiliar with French style, but they still show French appeal by their design.

shabby chic dining nook with soft toned French dining chairs round top wood dining table round area rug in white dark hardwood floors wood top hall console crystal chandelier
Maison Market

Make your French dining set as the center point of room. White round area rug gives the clear border where the dining nook is. Dark hardwood floors here become a contrasting base for the whole interior pieces dominated by soft & neutral-schemed ones.

French style dining room French dining chairs in grey wood dining table wood hall table without finishing blue walls pale toned wood floors corner wood storage unit
Zin Home

Looking for a classic dining set for your dining room? French style dining furniture set always be the best option. As the neutral scheme, grey always matches with any color schemes. Wood color discovered on floors and tables, and blue on walls are the two real proofs that a grey can fit for both natural and pop color kinds.

shabby chic dining room with white French style dining chairs medium toned wood dining table kitchen appliances with soft cream finishing ceramic tiles floors
Keren Milman Houzz

Now we have a set of stunning French style dining furniture that seems to suit a classic or traditional dining room. Both lightly paint or natural wood finishing are perfect choices to give shabby & dramatic look. It’s simply white that’s able to create much of elegance.

traditional dining room faux layered dining table French style dining chairs with red cherry and lattice motifs baroque style chandelier
Marlene Oliphant

This dining set is built by custom. The chairs are supported with red cheery and French lattice linens, and the table has faux finishing and extra leaves that accommodate a larger number of crowds.

red patterned French style dining chairs circular wood dining table with darker finishing dark toned wood floors decorative mirror over buffet red & beige walls
Dona Rosene Interiors

The dining table is so lovely. It’s perfect and makes us feel so homey. With red-patterned French chairs, the table is perfect for the space isn’t large. And you’ll find the repeated themes used in this room like circular shape for table and decorative mirror over buffet, and darker finishing applied on floors and table.

traditional dining room dark finished dining table with white base French dining chairs with aqua sunbrella covers classic chandelier
Classic Interiors Online

A dark finished table with walnut round-shaped top and white base is paired with French dining chairs with aqua sunbrella covers. On top, a large chandelier is gracefully hung over the furniture set, giving a classic look.

shabby chic dining room woven leather French dining chairs in white long wood dining table white walls juted area rug

I think the decorative plant is too much. It’s a bit annoying, but if you love something green, fresh, and vivid ornament for your dining table, just put a simply but stunning one. Make sure that your choice keep beautifying, not annoying. Here, the homeowner starts with a long wood dining table which is surrounded by leather-covered French chairs. And, the gallery brings something playful and aesthetic.

transitional dining room French style dining chairs with pink fabric pale toned wood dining table medium toned wood floors chandelier French windows wood hall table bronze framed mirror over the table
SLD The Studio

The fabric is sweet. With wood frames, the fabric looks visually soft and warm, exposing more its feminine appeal. Soft & pale tone table seems to be perfect complementary dining furniture that always be most attractive piece after the chairs surround.

contemporary dining room a pair of blue French dining chairs dark hardwood dining table with black wrought iron base corner seating benches with under storage chalkboard decorations on walls
Nielsen Dye

Elegant and comfortable eating area – The French provincial dining chairs are surrounded by seating benches and dark-finished wood table. The color combination is really perfect and works well with the lighting and chalkboard on walls.

traditional dining nook a pair of clear acrylic dining chairs in French style shabby but cool French chairs with fabric long hardwood dining table classic chandelier
Gillans Houzz

Clear acrylic dining chairs look so stunning yet contrasting to old & shabby dining set. They are intentionally designed to give modern touches in such traditional dining nook. The chandelier, in addition, adds dramatic but elegant look in the middle of shabby dining area.

eclectic small dining room round white top dining table French dining chairs with stripes fabric runner rug with motifs dark hardwood floors
Charcoal Interiors

A good proportion and interesting dining set works perfectly for a small dining area. The runner is much better than square area rug. Why? It can create an elongated visual effect. It’s good idea to you whose matter of limited space.

craftsman dining room long wood dining table French style dining chairs in grey grey area rug medium toned wood floors classic pendant lamp wood media console
Zimmerman Interiors

This is an inspiration of craftsman dining area furnished with elegant grey French dining chairs and long wood dining table. The rug is similar to chairs’ color that’s clearly contrasting to the floors. Such difference evidently gives the color richness. The pendant lamp, additionally, creates warm feel as well as classic look in this room.

eclectic dining room French dining chairs with balloon back and beige fabric pale toned dining table pale toned corner side table area rug with traditional motifs grey walls medium toned wood floors
Decor NYC

An inspiration of eclectic eating area with a stunning French dining set. The chairs are so unique. They have balloon-look-like back with rare horizontal stick. The table, on the other hands, has brighter finishing as same as the side table’s. This color is interesting and be a good match for the grey walls and wood floors.

contemporary dining room with yellow French dining chairs dark finishing dining table dark toned wood floors double panel French door
Robin McGarry

Good idea to use a banquette against the half-installed wall. It will be a functional spot to take a seat or just a partition that allows us to see the next room. Yellow and dark brown are chosen for French dining set to create clean lines and contrast as well suggested for a contemporary dining room.

traditional dining room French dining chairs with red leather cover dark finishing table area rug with traditional motifs traditional chandelier light beige walls wood framed glass windows
Tommy Chambers Interiors

Let’s play with red color. Here, the red is used as the chairs finishing. The finishing itself is best quality red leather and it’s applied on a set of French chairs. The chairs’ base is black that gives a bold and contrasting look for the chairs. The similar color is also covering the oval table, providing a different but harmonious feel for both chairs and table. And, the chandelier has a simply design but still charming with its gold glows of light.

contemporary dining room with modern French dining room supported with wood back and white fabric white square area rug white round top table white pendant lamp grey walls light yellow draperies
Leverone Design

The chairs’ back is unique. It exposes wood stretchers to make the user comforter when leaning on it. The chairs are also completed with foam covered with white fabric.  White round top table absolutely becomes a perfect match for the chairs.

traditional dining room French style dining set traditional console with green plant arrangements large mirror with bronze frame blue walls dark tone wood floors
Amanda Carol Interiors

A fancy dining nook in traditional style – a great choice for a fine dining moments or special family parties. Every single furniture piece has highly aesthetic in design and color. They look much brighter with green and candle arrangements set on the table.

mediterranean style dining room French provincial dining chairs with short white slipcovers medium toned hardwood table medium toned wood floors white painted dining cabinet beige walls

This dining set consists of French provincial chairs with rounded back plus short white slipcover. This appearance is simple but elegant. This idea is brilliant to try when you want to change your dining set without changing the furniture.

traditional breakfast room French dining chairs with stripped fabrics for back and leather finishing for seat stucco floors wood dining table wood dining cabinet
Adeeni Design Group

It must be more enjoying to have your breakfast in such dining room. Scottish feel is deeply applied in this room. Uniquely, French chairs are found here. With striped fabric for the back and leather finishing for seat, the chairs offer a pleasant spots for dinner or breakfast.

traditional dining room French dining chairs with grey upholstery and slipcover hardwood dining table without finishing original wood board floors without finishing white walls
Roseanettes Designs

Pure French country dining set idea – The furniture shows how elegant it is. Every single part of design expresses highly level of designer’s skill in forming such perfect product. Grey is chosen to represent soft & neutral scheme, and the designer covers the chairs with grey slipcovers to add elegant look. Just base and arm-holders of chairs are left in original wood.

French style dining room French dining chairs in white oak dining table fluffy white area rug a pair of display cabinets for dining room
Zin Home

Lovely chairs and table. They are the real representation of French provincial dining set that exposes the genuine idea of French style. Just add decorative porcelain serve-ware on the table for beautifying the furniture.

French style dining chairs in grey long wood dining table glass vase with real plants a pair of capital lighting fixtures
Pavilion Broadway

Grey always be the most favorite color of French style dining chairs and long wood table becomes the best match for the chairs. To make it more playful, add little beautifier set on the table, or add unique pendant lamps as the accessories as well as the functional lighting fixture.

French style dining set red hall console three mirrors with black frames multicolored draperies dark hardwood floors traditional pendant lamp
Stanley Martin

Choose bright red console table for completing your French style dining set. It surely brings distinctive color in this room. Let’s take a look at the walls and draperies; they have different types of color application, both work optimally even they’re applied side by side.

French style dining set traditional chandelier dark finished hall console with bird painting built in fireplace with wood surround
Katherine Shenaman

This is a simple way to do a French style dining room. We not merely need a set of French style dining furniture, but we also need supporting pieces to make our dream comes true. A traditional chandelier and a console are just few samples that evidently give the dreamy French style.

French style dining chairs with light green fabrics and wood frames dark finishing table in round top shape area rug with traditional motifs red and white walls traditional hall console
Javore Architects

The dining set is so elegant with light green fabrics and wood frames. The design is full of artistic curve details, performing the real art of craftsmanship. Large round top dining table obviously complements the chairs. Its dark finishing performs a contrast to all multicolored items surround.