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living room, woodenf floor, white wall, white floor lamp, rattan rocking chair, grey sofa, geometrical coffee table, white rug Solebich

Living Room, Grey Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, Gey Sofa, Rattan Coffee Table,white Rug, Black Table, Black Stool
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, White Ceiling, Brown Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Round Rattan Swing
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Sofa, Grey Rug, Rattan Chair With White Cushion, White Pendant, Rattan Ottoman, Black Tray Coffee Table
Living Room, Gey Rug, White Wall, White Sofa, Wooden Tray Table, Blue Tray Table, Wooden Rattan Chair
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Chair With White Cushion, Wooden Stool With White Cushion, Tall Door
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Sofa, White Coffee Table, Wooden Basket, White Round Pendant, White Cabinet
Living Room, Woodenf Floor, White Wall, White Floor Lamp, Rattan Rocking Chair, Grey Sofa, Geometrical Coffee Table, White Rug
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, Patterned Ottoman, Wooden Round Coffee Table, White Sofa, White Pendant
Living Room, Light Pink Rug, Blue Round Ottoman, Rattan Bench With White Cushion, Colorful Pillows
Living Room, White Rug, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, Wooden Chair, Wooden Coffee Table, Pendant

As living room is a place for everyone to gather and have a nice talk, it will be a place where warmth and comfort should be the priority. However, besides those qualities, having a fresh living room would also be necessary as it would be more enjoyable and healthy. As there are many things that you need to arrange, you would love to see so many inspirations to help you in this compilation.

Minimalist Grey
This neutral looking living room makes a beautiful sight with smooth blue wall and grey floor. Completed the room with grey sofa and rattan coffee table, the living room makes a pretty and easy look.

Laid Back Room
This living room is a perfect example for resting. The comfortable sofa and the wooden rattan chair allows you to get rest perfectly well. The wooden tray table and the blue companion gives you place to hold your drinks and snack safely too.

White Traditionalist
This living room makes a comfortable look with white on white combination above the wooden floor. This has made the room looks fresh and bright, especially with bright light from the window

Bright White
This is another white living room and this one is totally fresh. The tall door with glass helps the room to look amazing and brilliant while the natural furniture and setting gives a balance to the room.

Bohemian Comfort
The comfort in this living room makes a fresh and natural look with bohemian details on the accessories. The soft colored pillows and ottoman make an soft and mild ambiance in this one.

Rattan Round
This living room makes an interesting touch with its round rattan swing. The warm sofa and the patterned rug gives the room more lively note while still being soft and subtle. The warm and soft look gives a comfortable ambiance to let you gather cozily.

Swing on Rattan
Similar to the previous one, this one also has the comfort of rattan swing and the lively patterned rug. Besides that, this room gives the room smooth and bright accents on the sofa and pendant.This combination is pretty and fresh that it is a perfect place to hang out.

Neutral Bright
This living room has bright notion as the room is decorated with neutral and light ambiance. The white wall, sofa, and lighting fixtures makes a perfect blend with the light wooden floor and chair.

Fresh and New
Starting the day in a comfortable living room like this is what everyone wants. The bright light from the window, the rattan rocking chair, the geometrical coffee table, the pretty floor lamp, everything strengthens the beauty of this living room.

Modern Grey
This one here gives a fresh look with neutral grey sofa, wooden and rattan chair, wooden coffee table. This easy and popular combination work really well for the living room that it looks fresh and easy to the eye.

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