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white hanging rattan chairs, pillows and cushion, white wooden floor Serena & Lilu

Rattan Chair With White Cushion And Pillows, Wooden Side Table
Rattan Swing For Two, White Cushion, Pillows, White Wall
White Hanging Rattan Chairs, Pillows And Cushion, White Wooden Floor
Rattan Woven Chair With White Cushion
Rattan Love Swing With Grey Cushion
Rattan Swing For Two, White Cushion, Pillows, Wooden Floor
Black Rattan Chair, Egg Shape, White Wooden Wall
Round Rattan Chair With Pillows, Blanket, Black Iron Legs
White Rattan Chair, White Curtain, Rattan Sofa Bed With White Cushion, White Patterned Rug, Ottomans
Large Rattan Chair With White Cushion And Pillows, Patterned Rug, Side Table

Making a patio a comfortable place is essential to many people. Some small or large of space outside the house make a private open space that people love to spend their time there. When the day is clear, hanging out in the patio would give some warmth both to your house and your skin. And when the day is cold, it is nice to have some people gather around with blankets. Decorating patio in more comfortable and fun ambiance can be done with adding some rattan chair or swing. Not only that it can give some comfort, it can also cheer up the space. Here below is a compilation of rattan chairs that you would love having at your patio.

Elegant Rattan Swing
Although rattan is seen as fun and warm, it can also look so elegant. Here below shows how high rattan structure and the simple pattern create a pronounced and elegant touch in its own space. Putting it in your patio would give you a comfortable place to hang out while maintain looking good.

White Rattan Round Chair
This small white rattan chair will make a pretty look in the patio. Its white color can look so pronounced around the warm patio while white fringes can give pretty details to it. Completed with rattan sofa, cabinet, pendant, and partition

Inside the Rounded Space
This round rattan chair makes a beautiful and comfortable look with its shape alone. The pillows and the cushion makes it even more comfortable. Combined with wooden side table, plants, and comfortable patterned rug, the spot looks amazing

Black Egg
Shaped like an egg, this black rattan chair looks pretty and pronounced on the white background and beside its black simple rattan chair. Looking so comfortable with the cushion and its round shape, it has made the space looks warm.

Woven Rattan
If you love more closed chair, this woven rattan comfort chair will make your day feels better. It is a perfect place to start your reading and to end the day.

Simple and Fresh
While the previous one gives warmth to hang out, this one puts a more fresh looking chair to make your hanging out more breezy. The white cushion and pillows make sure you will be able to sit comfortably.

Out in the Balcony
Similar to the previous one, this rattan chair gives perfect comfort to be put outside in the balcony. The patterned rug and the rattan furniture gives the place natural and fun ambiance that will perfect the outdoor feeling.

Rattan Swing
This rattan swing for two is a perfect addition to the patio as it will make your time in the outdoor space feels more breezy and fresher. With comfortable cushion, you will be able to swing comfortable with someone or by yourself.

Pretty White
These rattan swings are the best. It allows you to have your own swing while also enjoy it with your friends and family. The white color is perfect for the white floor and pole. The lines of swings itself has make a dramatically fresh and beautiful look.

Swing for Two
This is another rattan swing that not only can give you comfort and fun but also can give you pretty and cheerful touch in the patio.

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