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iron narrow awning with leaves wrought on the pole Bent Grass Landscape Design

White Small Timber Wooden Awning With Roof Tile
Wrought Iron Awning With Frosted Glass On Top
White Narrow Wood Awning With Roof Tile
Sloping Wooden Awning
Dark Canopy On White Exterior Walls
Iron Narrow Awning With Leaves Wrought On The Pole
White Narrow Built In Awning
Black Metal Awning On Arch Door
Narrow Iron Framed Awning With Clear Plastic
Wide Lined Iron Awniing With Glass

The detail design on your home brings its own effect. You can choose how your wall should look, you can pick what kind of door to greet the guests, and you can decide whether your door has awning or not. However, if you want to beautify your door, you will have to consider having door awning. With big canopy in your door, you will protect the guest that step in front of your door, to shield them from rain or hot sun, or simply to give a beautiful accent in your front door. But, even if it’s small and narrow, awning comes in handy for the door to not being easily broken by raining or sunlight. And for the owner, it definitely protects the eyes from blinding light from outside. Here below are some ideas that you can pick to apply in your own home.

Flat Glass Front

If you like to something that will really come in handy, you will probably like this one. With simple design, this is something you are familiar to see in people’s homes. Its wide surface allows your guest to really take a shelter under it in case of raining.

Iron Work on Canopy

This one is really beautiful with its sleek and beautifully ironed canopy. The clear glass on top makes the sun light to be able to come through but it will gives you enough shelter on raining day.

Front Door Awning

This awning is so narrow it might not be able to protect the guest from the heat or rain but its design brings dramatic look from the first time the guest come.

Traditional Canopy

This one is sturdy and classic. It gives you protection on seeing outside when you already take a long time in your home. This protects you from strong light from the outside.

Simple Flat Canopy

If you prefer something not too dramatic so that the other aspect of your home will still look on point, you might like this traditional canopy. This kind of canopy can be built in with the wall and you can decorate it with wood, or play with painting.

Metal Canopy

This is for those who love using iron or metal as accent in their home. Its sleek and thin design look really inviting.

Sloping Wood Awning

This one is a great idea on awning where you can have it sloped. Its unique design will take anyone’s attention.

Wooden Canopy

If you love something classy and light, you will love this one. Its uncomplicated bearing looks well matched with the whole house.

Long Canopy

If you have rather long porch, you might want to have long canopy too for your front porch. This kind of canopy, even though it’s long, doesn’t look too heavy because the whole house is in white and without too much complicated accent.

Antique Front Awning

This front door is so gorgeous. With black iron work that framed the door so beautifully artistic, the frosted glass is not only a complement but it has its own statement with its curving ends.

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