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black metal railing in vertical lines and ornamental Highland Homes

Black Metal Ornamental Railing
Cedar Wood Railing Horizontally Lined
White Wooden Railing In Pattern
Wooden Railing With Color Glass Blocks
Black Metal Railing In Horizontal And Vertical Line
Black Metal Railing In Square Horizontally Lined
Black Metal Railing In Vertical Lines And Ornamental
White Wooden Railing In Vertical Lines And Pattern
White Wooden Vertical Railing
Cable Railing Horizontally Lined

Having beautiful front porch railing can complete the look of your beautiful home. What you choose to be your railing will also determine how your home looks. But, above all, railing should also be practical and meet your need. When you think of choosing railing, you also want to think about the durability, the maintenance, and the prize, besides the model and the color. Here are some ideas on the railing in front porch that you can get some inspiration from.

Color Blocks

Wood railing can be found easily. It brings the nature feeling on it and it is not an expensive option for railing. And if you can play a little bit with it like putting color glass blocks, your front porch will gets more beauty than if it is only with wood railing.

White Striped Wood

This classic look of railing is easily found in any homes. It means that it is as beautiful as it is easily maintained. The railing looks good together with matched white moulding and the walkway.

White Pattern Railing

When you think of railing, you might want something more than just a stripe of wood or metal in your front porch. It doesn’t hurt to have something that is shaped differently. It might make your front porch looks more in characters.  And if you think of something that would come great with the moulding and the whole house exterior look, you might want it built on site directly.

Simple Horizontal Stripes

This is for you who love to be simple. The beauty of simplicity is how you make something simple also beautiful in the same time. And that means you have to work the best out of it. And in this picture the beauty of it is brought up by the color of the cedar wood that looks subtly on point in the exterior look.

Pattern on Railing

When you have a small house but you want to do something more on the details, you can bring it on the railing. If you want to put details on the railing, you can try something like this. You can put the railing in some pattern.

Black Metal Railing

This one is also for you who like to go simple. With metal stripes railing, you get the light look but also strong look. The maintenance is not a hassle too with metal railing.

Mixing Horizontal and Vertical Line

This is another metal railing in the picture. With all the benefits of metal railing, the light, the modern look, and the durability, you can also play with how you arrange the lines, if you are looking for something in stripes.

Ornamental Railing

Do you like the ornament that long last? This is metal railing with more decoration on the railing. With this, you can get the ornament on your porch, even the small one, so that your porch will look on point.

Ornament on the Vertical Line

This is another metal railing with ornaments but it still maintains the vertical line that gives the simplicity on the railing. This will look good on you who want something with ornament but not too much.

Light Cable Railing

This is for you who love even lighter railing. If you love to look light, you will love to have cable railing. Usually, cable railing is made from metal and that means that its durability will long last. And the other thing is that with railing so thin, you will have no difficulties in enjoying the beautiful view around your home.

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