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A bunk bed is a special furniture item that can provide more space and additional function in a bedroom. It can consist of two beds in high and low level. Some bunk bed may also provide some built-in storages. You can find many designs for a bunk bed that can fill your need.  A full over queen bunk bed is a great alternative for taller kids and teens. With this kind of bunk bed, you can maximize functionally without sacrificing the bed design and optimize space in a bedroom. Here are some adorable full over queen bunk bed ideas you can get to fill your kids bedroom.

Girls bedroom

This picture shows a colorful girls bedroom with a bunk bed. Cute patterns and pink color are identic features for a girl bedroom. The bunk bed can provide a sleeping space for three girls in a room. The ladder has a curved design based on the bunk bed wides.

Full Over Queen Bunk Bed in Blue

This blue wooden bunk bed is from Pottery Barn Kids. The lower bed has a wider size while the top bed is provided with a ladder that extends right to the floor. The orange bedding is such a fun color for a blue bunk bed.

Wooden Furniture Items

Wood is a good material that can be easily designed and crafted. It is also sturdy as a home furniture item. This bedroom is filled with some wooden furniture items combined with an industrial chandelier and colorful shag rug.

Wall Mural

Some drawers are built in this full over queen bunk bed. It can be used to keep some clothes and books. A decoration is also needed to decrease the plain bedroom. It features a fun wall mural for kids bedroom.

A Custom Kids Bunk Bed

You can make a custom kid bunk bed that can provide some storages or drawers in its stair. It is a smart way for an additional function in a full over queen bunk bed.

Lots of Storage

Lots of storage on a wooden bunk bed. This wooden bunk bed provides drawers with white drawer knobs that gives nice accent on the wooden material. This bed works perfectly and can eliminate a dresser too.

Boys Room with Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions are offered in this full over queen bunk bed. There are some built-in features can be used as storages such as the shelves and drawers.

An Eclectic Grey Bedroom

This eclectic bedroom has a metal bunk bed with comfy bedding, a sunburst chandelier, and a table lamp. The grey tone in this room has created a cool vibe.

Playful Colors

Bright and fun colors can make your kids enjoy staying in their bedroom. The green and yellow colors have created a playful touch in this white room.

Go for Bunk Bed

A full over queen bunk bed is a brilliant solution to keeping a room as spacious as possible. Having wider size on the lower bed allow this bedroom provides more sleeping space.

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