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small livingroom with wooden wall, yellow wall, white wall with distorted glass window, beige corner sofa, white round coffee table, red rug, black chairs Wanda Ely Architect Inc.

Small Living Room With Grey Sofa, Brown Leather Chair, White Ottoman For Coffee Table, Zebra Print Rug, Blue Floor Lamp, Side Table, Table Lamp, White Framed Win
Small Living Room With Black Corner Sofa, Yellow Square Ottoman For Coffee Table, Red Couch, White Rug, Mirrors, Colorful Glass Chandelier
Small Living Room With Two White High Back Chairs, White Round Coffee Table, Rectangular Black Ottoman For Coffee Table, Beige Sofa, Round Mirror, Floor Lamps
Small Living Room With Orange Grey Rug, Beige Corner Sofa Wih Pillows, Three Brown Ottoman With Tray For Coffee Tables
Small Living Room With White Long Sofa With White Pillows, White Rug, White Ottoman For Coffee Table, White Book Shelve
Small Living Room With Orange Rug, Soft Orange Gordyn, Soft Orange Velvet Sofa, Orange Chairs, White Ottoman, Clear Acrylic Coffee Table, White Shelves, Firepla
Small Living Room With White Poufs, Clear Acrilyc Chair, White Sofa, White Fur Rugs, White Coffee Table, White Side Tables With White Table Lamps
Small Living Room With Chandelier, Brown Sofa, Red Velvety Chair, Grey Rug, Brown Chair With Brown Leather Ottoman, Side Table With Table Lamp, Book Shelves
Small Livingroom With Wooden Wall, Yellow Wall, White Wall With Distorted Glass Window, Beige Corner Sofa, White Round Coffee Table, Red Rug, Black Chairs
Small Living Room With Rattan Rug, White Shelves, White Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, White Chairs With Round Ottoman, Stripped Chairs

When you have a compact room, you will have to think carefully on decorating your room to make sure that what you want to be in the room will make the room feel comfortable instead of cramped. If you need some ideas on how to make your small room feel comfortable without getting rid of your style.

White Room with Clear Acrylic Chair

One of favorite color to decorate small space is white. White is associated with clean color and cleanness is what you want to avoid the room to feel cramped. In addition to white color, anther cleanness you can add is clear furniture like this clear acrylic chair. It looks like invisible furniture you know it’s there.

Contemporary Small Living Room

Contrary to the popular believe on how you should decorate in neutral colors and avoid too many colors, if you love to experiment with your room, you can put big furniture with many different colors too. Although, it is wise to let your wall in white or nude colors.

Traditional Small Room

In this room, even if the wall is in rather dark color, the furniture itself is in white and nude colors that it will not become too dull. The glitter in the pendant lamp gives more cheerful vibrant to the room and the mirror reflects it nicely.

Corner Sofa in Small Living Room

Even though corner sofa can be bulky in a small living room, it doesn’t mean you can’t have one in it. As long as it’s the only one main furniture, your room will not be cramped as you can see in this picture.  With mostly nude colors, this room is touched with orange color on the floor rug.

All White in Small Corridor Room

For this small room that looks like a corridor, white color is the majority color in this room. The book shelves are one of the best points in small room when you can stack your books and things in one tidy place so it won’t litter around in your room.

Classy in Small Space

In this room, although it is a small space, you can see that the chosen chairs and sofa have made the room look classy. The chandelier is also beautiful. The fact that the room has high ceiling can tell us how much it helps the small room.

Warm Small Living Room

Sometimes, in trying to make small room look more vastly, people tend to focus on the white colors and it made the room rather stark. Well, if you want to have a warm and comfortable room, you can have some warm colors like yellow, red, or even wood on the wall.

Beach Theme on Small Living Room

Even though your room is small, it doesn’t mean that your room cannot have the theme you have planned all along. Like the picture below, even if the room is small, it didn’t limit the owner to get creative and decorate the room as they want.

Warm Orange Small Living Room

Again, even if you have small room, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do whatever you want with your room, of course, wisely.  If you love bold colors but you don’t want to make your room too heavy, you can try the soft side of the bold colors like red, orange, or yellow. It can make your room warm and sweet at the same time.

Contemporary Small Living Room with Animal Print

Animal print rug can make your room feel more cramped but if you have large window or mirror, it can help you to make it even.

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