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galley kitchen, white floor, white wall, white cabinet, wooden open shelves, orange chairs, Pistone Cars

Galley Kitchen, White Floor, Black Wall, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Black Top Cabinet, Yellow Top, Black Frige, Seating Nook
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, Open Shelves, White Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Top, Dining Room At The Far End
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Window Seating
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, White Upper Cabinet, Window, Wooden Built In Island, Black Bar Stools
Galley Kitchen, White Floor, Wooden Wall, Pale Backsplash Tiles, White Tall And Thin Table With Bar Stools
Galley Kitchen, White Floor, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet Top, Wooden Built In Table, Wooden Stair And Tool, White Cabinet, Window
Galley Kitchen, Black White Floor Tiles, White Cabinet, Grey Marble Top, Grey Marble Backsplash, Blue Wall
Galley Kitchen, White Wall, White Floor, White Cabinet With Wooden Top, White Table, Black Pendant
Galley Kitchen, Grey Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Dark Wood Kitchenette, Window
Galley Kitchen, White Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Wooden Open Shelves, Orange Chairs,

Long and limited space can be made of a galley kitchen. It can be cramped and narrowed that you cannot move freely as you want. However, it can also be beautiful and bright and make you full of energy if you decorate it well. These galley kitchens below will give you amazing inspirations to start on your own galley kitchen.

Dark and Bright
Although a galley can be a dark and cramped place, with light and color play, it can look interesting, just as shown in this one here. The black wall and top cabinet matches the dark brown bottom cabinet, creating a dark neutral look while using bright yellow top to give some bright line on the side. The black board on the same side make the kitchen as a fun place to change messages too. The far off wall is provided with window seating that gives the room enough light while also set a place to sit around just like an island would do.

White and Minimalist
This one here uses white to help the space to not look too narrow. With white, the space feels more airy. The simple wooden lines from the cabinet to the island is nice and sleek. With black simple bar stools that match the black accent wall, the kitchen feels amazing.

Small Simplicity
This one here looks so simple and successfully manages to use all the space provided. The wooden cabinet in one side looks practical in use and size. The open shelves on the other side makes sure that the kitchen is not too heavy. And it still manages to have white tall table that can act as island and dining table.

Minimalist White
If you love to have a really minimalist kitchen in a long space, this one here can show you the minimalist option. It puts white upper and bottom cabinet while combines it with wooden top and backsplash.

Sparks of Orange
When you’re dealing with limited spaces, you often want to decorate the space with white color, like this one here. The upper and bottom cabinets are white as well as the floor, wall, and ceiling. On the other side of the wall, floating wooden shelves are added that gives a little touch to the room. And on the far end of the room where the windows bring in bright light, a small dining set is huddled with bright orange chairs. This gives the room an interesting touch.

Tiny Kitchen
This tiny space must be a challenge for the owner. However, it can turn into a pretty and practical space of a kitchen with enough storage and bright light.

Warm Blue
This one here shows that you don’t always need white to decorate small space. The blue wall looks brilliant with the open shelves and white bottom cabinet. The open shelves make sure that upper room is airy.

Small Elegance
This one here puts some elegance into the room with grey marble on kitchenette top and backsplash. With neutral companion on the cabinet and wall, the marble can look prominent. This is even more helped by the glass window.

Window Dining Seat
Having galley kitchen can be challenging. As seen in some of the previous ones, bright windows are essential to the room. And this one not only capable to bring in bright light but also use the space around the window to be a dining set.

Simple Galley
The last one here has a really simple setting with cabinet, dark wooden top, and long window on the end of the room. This simplicity is easy to gain and it helps the room to feel roomy.

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