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Gripped Ideas of Garage Door Windows

As house is the place in which you spend most of your time to do bunch of activities, you will consider every detail of your house spot. The creative spot design will be the additional points for you and people surrounding to adore your house. It is including how you choose the design of garage door with the most stylish windows. Some of you might think that garage door with windows are more preferable. Thus, here are ten garage doors with windows that can be your option.

Garage of Craftsman House

arched window garage wooden garage glass window brick wall three car garage
Dynamic Garage Door

It is the model of three-car garage made of hardwood and featured with glass arched windows. The contour of brick wall generates a pleasing combination with the brave brown of the garage color. The windows style is never be boring with the open space at the center.

Garage Windows of Indian Style

arched window garage dark wooden garage outdoor lights cream siding
Dynamic Garage Door

This model is typically customized garage made of hardwood with the unique windows application. The windows of the garage are arched with the specific Indian and middle east style. The outdoors lamps are also the additional points of this model.

Barn Garage

barn style garage glass window garage white garage window shutter brick wall outdoor lights
Dynamic Garage Door

This concept offers you the idea of old barn style of garage door with the relaxing glass windows. The brick siding support your option to choose this barn style garage door.

Customized Japanese Style Garage Door with Window

wooden trellis wooden garage square glass window tiled wall contemporary house number
Todd Soli

The separated place of your house having the Japanese unique style of wooden trellis and garage windows. It provides you the natural nuance by seeing the stone wall and the dominated features of wood.

Contemporary Windows of Garage

tiled bronze siding square window plain window garage white garage door greenery
Dynamic Garage Door

It is the contemporary design of white garage with blue glass window. It is refreshing as well since you can add the trellis that can be the space for the greenery.

Contemporary Concept of Garage

glass garage window dark garage brick wall square garage window
Cowart Door

It is the contemporary idea to have some blocks of glass window vertically and horizontally at the garage door. The dark nuance of the garage door and the light stone siding are just perfect combination.

Enlightening Green Garage with Windows

glass garage window wooden garage door shingle siding window box
David Small Designs

The reason why this house looks so attractive because of its combination of the green and white color. However, the garage idea and the windows should be paid attention for. The vertical lines at the garage are so splendid with the small square of its glass windows.

Under-stair Garage

contemporary glass garage window PVC garage door red brick wall

Bringing the concept of under-stair garage, it provide you the comforting color of garage with brave red brick around it. The garage seems common but the small window with its lines might be your innovative idea.

Traditional Garage Design

glass garage window wood beam wood garage door stone siding
Dynamic Garage Door

If you like something traditional, this idea will be great for you. It offers you the garage with the small square glass windows wrapped into traditional concept. The stone wall, however, is very interesting point here.

Two-Modern Car Garage with Windows

window garage white garage door two car garage brick wall tiled wall
Wayne Dalton

It is indeed contemporary garage concept with small space of arched glass windows. The garage is indeed so clean and perfectly blended with black stone wall.