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Garden Arbor Ideas Grass Outdoor Flower Pot Green Wooden Garden Arbor Green Wooden Outdoor Bench With Back Small Garden Brown Fence

When you have a garden next to your home, you should add structure and style to it with a beautiful arbor. Garden arbor is a vertical structure and a beautiful swoop arch design that can provide shelter, privacy, shade, and can be used as an accent. It can blend in the garden landscape while may separate the garden and the house space. The garden arbor can create a tunnel-like passageway of climbing plants to live. You can have climbing rose to plant, it will be perfect plating ideas as it can decorate the space well. The following are some garden arbor ideas you can create and install in your garden as one of the beautiful home exterior features.

The Grand Garden

This grand garden looks so lovely with the spacious greenery, a cozy seating space, and a small gazebo. The gazebo is in between the two garden arbors which already got the climbing plants which can make the space shady.

An Entry Moon Gate

You will love how it has a unique feel and look to it. The white wooden door is directly related to the white wooden garden arbor and the white wooden fence. The entrance also offers a good path and the small garden on the sides.

The Transitional Garden Arbor Ideas

The entrance arbor from the front yard comes with the wooden gate, picket fence, triangle arbor roof, and folk art tractor. It can be a transitional arbor separating the yard and the garden.

A Decorative Garden Arbor

This garden arbor is designed well to decorate the yard. The climbing plant has its flower with a nice color. The small wooden fence also looks so beautiful here.

The White Garden Arbor Ideas

Imagine passing through the stone stairs and the white wooden garden arbor from the back yard to the house. It will a be lovely way that will mesmerize your guests and relatives.

Roses for Wide Wooden Arbor

These old fashioned pink roses already look great on either side of the walkway. They perfectly frame in the wide arbor. It can be installed from the front gate to the house veranda. It is a cute walkway to welcome the guests.

Garden Arbor Ideas with Bench

The colorful vibe is shown in this garden. The green-turquoise arbor is completed with a bench under it. It will be a calming seating space while reading some books. The landscape in front of the seating along a fence is gorgeous.

A Cozy Gathering Space

Here is another way to provide a seating space next to the garden arbor. Imagine this sitting area in the middle of an open garden. It will be a little bit cozy and refreshing.

Garden Arbor Ideas for The Roses

This rustic garden arbor is filled with the climbing pink roses and other colorful flowers. The stonework for the steps and stairs is also gorgeous.

The Versatile Design of Arbor

Create a focal point in front of the beautiful arbor by adding a rustic fountain which is surrounded by the brick path.

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