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garden on the railing upstairs, the railing downward, on the brick outside Instagram - Architecture Oskar

Garden With Plants On The Ground, Near The Black Stairs, White Wall House
Backyard With Gren Vines On The Pergolla Roof, Railing, Ground, Wooden Stairs, Wooden Wall
Vertical Garden On Woodn Boards On The Wall Near The Wooden Stairs
Black House, Black Staurs, Plants On Floating Shelves On The Railing, On The Wall, Vines On Stairs, Black Pots On The Ground
Beautiful Garden On Second And Third Level, Plants On Pergolla Roof, Stairs, Net Roof, Railing
Garden On The Yard, On The Ground, On The Wall, Oriental Plants Near The Stairs
Backyard Garden With Plants On The Pergolla, Stairs, Soil, Wooden Stairs, Wooden Wall
Garden On The Railing Upstairs, The Railing Downward, On The Brick Outside
Grey Stairs, Grey Wall, Wooden Wall, Wooden Floor, Grey Horizontal Growing Planes
Garden On The Upstairs, On The Stairs, On Top Of The Wooden Half Wall, Black Stairs

Stairs at the yard can look just as stairs. However, with some plants, it will look more beautiful and it will save it from a forlorn and cold welcome when you come to the yard. To see how beautiful stairs can be with just plants, here below are some examples that you might love to get some inspirations.

Vertical Garden
While growing plants can be done on the soil, for surface with tiles, vertical garden is a savior. Seen in this picture is vertical garden on wooden boards on the wall. Installed near the stairs make it more reachable to enjoy and make the stairs prettier.

Horizontal Garden
While the previous one grow the plants on the wall, this one here creates its own place to grow beside the stairs. It’s also on the terraces. Making plants on the stairs are a great idea to make it more alive and beautiful.

Upstairs Garden
Having upstairs can be really beautiful not only on the top but also from the below especially if the plants has been growing well that it looks green and so refreshing even from below. Seen here, the gardening is not only taking place upstairs but also on the stairs and on top of the wooden wall. It makes the overall picture looks relaxing and refreshing.

Tidy Garden
The absence of soil does not make this one here forgetting the importance of some green touch. Placing the plants on the rail and on the ground inside black pots, it has a beautiful mesmerizing feeling to it, especially because of the black background. Vines are seen on the wall and on the stairs as well.

Vines on Stairs
In this one, those vines are looking pronounced and beautiful. It covers quite well on the railing down ward and on the wall at the bottom. Some plants are looking fresh on the upstairs too. This will lead to a happy feeling whenever people walking through.

Plants Crowd
For those who love to look natural and artistically fresh, this one here can give you a perfect example. With metal pergola, the roof is covered by light vines that continue to the
stairs rail. Combined with the plants on the ground, it looks amazingly green, for some small space.

Refreshing Green
Similar to the previous one, this one also depicts how green can beautifully hold the roof for you as well as touch the rail of your stairs artistically. Combined with the plants on the ground, this one looks like will welcome anybody warmly to a friendly chat on the veranda.

Ground Plants
When you have a solid ground, it is difficult to hold the urge to decorate it with beautiful plants. Positioning the plants near the stairs will make a more welcomed feeling when walking to the stairs or entering the house.

Beautiful Garden on the Yard
Having large glass windows will make you want to take garden seriously so that you will always have pretty sight whenever. Seen in this picture is a beautiful yard with plants on the ground, on the walls, on the rood, and shading near the stairs. Wherever you stand, it’s a beautiful view.

Serious Garden
This one really takes gardening seriously with two levels of gardens. The upstairs is smaller but covered with green on the pergola roof. Going down through the stairs, your walk will be accompanied by plants on the between the rail, and once on you on the bottom part of the garden, not less plants are welcoming you.

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