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Pink Fabric Tents With Pink Rug, Pilows, Tables
White Curtain Tent With Bamboo, Rug, Refurbished Wood
White Fabric Tent, White Rug, Refurbished Wood Crate
Wooden Tent With Doors, Windowspillows, Bed, Orange Floor
White Fabric Tent, White Clothe Rug, Pillos, Fairy Lights, Lantern
White Simple Triangular Tent With White Rug, Pillows
Wooden Garden Tent With Shelves, Blackboard, Flower Pot Near The Window
Tent With White See Through Curtain, White Rug, Pillows
Wooden Garden Tent With White Curtain, Cross Fence, Stairs, Pillows, White Ottoman
Blue Wooden Tent With Pillos, Green Ceiling

When you have a garden or backyard, it will be a great time to decorate it. Adding flowers and bench is indeed necessary to make everyone loves being at home. However, to add not only comfort but also more fun, tents definitely will help you with that. And here below are ten stunning ideas on adding tents in your backyard or garden.

Sturdy Tent
If you want something sturdy and strong that will not easily ruined by the weather, wooden tent is a great choice for you. With wooden tent built like this one in the garden, you will be able to decorate the inside too. You can put pillows and books and create a great reading corner. White curtain like this one will be a great addition to control the bright light while you take a rest inside.

Blue Wooden Tent
This one is another wooden tent with simpler look. With smaller size and nothing to put on the soil, this can be moved to any corner of the garden that you want. Adding color to your wooden tent is a great idea. You can paint it however you want.

Wooden Tent
Similar to the previous one, this one is also a simple wooden tent. However, created more for children, this one here is completed with black board and shelves for them to role playing. It would be fun to have this tent to play house.

Tents Over
If you do not want something more permanent, going with fabric tent is also fun. This one here demonstrate how merry it would be to create a summer children party in a garden with some tents, rug, and pillows. The only thing you need to do is let them have fun.

Bohemian Tent
An interesting thing to do with your tent in the garden is by going with a theme. This one here goes with bohemian theme and it looks that it goes perfectly well. The white fabric for tent looks genuine as well as the white rug, macrame, ottoman, and the decoration. Completed with refurbished crate, it all looks perfect to feel the nature.

White Canopy
If you want to have a little romantic spot in the garden, a simple round canopy would be enough to start this look. The next thing is a white see through curtain, rug and pillows to make a comfortable seat.

Romantic Spot
This one here is also a romantic spot with its soft white look on the tent, rug, and pillows. The fairy lights give a significant romantic finish to the entire look, along with the lantern.

Romantic Getaway
For another ideas on romantic tent, this one here proposes a slight different tent with long middle bamboo to create more space inside the tent. This way, you can put the wooden table and pillows inside.

White Simple Tent
For you who love simplicity and just want to relax easily in a tent, this one here can show you a simple look that still offers comfort.

Opened Wooden Tent
This one here puts an entirely different look. With wooden sturdy look, i gives door and windows. It also gives a see-through top ceiling and opened side of the tent. It is a great and fun design to have in the garden.

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