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balcony with brown wooden floor, white wooden bench, round small side table, plants on the silver pots on the floor, rug Cuded

Balcony With Wooden Floor, Open Brick Wall, Plants On Pots On The Floor, On Floating Pots On The Wall, Wooden Chair With Green Cushion
Balcony With Brown Wooden Floor, White Wooden Bench, Round Small Side Table, Plants On The Silver Pots On The Floor, Rug
Balcony With Wooden Floor, Rug, Wooden Chairs And Table, Plants On Wooden Pots
Balcony With Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Bench On The Corner, Golden Side Table, Ottoman, Plants
Small Balcony With Wooden Floor, Metal Chairs With White Cushion, Black White Coffee Table, Bamboo On Pots On The Back
Balcony With Green Floor, Grey Sofa, Flowers, Plants, Wooden Shade, Curtain
Balcony With White Floor, Grey Wall, Corner Wooden Bench With Grey Cushion, Swings, Plants On The Wall
Balcony With Wooden Floor, Wooden Chair With Pillows, Plants On The Floor, Hang On The Wall
Small Balcony With White Tiles, White Walls With Wooden Accent Wall, Pots On The Wall, On The Floating Shelves, Wooden Bench With White Thin Cushion, Wooden Table With Glass Top
Balconywith Wooden Floor, Wooden Dining Set With Cushion On Chairs, Wooden Shelves For Plants, Sconces, Paper Pendant

If you have a balcony in your home or apartment, you can decorate your balcony beautifully so that it can be a place where you always be able to enjoy your time alone, or with your family and friends. To make a beautiful balcony, you might want to add some plant so that you will have lively and lovely balcony. Not only making your balcony beautiful, plants will help you better air too. If you’re looking some ideas to make a small garden-ish balcony, here below are some ideas for you.


Dining Out

It can be really exciting when you have balcony. It can mean another space to use, or simply decorate. But here in the picture below really uses their balcony to a greater good: a dining place. With flowers and plants around, surely this one will be a romantic and nice place to eat. The wooden dining set is a great match for the wooden shelves and floor.


Hang Out Place

While the previous one is a romantic and heartwarming balcony to eat, this one here is more a place to hang out. The interesting part is that the corner bench, the table, and the accent wall is all a match of wood material. Plus, the plants are interestingly placed i floating shelves and floating pots.


To Lazy Around

There is always that one time when we are tired and everything looks so uninviting except lazy around the bed. Well, if you have this beautiful balcony, you will want to move your lazy around to this balcony because it has more fresh air and smell. With that, you will be able to refresh your mind and get over your boring time


Drink Your Tea

Relaxation can boost your performance in studying or in working. And a really nice ambiance is needed for that. That’s exactly what this balcony can offer you. The simple bench will let you enjoy your tea perfectly well. The plants will give you natural and fresh feeling.


Sort Your Mind

Similar to the previous one, this one here offer you a great space to sort your mind with its rug, chairs and beautiful wooden boxes of plants. Having a place that can always give you a positive though is necessary. And if it’s your own home, you will be a happy homebody.


Warm Balcony

If you prefer a balcony that can give you warm feeling with its natural touch, this one here is an impressive idea. Its wooden floor and open brick wall give strong warmth to the balcony that is balanced by the greenery from the pots on the floor and on the wall.


Creating Zen

For you who love minimalism, this one here offer a simple and great idea in obtaining minimalism. With small space, this balcony put two chairs and a matching table, and still can add bamboo on the back.


Modern and Fresh

This one here is for you who love modern feeling. Its timeless grey color give a balanced touch that surround the balcony. The bench enables you to talk to your closed ones. And the plants gives the balcony fresh look.


Swings from the Top

Another thing you can do with your balcony is giving fun notion. Besides it bench, this one here puts two swings on the balcony.


Behind the Shade

This one here is for you who love some privacy. The wooden shade in this one will help you filter the light, and also a place to hung your plants. And if you need more than wooden shade for your privacy, you can always add curtain.

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