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nursery, white wall, accent wal, white wooden crib, cream rug, rattan pendant, rattan ottoman Jessica van Gaalen

Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Crib, White Pendant, Black Chair
Nursery, Black Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Rocking Chair, White Ottoman, White Crib, White Round Rug
Nursery, Black Wooden Floor, White Wall, Brown Chair, Black Metal Crib, Woven Ottoman
Nursery, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Patterned Wall, Wooden Crib, Grey Chair, White Diaper Change
Nursery, Brown Rug, Cream Wall, White Wooden Crib, White Turfted Rocking Chair
Nursery, Concrete Floor, Green Wall, Grey Wall, White Chair, Rattan Ottoman, Wooden Crib
Nursery, White Wall, Accent Wal, White Wooden Crib, Cream Rug, Rattan Pendant, Rattan Ottoman
Nursery, Grey Floor, White Patterned Rug, White Wall, White Round Crib, Wooden Cabinets
Nursery, Grey Floor, Green Wall, Green Curtain, Wooden Crib, Wooden Rocking Horse, White Chair
Nursery, Brown Floor, Brown Leather Chair, Brown Leather Ottoman, White Wooden Crib, Rattan Crib

When you are waiting for your child to be born, many of you just want to wait until the child is born to know the sex of the child. The element of surprise and the happiness to just know that your child is healthy is probably what makes you do that. However, you would always need a beautiful nursery to make sure that your baby would be comfortable resting and growing while you would also feel comfortable taking care of them. Here below are ten beautiful nurseries you would love to peek before creating your own.

Comfort for Baby and Mother
While taking care of a baby, the parents, especially the mother, would fee extreme discomfort. It is all because of the sleeping and eating cycle of the baby and it can cause the parents to really feel tired. This nursery makes sure that the parents can relax themselves while taking care of the baby.

White Round
Neutral colors are perfect color shades that can help you create comfortable baby nursery. This one here uses the combination in white round crib, wooden cabinet and white patterned rug. With some accessories, the bedroom looks comfortable and fun.

Accent Pattern
While neutral look is perfect for a gender neutral nursery, sometimes it can bring too plain look. This one here adds patterns on the wall and floor and making the room looks pretty with the extra details.

Scandinavian Nursery
This nursery looks bright and modern with cute accessories on the floor and wall. The minimalist wooden crib blends really well with the room, along with the matching floor look.

Playful Nursery
Whatever the gender is, it is important to introduce them to animals. Here below using some accessories in animal shape to decorate the space. You can see it on the wall, crib, chair and even on the toys (the rocking horse)

Bohemian Nursery
This nursery puts a bohemian look in the nursery and it makes the room looks fresh. The brown floor, rug, chair and rattan crib brings warm ambiance to the room while the plants and the wavy accent decorate the wall.

Comfort Nursery
This nursery brings a warm look to the nursery with wooden crib and rattan ottoman. The green wall gives fresh accent to the nursery that the room has both warmth and fresh ambiance and it is a perfect ambiance for both baby girl or boy.

Black and White
The strong yet neutral look can be gained with black and white combination as seen in this nursery. The white wooden crib and cabinet make a nice contrast with the black wooden floor. The black and white rocking chair and ottoman in the room complete the room in its black and white ambiance.

Black Metal
This nursery creates a neutral gender ambiance with dark wooden floor, brown chair with ottoman for the parents and black metal crib for traditional crib look.

Rattan Accents
Another thing that can be created in gender neutral nursery is by combining white and neutral wall with rattan and natural accents, like this one here.

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