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bathroom with white tub, wooden vanity with high sink, hexagon tiles on the shower and tub wall and a little on the grey floor Instagram - Lapis de Arquiteta

Bathroom With Square Tiels On The Wall In Different Sized, Copper Sink With Golden Faicet
White Geometric Concrete Tiles On The Wall, Geometric Vanity, White Sink
Bathroom With White Wall And Ceiling, White Toilet, Wooden Shelves, White Small Sink, Yellow Blue Geomteric Tiles
Bathroom With White Tub, Wooden Vanity With High Sink, Hexagon Tiles On The Shower And Tub Wall And A Little On The Grey Floor
Bathroom With Blue Walls, Geometric Tiles On The Floor And Half Accent Wall, White Toilet
Bathroom With White Wall, Large Square Mirror, Sconces, Monochrome Little Hexagon Tiles On The Floor And Some Of The Walls, White Double Sinks With Golden Lines
Bathroom With Subway Tiles On Herringbone Pattern On The Wall With Square Depth On Hexagon Tiles
Bathroom With Blue Hexagon Tiles, White Walls, Ceiling With Large Windows, White Tiles On The Wall And Tub, White Toilet, Wooden Vanity With White Sink
Bathroom With White Herringbone Pattern Tiles, Marmer On The Bottom Wall, Kasbah On The Top Wall, Small Tiles On The Shower,
Bathroom With Grey Flooring, White And Colored Hexagon With Cubes Pattern On The Awll, White Sink, Long Mirror, Long Cupboards, Black Rail

Getting its popularity in 2018, geometric tiles are seen used in many places especially in the kitchen and bathroom for its decorative look. As geometric tiles have been really popular in the year 2018 and probably will still be popular in 2019, these are some geometrical tiles concepts in bathroom.


On the Floor

Hexagon tiles have been a great thing in the past year. Both because of the shape and the pattern that it can give you. Even though hexagon tiles are used, with the right patterns cube pattern can be seen so clearly, like this one here. Putting three different colors for each sides, this one here has cubes all over the floor.


Continued Floor

Having it smaller than the previous one, this one here successfully captured more cubes on the bathroom, both on the floor and some on the walls. If you’re looking for merrier ambiance, tiny cubes are what you need.


Behind the Sink

This one is another small cubes in the bathroom. Installed behind the sink with monochrome color, the feeling of modernity is strongly displayed. The golden lines on the sink is beautifully contrasted the tiles.


Calming Geometric

Although it seems that geometric lines can be complicated and too stuffy, this one here has a calming quality with its color and pattern. Also having the cubes effect pattern, this one here, though, does not have three different colors to confirms its pattern.


Subway Tiles

Creating geometric pattern does not always mean hexagon tiles is needed. It only means creating a geometric pattern with any tiles possible, even the common subway tiles. While installed straight, it has the old feeling. However, installed in herringbone, and it has pretty geometric patterns suddenly. And adding hexagonal tiles on different depth like this adds complexity yet beautiful look to it.


Geometric on Concrete

Pulling out geometric pattern can also be done with concrete tiles. With concrete tiles, it is interesting how geometric pattern can both mesmerizing and has textured, not just some effect. Even with white color, the texture helps the light to really show the effect. In this one, geometric spirit is taken not only on the wall but also on the vanity too.


Square TilesĀ 

Geometric pattern is so interesting that any tiles can be used to make it. White square tiles that if installed commonly will have the ordinary and familiar look, can look interestingly geometric when it’s installed with diamond angle. Adding different size of the same look, it will be really appealing.


Combining the Whites

Bathroom can look interesting with geometric pattern. And it can look more interesting with combined interesting tiles. This one here uses modern herringbone pattern on the floor while pulling expensive and elegant marble on the bottom half wall and Mediterranean kasbah tiles on top. It’s really a fascinating combination.


Broken Effect

While geometric pattern itself is interesting and refreshing, adding more effect will make the bathroom appealing. Installing many different colors on hexagon tiles, this one has many cubes with different colors on the wall. And not only that, some of the hexagon tiles are made into the floor like a continued broken pattern.


Entire Wall

To create geometric pattern on the wall can be overwhelming when it’s all colorful. However, with the right color spectrum, it can be really beautiful. This one here has white on the majority of the wall but adding yellow and grey cubes on the other side of the wall irregularly yet it makes the whole look fascinating.

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